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Garfield on 25th December 1978
25th December 1978

This is my very first Christmas. - I hope you have a loved one to spend today with because I do. - It's you. Merry Christmas.

Garfield on 25th December 1979
25th December 1979

Whatever your beliefs, the Christmas season represents peace, love and charity among people everywhere. - Merry Christmas and season's greetings. - Sometimes I'm so sentimental I could just kiss myself.

Garfield on 25th December 1980
25th December 1980

I love Christmas. - The parties and the presents... - The caroling, the presents. The food, the presents, the decorations, the presents, the fun and the presents. Merry Christmas!

Garfield on 25th December 1981
25th December 1981

Christmas spirit... - It's not the giving. It's not the receiving. - It's the loving. Merry Christmas.

Garfield on 25th December 1982
25th December 1982

Comics readers are very special people. You mean more to me than there is space here to express. - I love you all. - Have a happy holiday. I'll be funny again tomorrow, trust me.

Garfield on 25th December 1983
25th December 1983

- Merry Christmas, Garfield. I got you some great presents! - Here is a radio controlled mouse... - And a mink scratching post! - ptoo - Odie, that bone is everything you own in the world. - It's the expensive gifts that impress me.

Garfield on 25th December 1984
25th December 1984

MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOYS. - There's nothing like having the whole family together at Christmas, right? -

Garfield on 25th December 1985
25th December 1985

in the gifts we have made with care. I love Christmas. - Enough of sentiment. GIMME!

Garfield on 25th December 1986
25th December 1986

WAKE UP, BOYS! IT'S CHRISTMAS MORNING! - Let's see if Santa brought gifts for all the good little children. - I guess not. Here's one for Garfield. What the heck, it's Christmas. I'll let him live.

Garfield on 25th December 1987
25th December 1987

Well, boys, that was a wonderful Christmas. It's not over yet. - For me?! How sweet?! - A hairball? I made it myself.

Garfield on 25th December 1988
25th December 1988

Z - BARK! - Oh yeah, it's Christmas morning. - The morning I have to get up early, be nice to people, skip breakfast... - Urf! I love you, Garfield! I wish it would never end. Merry Christmas! Jim Davis 12.25

Garfield on 25th December 1989
25th December 1989

Okay, Garfield, open your gift! - SURPRISE! - It's family! Bearing food! You know what I like!

Garfield on 25th December 1990
25th December 1990

Z Z Oh, boys...it's... - ZIP! - Christmas morning. Merry Christmas! Jim Davis

Garfield on 25th December 1991
25th December 1991

Could it be that I've built my expectations too high for what's actually in my gift? - Should I never open it in order to preserve the hope and magic that is the true gift of the Christmas season? - NAAAAH!

Garfield on 25th December 1992
25th December 1992

SSSMM - MAACK!! - Gotcha! Merry Christmas! Jim Davis.

Garfield on 25th December 1993
25th December 1993

I don't know, we've got the tree, the lights, the presents...but something's missing. It doesn't quite seem like Christmas yet. brappa brappa brappa brappa - brappa BRAPPA BRAAAAAP CRASH! - HIYA, SWEETIES! GRANDMA! Now it's Christmas.

Garfield on 25th December 1994
25th December 1994

Sigh - What a great Christmas, Garfield. - The tree is beautiful, the ham was delicious... - And the presents were terrific. - But the best thing about Christmas is being together. - If I could only find you. Who said that? Urf?

Garfield on 25th December 1995
25th December 1995

364 days out of the year I can't pry the boys out of bed with a crowbar. - - Christmas morning, however...

Garfield on 25th December 1996
25th December 1996

Garfield - Garfield - Merry Christmas.

Garfield on 25th December 1997
25th December 1997

Peace on earth, and goodwill toward men. - - Dogs, too.

Garfield on 25th December 1998
25th December 1998

- - Merry Christmas!

Garfield on 25th December 1999
25th December 1999

Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas. - C'mere, you. Merry Christmas!

Garfield on 25th December 2000
25th December 2000

I love Christmas. So do I. - And I love you, Garfield. So do I. - And we all love you! Merry Christmas!

Garfield on 25th December 2001
25th December 2001

Hey! - You know, that Santa is even nicer than I thought... - He left ME a cookie.

Garfield on 25th December 2002
25th December 2002

It's Christmas! - - Join me, won't you?

Garfield on 25th December 2003
25th December 2003

Ahem... - A on, and a two, and a... - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Garfield on 25th December 2004
25th December 2004

It's Christmas again, old friend... - Time for us to exchange our annual Christmas gift... -

Garfield on 25th December 2005
25th December 2005

Z - T POING! - SHOOM! - For Garfield - - RIP RIP RIP TEAR TEAR TEAR SHRED SHRED SHRED - How do you like your gift, Garfield? Gift?

Garfield on 25th December 2006
25th December 2006

Z - Rise and shine! CLICK! - Chistmas mornings get earlier every year. Which one should we open first, Odie?

Garfield on 25th December 2007
25th December 2007

Oh, Jon...a charm bracelt! How darling! - See? There's a little cat charm and a little dog charm... - Where's yours? That's the rose. They were fresh out of dork charms.

Garfield on 25th December 2008
25th December 2008

- - Merry Christmas!

Garfield on 25th December 2009
25th December 2009

A new stethoscope! Oh, Jon! It's engraved. - "From my heart, to your ears. Love, Jon." - I gotta give him this one.

Garfield on 25th December 2010
25th December 2010

Merry Christmas, Liz. Oh, Jon! A music box! - It plays the "Be My Lederhosen Baby" polka! Uh...wow. - See? The little ballerina has an accordion! I have a friend who can bury that for you.

Garfield on 25th December 2011
25th December 2011

- - - - - pack pack pack pack - Merry Christmas.

Garfield on 25th December 2012
25th December 2012

Merry Christmas, Jon. - Merry Christmas, Liz. - X Merry Christmas, everyone.

Garfield on 25th December 2013
25th December 2013

Merry Christmas, Jon! Merry Christmas, Odie! - Where's Garfield? Merry Christmas, me!

Garfield on 25th December 2014
25th December 2014

It's Christmas! - The one day of the whole year... - when shredding is not frowned upon. Garfield

Garfield on 25th December 2015
25th December 2015

My christmas wish is for peace on earth. - That's really beautiful, Jon. - I wonder what Garfield's wish would be. For it to rain donuts!

Garfield on 25th December 2016
25th December 2016

Good night, Garfield. - 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM - 6:00 AM - - - Merry Christmas, Garfield. SNORE

Garfield on 25th December 2017
25th December 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! - And to you, too, Jon... - If there's anything left over.

Garfield on 25th December 2018
25th December 2018

It's Christmas! Don't blink! - - You blinked.

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