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Garfield on 1st February 2010
1st February 2010

Who wants to scratch me behind the ears? Ah! A volunteer!

Garfield on 2nd February 2010
2nd February 2010

Garfield! GARFIELD! Didn't you hear me calling you? I assumed you were shouting my name for the sheer pleasure of it.

Garfield on 3rd February 2010
3rd February 2010

I have a headache. You have a head? Please! Don't make me think! Sorry.

Garfield on 4th February 2010
4th February 2010

Jon! I missed you! Now I miss missing you.

Garfield on 5th February 2010
5th February 2010

Let's do something. Like what? Something fun! No way! You know how I hate trying new thinga.

Garfield on 6th February 2010
6th February 2010

Maybe Jon would treat me nicer... If I treated HIM nicer. Or, I could just fake an injury. You okay, pal?

Garfield on 7th February 2010
7th February 2010

Garfield on 8th February 2010
8th February 2010

SLAM! THAT was a short date. Liz sent me home to change. My eyes!

Garfield on 9th February 2010
9th February 2010

*click* send How about that? Burn the jacket!

Garfield on 10th February 2010
10th February 2010

There's no WAY you can't like THIS suit! Is this a genetic thing? No, it's seersucker. Tiddy boom.

Garfield on 11th February 2010
11th February 2010

Okay, I'm ready to go out! NO plaid. How about now? NO tie-dye. I told you, NO ugly ANYTHING. Poof! There went the whole wardrobe!

Garfield on 12th February 2010
12th February 2010

Hey! Here's a clean shirt! I don't know why I've never worn this one... SPOOT!

Garfield on 13th February 2010
13th February 2010

Liz thinks I have no fashion sense. Well, I'll show her! Where's my paisley ascot? I'd better close the drapes.

Garfield on 14th February 2010
14th February 2010

Chez EATS I bet Garfield was a cute kitten. Oh, he was... Wanna see a picture? You keep a picture of your cat as a kitten...in your wallet? Sure! SMOOOOOCH I owe you one, Garfield. Lips that touch vets shall never touch mine!

Garfield on 15th February 2010
15th February 2010

Sorry I'm late! I lost track of the time! I will not dignify that comment with a response. "Lost track of time"...get it?

Garfield on 16th February 2010
16th February 2010

Welcome to our humble home! And boooooooy, is this place humble.

Garfield on 17th February 2010
17th February 2010

It's good to be alive! I agree. Not great..."good".

Garfield on 18th February 2010
18th February 2010

You know what the world needs more of? Frosting? Niceness. With frosting on it!

Garfield on 19th February 2010
19th February 2010

I've been awake for 72 hours! Not in a row, mind you, but that's still a lot!

Garfield on 20th February 2010
20th February 2010

Ever want want anything you know you can't have, Garfield? Yup. -like morality? Nope. -like fame? Like 25 hours of sleep every day!

Garfield on 21st February 2010
21st February 2010

Beware Of The Dog Pick a card...any card...go ahead! Don't tell me! Don't tell me! It's the three of clubs! Nope. Yes, it is! No, it isn't. BARK! BARK! BARK! I knew this would turn ugly.

Garfield on 22nd February 2010
22nd February 2010

Level one: YAAAAHH! Level one: EEEEEEK! Level one: AIIIIYYYEE! Level one: GAAAHHH! How's the video game going?

Garfield on 23rd February 2010
23rd February 2010

Here we go... Level one: YAAAAGGHH! Impressive graphics. It says you're supposed to reattach your head and try again.

Garfield on 24th February 2010
24th February 2010

You must save the princess. Choose your character. BOOP "Sir Whines-A-Lot"?! That's the one I always choose! I want to be Sir Whines-A-Lot!! Talk about your type-casting.

Garfield on 25th February 2010
25th February 2010

O.L., you have a choice here...you can either squish my guy, or take the chest full of gold coins! sQUISH! Why? Money isn't everything.

Garfield on 26th February 2010
26th February 2010

Congratulations! You saved the princess! -

Garfield on 27th February 2010
27th February 2010

Congratilations! You saved the princess! -

Garfield on 28th February 2010
28th February 2010

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