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Garfield on 1st December 2015
1st December 2015

I'm going to adopt a more positive attitude toward life. - - In spite of you. I accept that challenge.

Garfield on 2nd December 2015
2nd December 2015

Welcome to Garfield's Science Fiction Theater! - How long do I have to wear these? - For 26 episodes, or until I stop thinking it's funny.

Garfield on 3rd December 2015
3rd December 2015

STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! - Run, everyone! - Rats... Bigfoot can never sneak up on anybody.

Garfield on 4th December 2015
4th December 2015

I like a guy with a sense of humor. - - Know anybody like that? No.

Garfield on 5th December 2015
5th December 2015

I'm behaving myself today. - Whoa... - It's a lot like just sitting here.

Garfield on 6th December 2015
6th December 2015

- Dear Santa, - - I have been good all year. Please bring me lots of presents. Love, Garfield - - send - Sometimes you just nail it on the first draft!

Garfield on 7th December 2015
7th December 2015

It's time to decorate the tree! Woo-hoo! - I'll help! - Too much cat hair. Is that possible?

Garfield on 8th December 2015
8th December 2015

I remember christmases back on the farm. - Sigh... - Ever flock an udder? Not on purpose.

Garfield on 9th December 2015
9th December 2015

Tonight's yuletide nightmare? Yup-per. I'm the christmas carol that's stuck in your head. - - And you? I'm the fruitcake that's stuck in your teeth.

Garfield on 10th December 2015
10th December 2015

You must be tonight's christmas nightmare. Correctamundo - I am tech support for your new electronic gift. - That doesn't sound so bad. Your current wait time is 432 minutes.

Garfield on 11th December 2015
11th December 2015

Are you tonight's christmas nightmare? Oh, boy, am I ever! - I'm Santa's naughty list! - Am *I* on you? Does an elf eat candy canes for breakfast?

Garfield on 12th December 2015
12th December 2015

Ho! Ho! Ho! Spider Claus knows if you've been good or bad! - SCHWACK - Okay, now I'd call that "bad".

Garfield on 13th December 2015
13th December 2015

- Sigh What's wrong, Jon? - I just never know what to get you for christmas, Liz. - Oh, Jon, it's sweet of you to worry, but I'm sure I'll love ANYTHING you get me. - Really? Really. - - One socket wrench set... Make it earrings.

Garfield on 14th December 2015
14th December 2015

Garfield - Garfield - I guess you CAN wrap a hug.

Garfield on 15th December 2015
15th December 2015

Garfield! Garrr-field! - BURRRP - Garfield, are you in there? Ain't nobody here but us winky lights.

Garfield on 16th December 2015
16th December 2015

Why is Garfield in my christmas tree, Liz? - Lots of cats do that, Jon...they like bright, shiny things. - And the signal is better up here.

Garfield on 17th December 2015
17th December 2015

The smell of these freshly baked cookies will get Garfield out of the christmas tree. - ka-THUMP ka-THUMP ka-THUMP ka-THUMP ka-THUMP -

Garfield on 18th December 2015
18th December 2015

So what are you getting me for Christmas, Odie? - ...a bone? - Don't look at me...I didn't tell her!

Garfield on 19th December 2015
19th December 2015

On christmas eve, Spider Claus will fly around the world in his sleigh... - Pulled by six tiny gnats, and a team leader with a bright red light! - Rudolph? No, a lightning bug named Blinky.

Garfield on 20th December 2015
20th December 2015

you? The assembly instructions printed in Swahili.

Garfield on 21st December 2015
21st December 2015

This shouldn't take long. - FIVE MINUTES LATER: - Help. Smile for the Internet.

Garfield on 22nd December 2015
22nd December 2015

slam! - Well THAT was a bust. - I got a ticket for disturbing the heavenly peace. I TOLD you not to go caroling.

Garfield on 23rd December 2015
23rd December 2015

We're excited about christmas! You two are just silly! - -

Garfield on 24th December 2015
24th December 2015

Tonight I WILL wait up for Santa... - This is the year I'm FINALLY gonna catch him i the act! - Z click

Garfield on 25th December 2015
25th December 2015

My christmas wish is for peace on earth. - That's really beautiful, Jon. - I wonder what Garfield's wish would be. For it to rain donuts!

Garfield on 26th December 2015
26th December 2015

Well, christmas is over... - Time to put away this sweater. blink blink blink - I'll get the shovel. blink blink

Garfield on 27th December 2015
27th December 2015

- - - - Would you boys like a nibble? No, no...we're fine, thanks. - * ding-dong! - GNASH BITE URP SNARF GULP CHOMP GRRRR

Garfield on 28th December 2015
28th December 2015

That was a great vacation. - I can't believe it's over already. - Oh well, back to the old grind.

Garfield on 29th December 2015
29th December 2015

Fellow fleas, our travels are over! - We have journeyed this vast cat. - And we will settle here! I hope their crops fail.

Garfield on 30th December 2015
30th December 2015

Nothing but hopelessness and despair lies before me. - - And now it's behind me.

Garfield on 31st December 2015
31st December 2015

I didn't go shopping, Garfield. - We're having leftovers tonight. - What year do you prefer? I'm rather fond of 1978.

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