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Garfield on 1st December 2014
1st December 2014

Sometimes winter can seem gray, dull, lifeless, cold and unforgiving. But then along comes Christmas. And along comes Jon. A little help...

Garfield on 2nd December 2014
2nd December 2014

So this is your shopping list? No. That's the index.

Garfield on 3rd December 2014
3rd December 2014

What would you like for Christmas, Odie? A chewy bone, or a squeaky bone? Odie? I think he locked up.

Garfield on 4th December 2014
4th December 2014

Santa will be soon here. With presents for everybody who's been good. And me! And you.

Garfield on 5th December 2014
5th December 2014

What's this? I'm sending Santa a picture of me. Not a very good likeness. Okay, I added the halo.

Garfield on 6th December 2014
6th December 2014

Nothing lasts forever. Wrong! Fruitcake doesn't count!

Garfield on 7th December 2014
7th December 2014

To: Santa From: Me Dear Santa, I have been good all year. Please see attached photos. pat pat X This is fraud, you know... Shut up and smile.

Garfield on 8th December 2014
8th December 2014

Santa Claus knows whether you've been good or bad. He's a fat guy who does nothing 364 days out of the year. You haven't been very good. Who is HE to judge ME?!

Garfield on 9th December 2014
9th December 2014

I've heard that Christmas calories "don't count". I say that should also apply to the days of the week. How can you eat so much? Tuesday calories don't count.

Garfield on 10th December 2014
10th December 2014

Look, Garfield, a banana slicer! Think Liz would like that for Christmas? Why do you look at me like that? Would you rather I rolled my eyes?

Garfield on 11th December 2014
11th December 2014

Garfield, how about this for Liz? ... A wrinkle cream holiday gift set! You're going to be a lonely, lonely old man.

Garfield on 12th December 2014
12th December 2014

Sigh...I never know what to get Liz for Christmas, Garfield. Look, you be her, and I'll try some gift ideas out on you. Fine. Teeth whitening strips! I think we should see other people.

Garfield on 13th December 2014
13th December 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! I bet Spider Calus knows what YOU want for Christmas! SCHWOP ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES!

Garfield on 14th December 2014
14th December 2014

* ding! ZIP SMOOOOOOOCH Christmas cookie oven timer.

Garfield on 15th December 2014
15th December 2014

What's this? My Christmas list. Nobody makes a cheese danish that big. Then it's time somebody started!

Garfield on 16th December 2014
16th December 2014

Arbuckle holiday tradition number one... AAAAGGHHH! Eeeeevery year.

Garfield on 17th December 2014
17th December 2014

Arbuckle holiday tradition number two... slam! Caroling.

Garfield on 18th December 2014
18th December 2014

We now return to "Dick, the Cat Who Didn't Save Christmas" Dick, stop clawing the waterbed! Oh, no! The presents are all soaked! All right, Dick! Now go swat the ornaments off the tree!

Garfield on 19th December 2014
19th December 2014

Liz, I just don't know what to get you for Christmas! Oh, Jon, YOU'RE all I need for Christmas. Maybe she could exchange you for something good.

Garfield on 20th December 2014
20th December 2014

The holidays are a time for peace and love... So how's about a hug, tubbo? How's that hugging thing workin' for you, Larry? Blow it out your jingle bell, Carl.

Garfield on 21st December 2014
21st December 2014

Let's see now... Tree decorated...check. House lights up...check. Presents wrapped...check. Stocking hung from chimney...check. TOING Santa trap tested...check.

Garfield on 22nd December 2014
22nd December 2014

GARFIELD! Hey, they needed an alto.

Garfield on 23rd December 2014
23rd December 2014

Hello, Santa's Pizza? I'd like to order a large pepperoni! Why is it called Santa's Pizza? WHUMP! Ah.

Garfield on 24th December 2014
24th December 2014

Presents...cookies...eggnogg... Is there anything about Christmas I DON'T like? smooooooooooooch

Garfield on 25th December 2014
25th December 2014

It's Christmas! The one day of the whole year... when shredding is not frowned upon. Garfield

Garfield on 26th December 2014
26th December 2014

I ate so much I can't move. Me too. Best Christmas ever. Ever.

Garfield on 27th December 2014
27th December 2014

Hi! I'm your holiday overeating nightmare! MUAH-HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAH! But what ARE you? The last belt notch.

Garfield on 28th December 2014
28th December 2014

Garfield on 29th December 2014
29th December 2014

I got my wife a treadmill for Christmas. That's nice. Why are you standing out here in the snow? I got my wife a treadmill for Christmas.

Garfield on 30th December 2014
30th December 2014

2009 has sure been a long year. We gotta get a new calendar.

Garfield on 31st December 2014
31st December 2014

Mine is to not be so clumsy. THUD Resolutions are SO hard to keep.

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