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Garfield on 1st August 2018
1st August 2018

Have you heard that dogs are man's best friend? Uh-huh. My owner is a moron. Small world.

Garfield on 2nd August 2018
2nd August 2018

Here the lion attacks his prey. Just like me! Although I would have used some steak sauce.

Garfield on 3rd August 2018
3rd August 2018

Sigh That was my sign of happiness! I wanted to make sure she didn't confuse it with some other sigh. Sigh.

Garfield on 4th August 2018
4th August 2018

You have behaved yourself all day. The day is not over.

Garfield on 5th August 2018
5th August 2018

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff If you grill it, they will come.

Garfield on 6th August 2018
6th August 2018

Don't you have anything better to do? I am pleased to inform you that we do not.

Garfield on 7th August 2018
7th August 2018

tic tic tic tic YES! You CAN bake apie inside a cake!

Garfield on 8th August 2018
8th August 2018

Missed. It's Odie's birthday.

Garfield on 9th August 2018
9th August 2018

I am King of the House! You can be prince.

Garfield on 10th August 2018
10th August 2018

I broke a lamp today. I broke two saucers AND a vase! Awesome! We take a lot of pride in being cats.

Garfield on 11th August 2018
11th August 2018

Do I enjoy engaging conversation, you ask? Do my elbows match? We may never know.

Garfield on 12th August 2018
12th August 2018

Z GARFIELD! GARFIED! GARFIELD! COME QUICK! HURRY!! HURRY!! *I* happen to think rainbows are SPECIAL! So are my naps.

Garfield on 13th August 2018
13th August 2018

I'm bored. Let's do something fun! Sorry. I'm committed to boredom.

Garfield on 14th August 2018
14th August 2018

An exercise tip from Garfield the Cat... Before doing strenuous exercise, you must spend an appropriate amount of time stretching. I recommend eight to twelve hours.

Garfield on 15th August 2018
15th August 2018

I'n on vacation. So I'm only being half as cute as usual. Still too much.

Garfield on 16th August 2018
16th August 2018

I may look like a frog, but I', really an enchanted prince. He probably wants a kiss from the princess. You can break the spell by giving me your credit card number. Didn't see that coming.

Garfield on 17th August 2018
17th August 2018

Everyone should be nice to animals. So true. Unless they taste good. Truer yet!

Garfield on 18th August 2018
18th August 2018

Cat hair coming through! That had better not have been that spider. hee hee hee

Garfield on 19th August 2018
19th August 2018

Garfield on 20th August 2018
20th August 2018

I've eaten so much I can't move! Not that I wanted to.

Garfield on 21st August 2018
21st August 2018

I won! I won!! I'm so excited! A two-week vacation at the beach! Not the brightest snowman.

Garfield on 22nd August 2018
22nd August 2018

Ha! You and that teddy bear! I wish *I* had a teddy bear. Ha!

Garfield on 23rd August 2018
23rd August 2018

It's the invasion of the Ravenous Beetles! But there's just one of you. What?! Come on, guys! You said you'd back me up! But we just ate. URP You go ahead.

Garfield on 24th August 2018
24th August 2018

I'm here to bring joy into your life. Leaving already? I'm saving a little joy for myself.

Garfield on 25th August 2018
25th August 2018

I bit my tongue today. Oh? Not on purpose, right? Riiiight? He wondered what it would taste like.

Garfield on 26th August 2018
26th August 2018

Why so glum, Garfield? Look on the bright side... You have so much to be happy about! PLenty of food... Okay, that's about it. That's not a bad list.

Garfield on 27th August 2018
27th August 2018

Let's start the week with an inspirational thought. DIE, MONDAY, DIE!!!

Garfield on 28th August 2018
28th August 2018

I always try my best. That'll never work. You should try somebody else's best.

Garfield on 29th August 2018
29th August 2018

Have you lost weight? You must be working out. You look so young! Beware of Insincere Dog Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Garfield on 30th August 2018
30th August 2018

You're not half as great as you think you are. Whoa... That's still pretty good.

Garfield on 31st August 2018
31st August 2018

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.. Pepperoni...sausage and onion...extra cheese... Another pizza poem?

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