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Garfield on 24th December 1978
24th December 1978

HO-HO-HO WHUMP! Let's see, gifts for Jon, Lyman and Odie. Hmmm Oh, yes, and Garfield. How could I ever forget Garfield... Only kid in the world to ask for 20 pounds of lasagna.

Garfield on 24th December 1979
24th December 1979

Just one bite of chicken and that's it, Garfield. If you swallow, I'll tie a knot in your neck.

Garfield on 24th December 1980
24th December 1980

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Why, Garfield Arbuckle...The spirit of Christmas is giving, not receiving. I'll give you this if you don't give me that. Now GIMME! That's the spirit.

Garfield on 24th December 1981
24th December 1981

And here's something for jolly old Saint Nick. Ho ho ho.

Garfield on 24th December 1982
24th December 1982

It's only noon, Garfield. Are you going to bed already? The sooner you go to bed, the sooner it's Christmas morning. Good night, little fella.

Garfield on 24th December 1983
24th December 1983

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like to down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, are he drove out of sight, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! WHAT A NICE GUY, WHAT A NICE STORY. -Have a happy an

Garfield on 24th December 1984
24th December 1984

I missed you so much, Garfield! This is going to be the best Christmas ever, because you're here. Jon? You never realize how much you love someone until they go away. tap tap tap Jon? Jon? Jon? What is it, Garfield? Read my lips. I'mhungry!

Garfield on 24th December 1985
24th December 1985

Come on, Odie. The sooner we go to bed, the sooner it will be Christmas morning. pat pat pat Christmas eve is the longest night of the year. I imagine it would be shorter if we could ever fall asleep.

Garfield on 24th December 1986
24th December 1986

Well, the gifts are under the tree and the food is prepared. There's only one more order of business... I just want to tell you guys how much I love you. Jon is like Christmas. I only appreciate him once a year.

Garfield on 24th December 1987
24th December 1987

I'd better be careful with my gift. It might be a fine bone china food dish. Oh. This one's for Odie. CRASH!

Garfield on 24th December 1988
24th December 1988


Garfield on 24th December 1989
24th December 1989

I feel festive! Garfield, what do you really, REALLY, want for Christmas? What I really, REALLY, want is... ...uh, I guess it's hard to gift wrap sleep, isn't it` And food, I get food all year 'round. Got my teddy bear and my bedand this house... And my f

Garfield on 24th December 1990
24th December 1990

It's not the most perfect tree, boys, but, we'll turn the scraggy side to the wall. How true. That's what I love about Christmas. It's the time of the year whenb everyone turns their scraggly side to the wall and peace and happiness abound. 'This the seas

Garfield on 24th December 1991
24th December 1991

Are you boys going to bed, oar are you going to wait up half the night on Santa? -

Garfield on 24th December 1992
24th December 1992

No way I'm gonna miss seeing Santa this year! If I have to, I'll stay...awake...all... Z

Garfield on 24th December 1993
24th December 1993

What are you boys doing, waiting up for Santa? HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! -

Garfield on 24th December 1994
24th December 1994

I know how excited you are about Christmas, Garfield... And I know it's Christmas eve... But it's only noon! Quiet! The sooner I get to sleep, the sooner it'll be tomorrow!

Garfield on 24th December 1995
24th December 1995

Okay, let's see... "Landing Lights" are on... Stockings are hung...milk and cookies are out...what have I forgotten? Oh, yeah! SNAP! -

Garfield on 24th December 1996
24th December 1996

tap tap tap Christmas eve.

Garfield on 24th December 1997
24th December 1997

I remember Christmases back on the farm... Ohhhboy! Christmas eve everyone would gather around the tree and sing carols. Of course the cows would just hum along. Just a liiiittle more information than I needed.

Garfield on 24th December 1998
24th December 1998

Did you leave milk and cookies out for Santa? Get real, Jon. A big fat guy who's driving all night doesn't want milk and cookies. T-bone steak and a pot of coffee?

Garfield on 24th December 1999
24th December 1999

Any sign of him? Not yet. We ordered pizza.

Garfield on 24th December 2000
24th December 2000

pant pant pant pant pant pant squeak squeak squeak -

Garfield on 24th December 2001
24th December 2001

Christmas Eve, and I can't sleep. I need a sedative. Quick, tell me a story about your boyhood on the farm.

Garfield on 24th December 2002
24th December 2002

Christmas is all about tradition... ** DING-DONG -and that would be our traditional Christmas eve barbeque pepperoni with double cheese.

Garfield on 24th December 2003
24th December 2003

It's Christmas eve...presents are wrapped, carols are sung, and Santa's snack is out and waiting. There's only one thing left to do... -not be able to fall asleep all night.

Garfield on 24th December 2004
24th December 2004

Christmas eve... Sleep is not an option.

Garfield on 24th December 2005
24th December 2005

Ho! Ho! Ho! Z

Garfield on 24th December 2006
24th December 2006

I heard something... Did you hear something? It sounded like big boots clomping around! And look! The cookies are gone! You don't suppose... clomp clomp clomp clomp CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP munch munch munch munch

Garfield on 24th December 2007
24th December 2007

You two had better get to bed. OH; no...this year we catch Santa in the ACT! Z Z I love tradition.

Garfield on 24th December 2008
24th December 2008

How cute. The pizza delivery guy was dressed as Santa. Hey! Someone ate our pizza! BURP

Garfield on 24th December 2009
24th December 2009

Liz is coming over for Christmas! Does the house look okay? Jon, it's Liz. Better clean. Like your life depended on it.

Garfield on 24th December 2010
24th December 2010

"Mucho macho musk ox mist for men". "Guaranteed to drive women insane". spritz spritz Kiss me, or I'll punch your lights out! By golly it works!

Garfield on 24th December 2011
24th December 2011

Nobody can sleep on Christmas eve... Nooobody. -

Garfield on 24th December 2012
24th December 2012

Welcome Welcome

Garfield on 24th December 2013
24th December 2013

X AAAAGGGHH slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp

Garfield on 24th December 2014
24th December 2014

Presents...cookies...eggnogg... Is there anything about Christmas I DON'T like? smooooooooooooch

Garfield on 24th December 2015
24th December 2015

Tonight I WILL wait up for Santa... This is the year I'm FINALLY gonna catch him i the act! Z click

Garfield on 24th December 2016
24th December 2016

We wanted to thank Jon for letting us stay inside this Christmas. So my wife knitted him a little something. Remember, wash it in cold water ot it'll shrink.

Garfield on 24th December 2017
24th December 2017


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