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Garfield on 1st November 2018
1st November 2018

I only want what's best for us, Garfield. - Or second.best. - Well, maybe third-best. You're getting warmer.

Garfield on 2nd November 2018
2nd November 2018

Liz, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? - Seriously? - I guess I should think of better questions. "When do we eat?" is a good question.

Garfield on 3rd November 2018
3rd November 2018

Cats love to play with empty bags. - - And emptying them is half of the fun.

Garfield on 4th November 2018
4th November 2018

tick-tock - HI. Scruffy! Bet you thought I'd NEVER get home!

Garfield on 5th November 2018
5th November 2018

I should take a break from this. - - Except that I don't think there is one.

Garfield on 6th November 2018
6th November 2018

I had a dream that martians were controlling me with a laser brain ray. - - Beep. All righty.

Garfield on 7th November 2018
7th November 2018

My experiment has gone horribly wrong! I've turned into a FLY... - A fly the size of a MAN! - Now THERE'S some good eatin'!

Garfield on 8th November 2018
8th November 2018

zzzz - zzzzzzz - You don't see a lot of bees wearing sweaters.

Garfield on 9th November 2018
9th November 2018

Thanks. Enjoy. - Oh, great! This pizza was supposed to be half-and-half! - No big deal! I'll just pick the mouse heads off your side.

Garfield on 10th November 2018
10th November 2018

- What are YOU looking at?! - Life would be easier to observe through a one-way window.

Garfield on 11th November 2018
11th November 2018

- - Let me tell you about my day. - Farfield, let's talk nutrition. - BARK! - And in the news today... - You said it, Pooky.

Garfield on 12th November 2018
12th November 2018

Happy monday! - This is the best day ever! - And, in case you missed it, this is called "sarcasm".

Garfield on 13th November 2018
13th November 2018

I'm nice. - - Ask ALMOST anybody.

Garfield on 14th November 2018
14th November 2018

- You'll have to go without me. - I just don't care for opera.

Garfield on 15th November 2018
15th November 2018

I am ready for what lies ahead. - - Unless it comes from that direction.

Garfield on 16th November 2018
16th November 2018

- YAWN! - Am I boring you? Yes, thank you.

Garfield on 17th November 2018
17th November 2018

Garfield, it's saturday. - Isn't it a little early for your monsay face? - Just getting into character.

Garfield on 18th November 2018
18th November 2018

and apple pie? Just got even better.

Garfield on 19th November 2018
19th November 2018

I made a list of chores. - Eat the leftover pizza, finish the bag of chips, drink the last can of soda... - Work! Work! Work!

Garfield on 20th November 2018
20th November 2018

This article says that for good health... - It's important to stay hydrated. - That means you must have plenty of liquids. Does marinara sauce count?

Garfield on 21st November 2018
21st November 2018

A new study says eating donuts will help you live to be a hundred! - We need to eat more donuts! - Amazing what you can do with a computer, newsprint and a big honking printer.

Garfield on 22nd November 2018
22nd November 2018

- BURP! - Is lunch over? Halftime.

Garfield on 23rd November 2018
23rd November 2018

Where's Garfield? He couldn't make it... - So he sent me in his place to keep you company at dinner. - And he wants me to bring the leftovers. Mister Romantic.

Garfield on 24th November 2018
24th November 2018

You know, Garfield, OTHER cats scamper around and do funny things! - Fine. - You don't dare. Look, do you want comedy or don't you?

Garfield on 25th November 2018
25th November 2018

- Wow...what a great meal that was. - Everything was delicious, Liz... - Your mashed potatoes are even better than my Mom's! - - * beedle beedle beedle - * beedle beedle beedle It's my mom. Uh-oh. She heard you.

Garfield on 26th November 2018
26th November 2018

So much food is wasted. - Simply thrown away. - Thank you!

Garfield on 27th November 2018
27th November 2018

"Dear ask a dog..." - "Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk!" - Sorry, we don't speak goose.

Garfield on 28th November 2018
28th November 2018

Are you warm enough, Pooky? - Hang on. - Is that my sweater? Not anymore.

Garfield on 29th November 2018
29th November 2018

A hog weighs 700 pounds... - A cow weighs 1,600 pounds... - I wonder what YOU weigh. Shut up, or I'll sit on you.

Garfield on 30th November 2018
30th November 2018

Remember, Garfield... - People are nice to you... - When YOU ar enice to THEM. There's always a catch!

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