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Garfield on 1st October 2008
1st October 2008

Do you remember my old girlfriend Loretta? No. The one with the huge buckteeth? You know I'm terrible with names. She could open a can with her overbite. Oh, yeah...utensil face!

Garfield on 2nd October 2008
2nd October 2008

Remember my old girlfriend Rhonda? Nope. She was all kinda stooped over?... Nope. ...and had the giant sloping forehead, Cro-Magnon brow and bad teeth? Oh, yeah. The hand model.

Garfield on 3rd October 2008
3rd October 2008

Do you remember Myrna, that girl I took out once? The one with the humongous nostrils? That's an understatement. I never did find my keys that night.

Garfield on 4th October 2008
4th October 2008

Remember my old girlfriend Griselda? The one with the bulging jaw muscles?... Boy, could she ever put away a rack of ribs. Why you let her get away, I will never know.

Garfield on 5th October 2008
5th October 2008

Guess who's here? We're kitten-sitting Nermal today, Garfield! You two play nice together. So what should we play? How about hide and seek? Okay! What are you doing? Winning.

Garfield on 6th October 2008
6th October 2008

I'm sorry, Sir, but a coat and tie are required for dinner. DON'T YOU GET ANY GRAVY ON THOSE!

Garfield on 7th October 2008
7th October 2008

It says here a guy ate twenty pounds of baked beans. In just fifteen Minutes. Doesn't say what he won, though. Probably not any new friends.

Garfield on 8th October 2008
8th October 2008

Jon, this restaurant we're going to...is it fancy? Sort of. Should I wear my little black dress? ...Hello? He says yes.

Garfield on 9th October 2008
9th October 2008

Psst! Liz! Which fork do I use? The salad fork. Oh. Psst!

Garfield on 10th October 2008
10th October 2008

I'm back from my dinner date! Look, Odie! I brought you a doggie bag! And here's you kittie bag. That's all?

Garfield on 11th October 2008
11th October 2008

I was feeling so manly today, then I had to go and stub my toe. ...cried like a baby... Wanna see my boo-boo? Frm manly to sissy, just like that.

Garfield on 12th October 2008
12th October 2008

Garfield on 13th October 2008
13th October 2008

I heard from my cousin Kenny today. Kenny? You know, the one with the botched facelift? I know a lot og Kennys. Looks like this? Ah, *that* Kenny?

Garfield on 14th October 2008
14th October 2008

There are my frat buddies in college. We had some great times. Good ol' "Ph Ama Geeka". Is that a keg of herbal tea?

Garfield on 15th October 2008
15th October 2008

My frat brothers were real practical jokers. It was all innocent fun, though. That's me, asleep, with a chicken glued to my forehead. Hang on, I'm writing this down.

Garfield on 16th October 2008
16th October 2008

Here I am in the homecoming parade. I got to dress up and ride on the float my fraternity built. That's the biggest pocket protector I've ever seen. I'm the third mechanical pencil from the left.

Garfield on 17th October 2008
17th October 2008

There's Doc Boy with his girlfriend. And there he is with his prize pig! I think I have those in backward. Hard to tell...they're both wearing ribbons.

Garfield on 18th October 2008
18th October 2008

Remember my old girlfriend Babette? I'm not sure. I think she was on the rebound. Oh, yeah... She wore that oil painting of her ex-boyfriend around her neck. Biggest locket I ever saw.

Garfield on 19th October 2008
19th October 2008

z z z z z OOOOF -

Garfield on 20th October 2008
20th October 2008

You used to purr when I entered the room. BURP You call *that* a *purr*? You call that an entrance?

Garfield on 21st October 2008
21st October 2008

You're right, Odie. That other dog *is* stupid looking.

Garfield on 22nd October 2008
22nd October 2008

And just what...? Did you know people feed ducks in the park?

Garfield on 23rd October 2008
23rd October 2008

Well! Looks like *some*one had a good night. I had a suicidal giant cookie dream again.

Garfield on 24th October 2008
24th October 2008

Mmm! These Escargots are good! You have a very sophisticated palate, Sir. Hmm? Not everyone appreciates the fine taste of snails. PHHHHHT

Garfield on 25th October 2008
25th October 2008

Eww...ick! Get away! Help! Affectionate dog! -

Garfield on 26th October 2008
26th October 2008

I am a headless swamp monster! Fear me! Maybe later. I am an invisible vampire! Good for you. RAAAAWWWHHHR! Do tell. EEK! My dish is empty!

Garfield on 27th October 2008
27th October 2008

I'll never eat an entire plate of Jalapeno poppers before bed again.

Garfield on 28th October 2008
28th October 2008

Do us all a huge favor and wake up.

Garfield on 29th October 2008
29th October 2008

Weird dream, huh? You said it. Tell me, is it yours or mine? I'm not sure. ...or theirs.

Garfield on 30th October 2008
30th October 2008

You know, once I had a dream where I could fly... Is it morning yet?

Garfield on 31st October 2008
31st October 2008


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