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Garfield on 1st October 2015
1st October 2015

...and I lived happily ever after! The End The best books are the ones you write yourself.

Garfield on 2nd October 2015
2nd October 2015

SMOOOOCH! I was just kissing Liz good night. Thanks for the clarification. Sounded like someone unclogging a toilet.

Garfield on 3rd October 2015
3rd October 2015

Here, kitty. Here, Kitty. HERE, KITTY, KITTY! HEY, CAT!! He hears you.

Garfield on 4th October 2015
4th October 2015

* ping Feed me :-) :-) :-) It's not even close to dinnertime. Forget it. But I'm hungry. Feed me. :-( :-( I said no, and that's FINAL. Feed me NOW 8-0 I save that one for just such occasions.

Garfield on 5th October 2015
5th October 2015

The world is passing me by. Though not without some effort.

Garfield on 6th October 2015
6th October 2015

Storms were dangerous on the farm. They spook the herd. Ever been in a chicken stampede? I'm going to have nightmares.

Garfield on 7th October 2015
7th October 2015

BONK! Apple? No, thanks. They give me a headache.

Garfield on 8th October 2015
8th October 2015

Fun follows me wherever I go. Hurry up!

Garfield on 9th October 2015
9th October 2015

Let's discuss our feelings. I'm hungry. Try again. I'm sleepy. Try again. Choose one, lady, I only have two feelings.

Garfield on 10th October 2015
10th October 2015

Today's subject... "Cats: Why are they such losers?" Let's ask the experts... Arf! Oh, THAT panel isn't very biased.

Garfield on 11th October 2015
11th October 2015

Garfield on 12th October 2015
12th October 2015

I should slow doen and take it easy. Maybe later.

Garfield on 13th October 2015
13th October 2015

YAWN! Uh-oh...my jaw locked! Guess what happened to me! How should I know?!

Garfield on 14th October 2015
14th October 2015

You're shedding cat hair on the lawn. Some call it cat hair. I call it mulch.

Garfield on 15th October 2015
15th October 2015

People are superior to cats. Okay, and why is that? Because...uh, because... Yes? Because WE are taller than you. WE are as tall as we want to be.

Garfield on 16th October 2015
16th October 2015

...and that's how I spent my day. How did you spend YOUR day? Listening to YOU talk about YOUR day. I knew that I was going to regret it the second I said it.

Garfield on 17th October 2015
17th October 2015

I am the king of cats. I guess dweebs need a king, too.

Garfield on 18th October 2015
18th October 2015

schlurp mmmmmmmm Pumpkin spice latte. mmmmmmmmmmm

Garfield on 19th October 2015
19th October 2015

I declare today a holiday! Z

Garfield on 20th October 2015
20th October 2015

Check me out! Thought I'd give the world a thrill.

Garfield on 21st October 2015
21st October 2015

If only I could travel back through time. I wouldn't be stuck here... Without a snack.

Garfield on 22nd October 2015
22nd October 2015

Watermelon slices make tasty treats. And the rinds make lovely hats. And gluing the seeds to your eyebrows tells people that you are a fun personage! Craft people are strange.

Garfield on 23rd October 2015
23rd October 2015

glug glug glug Someone's been in the refrigerator. Are you drinking ketchup? Shouldn't you be shopping?

Garfield on 24th October 2015
24th October 2015

Halt! Who goes there?! HALT, I SAY! I need a bigger badge.

Garfield on 25th October 2015
25th October 2015

Sigh I love fall... It's so peaceful.

Garfield on 26th October 2015
26th October 2015

News flash! Space aliens have landed! They have taken over the earth! And they really don't like cats. I hate mondays.

Garfield on 27th October 2015
27th October 2015

Count Dracula? I thought you were dead! I was, but I'm feeling much better now... Now that I'm taking these new chewable vitamins! Product endordement.

Garfield on 28th October 2015
28th October 2015

The monster uses his incredible strength! RRRRR! But he still can't get that jar open. Monsters love pickles.

Garfield on 29th October 2015
29th October 2015

I've DONE IT, Igor! Done what, Master?! I've transplanted the brain of a cat into an elephant! Do you realize what this means?! You're gonna need a bigger litter box.

Garfield on 30th October 2015
30th October 2015

Trevor? Yes, babs? We need to talk. YAAHH! ...about US. YAH! YAH! YAAAAHHH!! Bachelor horror theater.

Garfield on 31st October 2015
31st October 2015

I am a ghost cat! And I am here to haunt your house! Z Spooky...

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