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Garfield on 1st February 2014
1st February 2014

You are not a dweeb. - You are not a miserable failure. - You are not ugly. Self-esteem ringtones.

Garfield on 2nd February 2014
2nd February 2014

OWWOOOOOO clap clap clap clap clap clap - OWOOOOOOOO clap clap clap clap clap clap - OOOWOOOOOOOOO clap clap clap clap clap - OOOOOOWOOOOOOOO clap clap clap clap - YOWR ROWR ROWR - - How was karaoke night? Tough room.

Garfield on 3rd February 2014
3rd February 2014

Well, hello Mr. Personality! - Let the good times roll! Woo hoo! - You sure do light up a room! And I'm not even trying.

Garfield on 4th February 2014
4th February 2014

Cats are mysterious... - Really mysterious... - What are you up to? Even I don't know.

Garfield on 5th February 2014
5th February 2014

BARK! Too lound. - bark Too soft. - Are you ever happy? Too whiny.

Garfield on 6th February 2014
6th February 2014

COUGH! GASP! - WHEEZE! HACK! - Okay, come in! Enough with the fresh air.

Garfield on 7th February 2014
7th February 2014

I need only two things, Liz. - The love of a good woman... - And a meticulous sock drawer. Do you know him? No.

Garfield on 8th February 2014
8th February 2014

That was my pet mule. - She had three legs, a glass eye, and one tooth. - I miss you, Aphrodite! I must have the movie rights.

Garfield on 9th February 2014
9th February 2014

brown gravy. - Wow, I'm better than I thought! You had me at "gravy".

Garfield on 10th February 2014
10th February 2014

I'm in a bad mood. - And there's only one thing to do when that happens. - Pass it on. Uh-oh.

Garfield on 11th February 2014
11th February 2014

- Whoa! Apple pie! - I must check behind my back more often!

Garfield on 12th February 2014
12th February 2014

Jon's contemplating his life. - The joys, the sorrows... - I'll never play the bagpipes. The roads not taken...

Garfield on 13th February 2014
13th February 2014

Sigh. - - I take it Garfield isn't coming. "meow".

Garfield on 14th February 2014
14th February 2014

A penny for your thoughts, Jon. - Are nose hairs connected to the brain? - A dollar if you never ask it again. Thank you.

Garfield on 15th February 2014
15th February 2014

Garfield, I was wondering... - They say cats are clean animals... - What happened to you? I'm a rebel.

Garfield on 16th February 2014
16th February 2014

Siiigh - Well, there's a blizzard outside... Don't say it. - We're snowe din... Don't say it. - The cable TV has gone out... Don't say it. - And we're out of hot chocolate. Don't say it. - What ELSE can go wrong? - You said it.

Garfield on 17th February 2014
17th February 2014

It's time to put an end to... - - It's time to start something.

Garfield on 18th February 2014
18th February 2014

I found my toolbox, Garfield! - A man without tools is no man at all! - Now, how does this open? Turn in your man card.

Garfield on 19th February 2014
19th February 2014

I have tools, Garfield! - Men and tools built skyscrapers, you know... - Like with this thingy. Put it back before you hurt somebody.

Garfield on 20th February 2014
20th February 2014

Oh, that's just great! - The mice are using the cat for a bed! - Should I make little blankets?! There is a chill. Ignore him.

Garfield on 21st February 2014
21st February 2014

Jon's dealing with the mouse problem in a very unique way. - He's trying to adapt. - Today is the worst day of my life. Say cheese.

Garfield on 22nd February 2014
22nd February 2014

GULP! - Poor thing, your dish is empty. - Timing is everything.

Garfield on 23rd February 2014
23rd February 2014

- Let's make snow angels, Garfield! - C'mon! It'll be fun! - All you have to do is fall backward into the snow... - And then flap your arms to make the angel wings! - Watch me! - Coming up next, a local man is gored by his own lawn gnome.

Garfield on 24th February 2014
24th February 2014

Here's what you are, Garfield. - "Sedentary". - It means you collect dust. Use it in a sentence.

Garfield on 25th February 2014
25th February 2014

Okay, everybody, break it up! - Oh. It's just you, Garfield. - I am NOT fat!

Garfield on 26th February 2014
26th February 2014

WAH-HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! - snatch! - hee hee hee hee New driver's license photo.

Garfield on 27th February 2014
27th February 2014

Sports have always been a big part of my life. - - Being bad at them, I mean. Ah.

Garfield on 28th February 2014
28th February 2014

Garfield! - That popcorn was for everyone. - And "everyone" is my middle name, baby!

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