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Garfield on 1st August 2014
1st August 2014

Liz and I rode a roller coaster today. It went way up in the air... - And then went way down. - Am I blinking? Not yet.

Garfield on 2nd August 2014
2nd August 2014

Hard-core sports fans are crazy. - But hard-core game show fans are even crazier. AARDVARK! AARDVARK! AARDVARK! And the answer is "Platypus".

Garfield on 3rd August 2014
3rd August 2014

- I wonder what the water temperature is? - Could be ice-cold, you know. Could be. - I guess there's only one way to find out. Yeah. - Man, I hate to do this. No prob. - I'll do it. - Well? How is it?

Garfield on 4th August 2014
4th August 2014

DO SOMETHING WITH THE MICE, GARFIELD! OKay. - - Having dinner is not what I meant! Well, then, I guess that we should have been a little more specific, shouldn't we?

Garfield on 5th August 2014
5th August 2014

I heard of a cure for stress. - Relaxing your facial muscles. - Ah, that's better. For you, maybe.

Garfield on 6th August 2014
6th August 2014

Why do dogs bury bones?... - dig dig dig Nobody knows. - Hang on...

Garfield on 7th August 2014
7th August 2014

I think it's flea season. - I feel itchy. - And I see tiny ladders.

Garfield on 8th August 2014
8th August 2014

Have you ever put your shoes on before your socks? No. - - Oh, me neither! Uh-huh.

Garfield on 9th August 2014
9th August 2014

Help Wanted - Just what I need! - Bring me a cheeseburger and a strawberry milk shake.

Garfield on 10th August 2014
10th August 2014

- - CLICK - - HEY! - - The Mad Photobomber strikes again!

Garfield on 11th August 2014
11th August 2014

Fear me, world! - toing! - Almost forgot that part.

Garfield on 12th August 2014
12th August 2014

A PIZZA?! The old upsell.

Garfield on 13th August 2014
13th August 2014

I'm ordering a pizza. What should I get? - Yes, could I get a large...mushroom pizza... - With frogs...and make it sad? So much for chicken and onion.

Garfield on 14th August 2014
14th August 2014

Happy slap-in-the-back-of-the-head day! - SLAP! - NOT one of Jon's favorite holidays.

Garfield on 15th August 2014
15th August 2014

Liz put me on a healthy diet. - She thinks I'm sticking to it, but I'm not. - I feel so guilty. Donuts help.

Garfield on 16th August 2014
16th August 2014

I'm going to spend the say seeing the world like you! Welcome. - There's not much to do down here, is there? Now you're getting it... - Z And now you've got it.

Garfield on 17th August 2014
17th August 2014

** - ** Sigh... - Jon, we've spent all morning inside watching TV. - It's a beautiful summer day... - We shouldn't be in here...we should be OUTSIDE! - You know, you're right. - **

Garfield on 18th August 2014
18th August 2014

sip sip - ZANG ZONG - OWOOOO We like our coffee strong enough to fight crime.

Garfield on 19th August 2014
19th August 2014

Hello, Mime Pizza? I'd like a large pepperoni. - Hello? - I'm not suer if I just ordered a pizza or not. Let's hope the delivery boy doesn't have to walk here against the wind.

Garfield on 20th August 2014
20th August 2014

Okay, Odie...fetch the stick! - CHOMP - AFTER I throw it, if you please...

Garfield on 21st August 2014
21st August 2014

Time to lift weights, Garfield. - - Oops, too late now. That was close.

Garfield on 22nd August 2014
22nd August 2014

How's my sweety, weety, wizzy Liz? CLICK CLICK CLICK - How's my widdle love pumpkin? CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK - Excuse me one moment. CLICK CLICK CLICK Stupid remote.

Garfield on 23rd August 2014
23rd August 2014

I'm going to spend the day on all fours, so I can see the world as you do! Be my guest. - Wow, everything looks so big... - And you have a LOT of lint in your world. Yeah, people shed, too.

Garfield on 24th August 2014
24th August 2014

Gizmo - Precious - Garfield - Mittens - Pumpkin - Ah, your obedience school yearbook... - I remember Mittens. Yeah, there's a weirdo in every class.

Garfield on 25th August 2014
25th August 2014

Sometimes, when I watch the news, I think that humanity might be in trouble. - But then I look out the window on a bright, sunny day... - Adn I KNOW it's in trouble.

Garfield on 26th August 2014
26th August 2014

- Food. - Thanks for pointing that out.

Garfield on 27th August 2014
27th August 2014

Once upon a time there was a house with a man, a dog, and a cat. - The man was thin, the dog was happy, and the cat was fat. - Then the cat ate my breakfast, and the dog chewed up my slippers this morning! This sounds familiar.

Garfield on 28th August 2014
28th August 2014

Do not be jealous of my awesomeness. - - Oh, okay, go ahead!

Garfield on 29th August 2014
29th August 2014

Liz cares about me. - She put me on a healthy diet. - Now I'm going to care about you. Vent your hsotility elsewhere, Slim.

Garfield on 30th August 2014
30th August 2014

- - If you want me to move, just say so.

Garfield on 31st August 2014
31st August 2014

- Mmmmm...a nice nap outside, why don't I do this more often? - FOO! - plip - SMACK! BEAT IT! - It was him, daddy! Ah, yes, this is why.

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