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Garfield on 1st April 2010
1st April 2010

A new day dawns! The sun is shining! It must be grocery shopping day. I started the car for you!

Garfield on 2nd April 2010
2nd April 2010

Farmers' Market Farmers' Market Farmers' ****** That's all that's left.

Garfield on 3rd April 2010
3rd April 2010

I miss out on a lot of things. I'm going to brush my upper teeths with one toothpaste, and my lower teeth with another toothpaste! But not nearly enough things.

Garfield on 4th April 2010
4th April 2010

Garfield, LOOK! What? TWANG yoing yoing yoing yoing WAH-HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Jon, LOOK! Yeah, riiiiiiight. How stupid do you think I am?

Garfield on 5th April 2010
5th April 2010

That's me the knight of the homecoming place. I was too nervous to ask any girls at school, so I took my cousin... Cliff was a lousy dancer. Lovely corsage.

Garfield on 6th April 2010
6th April 2010

Why do I smell peanut butter cookies? I'll check it out. Yes? Lucky for us, she baked a double batch.

Garfield on 7th April 2010
7th April 2010

You disgusting pig! I wouldn't take that. He was talking to YOU.

Garfield on 8th April 2010
8th April 2010

Why must everything go right? I mean wrong! See? I can't even gat THAT wrong! I MEAN RIGHT! For those of you keeping track, two wrongs made a right.

Garfield on 9th April 2010
9th April 2010

This is hour twenty of the Cat Benefit Telethon. Let's check the tote board... Eleven cents! Like cats care.

Garfield on 10th April 2010
10th April 2010

Life is constantly changing. Then by definition... This must not be life.

Garfield on 11th April 2010
11th April 2010

We're home now, stupid.

Garfield on 12th April 2010
12th April 2010

You never show me any gratitude. SLAP Good job, pal. OW! And that's the thanks I get?!

Garfield on 13th April 2010
13th April 2010

HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP I shrank my underwear in the dryer. Do that funny walk again!

Garfield on 14th April 2010
14th April 2010

I washed the car with my favorite old T-shirt today. It felt like I had insulted it. How does one apologize to a t-shirt? Usually in front of a therapist.

Garfield on 15th April 2010
15th April 2010

I CAN'T throw this t-shirt away, Liz! I've had it for years! Garfield, help me out her! beep. The shirt, please.

Garfield on 16th April 2010
16th April 2010

Liz just doesn't understand how a guy FEELS about his favorite t-shirt. You understand, don't you, old buddy? beep. WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?!!

Garfield on 17th April 2010
17th April 2010

Garfield! Jon, Jon, Jon, Jon. Why are you staring at me like that? You owe me three "Garfields".

Garfield on 18th April 2010
18th April 2010

Hi, Grafield. Hi, Arlene. How was your dinner? Lousy. Jon burned the pot roast, the gravy was lumpy and the brussels sprouts were soggy. How was yours? I ate a rat. Mint?

Garfield on 19th April 2010
19th April 2010

I'm writing a profile of myself for my blog. Of course I had to pad it a bit to make myself sound more brainy. "Can count backward from 100"? Chicks dig smarts.

Garfield on 20th April 2010
20th April 2010

Jon's Blog: Today my cat viciously attacked and devoured my precious pet goldfish. Who knew that my cat was capable of such an evil and unspeakable deed? I do have a NAME, you know. SMACK!

Garfield on 21st April 2010
21st April 2010

I haven't had a single hit on my blog. You'd think people would be interested in what I have to say! Well, they WOULD! Is it sunny in Jonland today?

Garfield on 22nd April 2010
22nd April 2010

Today a lady at a Chinese restaurant sneezed on me. ...what was up with *that*?! My blog is getting edgier! There's a snow pea on your shirt.

Garfield on 23rd April 2010
23rd April 2010

Nobody ever visits my blog...it's too dull. I guess no one wants to read about an ordinary guy and his cat. Time to make stuff up! Give me an eye patch and a goatee!

Garfield on 24th April 2010
24th April 2010

My new call phone has a areally cool ringtone. Want me to play it? It's the only way we're ever going to hear it.

Garfield on 25th April 2010
25th April 2010

Garfield on 26th April 2010
26th April 2010

Have some tuna-flavored things. You know what else is tuna flavored? TUNA!

Garfield on 27th April 2010
27th April 2010


Garfield on 28th April 2010
28th April 2010

BURP You're disgusting. And we're out of soda.

Garfield on 29th April 2010
29th April 2010

Have you seen my brother? Where'd you last see him? Right where you are now. Fomeone geth fiss mard mall moff me! Found 'im.

Garfield on 30th April 2010
30th April 2010

I hear you're a real tough cat. But you don't scare me. AYIEEEEE!!

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