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Garfield on 1st May 2010
1st May 2010

Odie! Somebody's at the door! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! Huh? It's you, Einstein!

Garfield on 2nd May 2010
2nd May 2010

Garfield on 3rd May 2010
3rd May 2010

Why don't we stay in tonight, and have a candlelight dinner for... ...TWO. Bye now.

Garfield on 4th May 2010
4th May 2010

I had a dream about Liz last night. Oh, me too. She told me she loved me. She told me she loved me, too. It was very romantic. And then I ate a wooly mammoth.

Garfield on 5th May 2010
5th May 2010

Cheer up, Pooky... Here, I have just the thing... Better.

Garfield on 6th May 2010
6th May 2010

Liz's eyes are so beautiful... More beautiful than mine? flutter flutter flutter You're strange. Why do I even bother to keep myself up?

Garfield on 7th May 2010
7th May 2010

I am NOT embarrassing to be seen with. The bag doesn't lie.

Garfield on 8th May 2010
8th May 2010

Odie, here are the rules for today. No barking, running, panting, or slobbering. In other words, today you're a cat.

Garfield on 9th May 2010
9th May 2010

We wrote a song about you, Garfield. * Oh, the cat is fat, but we don't care! * * And the cat is lazy, but we don't care! * * And the cat is ugly, but we don't caaaaare... * * 'Cause he won't eat us! * He's gonna pay for thosestrings! Shut up, Herman.

Garfield on 10th May 2010
10th May 2010

The tuna noodle casserole just burst into flames. I'll hose it down, and you get the catsup. We're bachelors, baby.

Garfield on 11th May 2010
11th May 2010

Odd looking ball of yarn. That spaghetti was for dinner!

Garfield on 12th May 2010
12th May 2010

Oiling the floor keeps me from having to walk. Pretty clever, huh? THUD!

Garfield on 13th May 2010
13th May 2010

Me Me "Me"? I'm a big fan.

Garfield on 14th May 2010
14th May 2010

Mr. Mayor! The giant radioactive snail is approaching the city! How long have we got, general? Six, seven months, at least. I think I can squeeze in a snack.

Garfield on 15th May 2010
15th May 2010

My poor fish! Never to return! BURP! How about a cameo appearance?

Garfield on 16th May 2010
16th May 2010

Garfield on 17th May 2010
17th May 2010

Hold on, you're breaking up... That's a little better... Perfect! Ah, technology!

Garfield on 18th May 2010
18th May 2010

New headset. Geek chic.

Garfield on 19th May 2010
19th May 2010

This texting stuff is hard. I think my thumbs are too fat. How do you tone your thumbs? Channel changer crunches, my man!

Garfield on 20th May 2010
20th May 2010

We've had enough of your bullying ways, fatso! Strength in numbers! Yeah! Now I know how Gulliver felt.

Garfield on 21st May 2010
21st May 2010

click Now THERE'S a good-lokkin' uvula! We have to date tonight.

Garfield on 22nd May 2010
22nd May 2010

You know, Garfield, I don't care how lazy you are... I accept you for who you are. Accept me two steps to the left...you're blocking my view of the TV.

Garfield on 23rd May 2010
23rd May 2010

Hello? Yes, I'd like to order a pizza... With canaries. Goldfish. And extra catnip. You don't have tose toppings? Told ya! What if we supply the ingredients?

Garfield on 24th May 2010
24th May 2010

These were taken when my mom and dad were dating. He took her out every saturday night. Here they are on their way to town. I've never seen airbags in a buckboard.

Garfield on 25th May 2010
25th May 2010

Ah, the boring life... Quick! Garfield! I need a belt, a fishbowl, and a fire extinguisher!! I sure miss it.

Garfield on 26th May 2010
26th May 2010

Oh, hi, Arlene. Do you ever think about me, Garfield? Whenever I'm not thinking about me. So that's a "no". Oh, hi, Arlene.

Garfield on 27th May 2010
27th May 2010

Toothbrushes can't swim. I have a bad feeling.

Garfield on 28th May 2010
28th May 2010

I forgive you for yelling at me, Jon. Which you'll be doing shortly. CLAW CLAW CLAW GARFIELD!

Garfield on 29th May 2010
29th May 2010

I AM sick, you know! Would it kill you to show a little compassion?! There, there.

Garfield on 30th May 2010
30th May 2010

Garfield on 31st May 2010
31st May 2010

Ice cream truck! ding ding There's nothing left but that little bell.

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