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Garfield on 1st July 2017
1st July 2017

Cat food... GULP! If I'm hungry enough, I'll eat anything.

Garfield on 2nd July 2017
2nd July 2017

eew Oh, Irma. Yes? There's a fly in my mashed potatoes. SCHWAT! Dit I get it? Dit I get it? dig dig dig Hah-HA! No charge for that. Why do we come here? For the ambience.

Garfield on 3rd July 2017
3rd July 2017

There's ugly... and then there's monday-morning ugly.

Garfield on 4th July 2017
4th July 2017

What a crowd! All these people coming to the faily reunion! Have you ever seen so many tractors? I think I'm overdressed.

Garfield on 5th July 2017
5th July 2017

Come closer! Closer! Uh, too close.

Garfield on 6th July 2017
6th July 2017

Look, Garfield! I found a lucky horseshoe! knock knock There's a horse with a limp at the door, and he doesn't look happy.

Garfield on 7th July 2017
7th July 2017

What would you like to do tonight, Garfield? Eat garbage, yowl on the fence, dodge shoes, trash-talk some dogs, then get chased up a tree. So, the usual. If it ain't broke...

Garfield on 8th July 2017
8th July 2017

You should always follow my lead. I don't know about "always".

Garfield on 9th July 2017
9th July 2017

GARFIELD! shoof hummmmm GARFIELD!

Garfield on 10th July 2017
10th July 2017

The only good thing about monday morning is the coffee. GLUB Mmm...toasty, with notes of cheese and a soapy finish. Hey! I'm trying to bathe here!

Garfield on 11th July 2017
11th July 2017

Think before you act. How about if I think and then just lie here.

Garfield on 12th July 2017
12th July 2017

Odie has discovered the secret to happiness. I think I'll remain depressed.

Garfield on 13th July 2017
13th July 2017

* MROOOW ** SHUT UP! Did somebody say "encore"?

Garfield on 14th July 2017
14th July 2017

Liz wants me to go furniture shopping with her. She wants to buy a credenza. I don't even know that that is! It's Italian for "your bachelor life is over".

Garfield on 15th July 2017
15th July 2017

Oops. Caught that sandwich before it hit the floor.

Garfield on 16th July 2017
16th July 2017

I want some attention. Pay attention to me! SLAP! Hey! That hurt! Why did you hurt me?! -You are an awful, awful cat! BAD CAT! BAD CAT! Why, I oughta... That's better.

Garfield on 17th July 2017
17th July 2017

Nothing can stop me today, Garfield! How ironic. Nothing can START me.

Garfield on 18th July 2017
18th July 2017

Who knows what the future holds. But I know that it involves a water balloon.

Garfield on 19th July 2017
19th July 2017

Whoa! Take it easy there, Odie! Better.

Garfield on 20th July 2017
20th July 2017

Slightly pungent with a hint of nuttiness. Earthy, like walking through a meadow after a spring rain. Cheese snobs. Aristocratic yet humble. Indubitaly.

Garfield on 21st July 2017
21st July 2017

Liz yawned on our date tonight... ONLY ONCE! Mister Excitement!

Garfield on 22nd July 2017
22nd July 2017

I'm sleepy! Yes, sir! Although it's not one of my best efforts.

Garfield on 23rd July 2017
23rd July 2017

Hey, guys, check out the moon... It looks happy, doesn't it? When I was a boy, we called that a "smiling moon". Kids sure do think of some funny things.

Garfield on 24th July 2017
24th July 2017

It takes longer... ...every morrning... ...to resemble myself.

Garfield on 25th July 2017
25th July 2017

This is interesting... Van Gogh said that orange is the color of insanity. That's crazy.

Garfield on 26th July 2017
26th July 2017

You just ate, so you'll have to wait half an hour to swim. Of course, by then you'll be hungry again. Hmm You know, you may never swim again. The math doesn't look good.

Garfield on 27th July 2017
27th July 2017

With age comes wisdom. Sigh I'd rather have a new television. That's very wise.

Garfield on 28th July 2017
28th July 2017

Hey, Odie! Jon was just elling me he wishes you would bark manically in his face. BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! Happy birthday, Jon!

Garfield on 29th July 2017
29th July 2017

Some people dream in black and white. Some people dream in color. I dream in pizza toppings.

Garfield on 30th July 2017
30th July 2017

* ** * * ** * ** * ** ** * * ** * ** * * * ** * ** ** * * * ** * * ** ** * * * ** * * ** ** * * * ** * ** * ** ** * * * ** * * * ** * ** Some days, you just gotta dance.

Garfield on 31st July 2017
31st July 2017

Guess what, Garfield? I switched us to decaf. I'd slap you, but I don't have the energy.

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