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Garfield on 1st July 2008
1st July 2008

Who are you? I'm a barn cat. - I'm Garfield. I'm Barney. - Where do you live? Okay, Flash, let's start again...

Garfield on 2nd July 2008
2nd July 2008

What are you? I'm a chicken. - Riiiight... - If you're a chicken, where's the breading?

Garfield on 3rd July 2008
3rd July 2008

Kids, farms are where we get our food. - Cereal, fruit, vegetables... - Excuse me, sir. Where might I find the whipped cream trees?

Garfield on 4th July 2008
4th July 2008

Looks like rain. Yup. - Yup. Yup. - Yup, yup. Yup, yup, yup. And they say the art of conversation is dead.

Garfield on 5th July 2008
5th July 2008

One of the best things about the farm is all the *nature*... - It's *everywhere*! - Like under your shoe.

Garfield on 6th July 2008
6th July 2008

WHAT is THAT?! THAT? - YEEEEEEEEEK!!! Poor thing. - She found the powder blue polyester leisure suit. It still fits!

Garfield on 7th July 2008
7th July 2008

We've been together a long time, Garfield. Long time. - Remember the good old days? That's not what I'd call them. - Remember when I got the brussels sprout stuck in my navel? Those were the STUPID old days.

Garfield on 8th July 2008
8th July 2008

Hey, Garfield, you know that checkout lane at the grocery store for 10 items or less? - Well, Sir, I made it through with 12, count em', *12* items! - One small step for man, one giant leap for nerdkind.

Garfield on 9th July 2008
9th July 2008

I like to think I'm unique. - - Believe me, Jon, we *all* like to think you're unique.

Garfield on 10th July 2008
10th July 2008

Through the dragon's nose, over the moat under the castle, and into the hole! - WHACK! -Over the dragon, under the lights, through the snack bar, and into a fat lady's chilli dog. FORE!

Garfield on 11th July 2008
11th July 2008

Let's see, that's another hole in one for me... - And another hole in one for you, too, Garfield. - And where's Jon? He's still cursing out the plaster pirate on thirteen.

Garfield on 12th July 2008
12th July 2008

Jon suspects nothing. - - Darn guard sock puppet.

Garfield on 13th July 2008
13th July 2008

- - - - - -

Garfield on 14th July 2008
14th July 2008

I don't think I'm getting enough rest. - Not to worry! - I'll pick up the slack.

Garfield on 15th July 2008
15th July 2008

I don't suppose you'll be moving today? - I don't suppose you'd care to get some exercise? - I don't suppose you'd care to go outside?! I don't suppose you see any wheels on this bed?

Garfield on 16th July 2008
16th July 2008

Two days, and you haven't so much as moved an Eyelid! - That must take some willpower. Au contraire. - MOVING required willpower.

Garfield on 17th July 2008
17th July 2008

Day three, and you still haven't moved. Aren't you afraid of losing muscle tone? - - Sorry, stupid question. I'll say.

Garfield on 18th July 2008
18th July 2008

I had trouble sleeping. - - I tossed and turned all afternoon.

Garfield on 19th July 2008
19th July 2008

Z - Wake up! - Didn't I do that yesterday?

Garfield on 20th July 2008
20th July 2008

the oom in my oom-pa-pa." - RING That would be Liz telling me how much she loves the song! Especially the Kazoo solo.

Garfield on 21st July 2008
21st July 2008

All is well in my world. - STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! - Except for the whole cats-wearing-boots thing.

Garfield on 22nd July 2008
22nd July 2008

- -

Garfield on 23rd July 2008
23rd July 2008

in. My hero!

Garfield on 24th July 2008
24th July 2008

You're at the top of my hate list, FATSO! - SMACK - Right up there with magazines!

Garfield on 25th July 2008
25th July 2008

Okay, men! - HEAVE...HO!!! - This does not bode well... Bring in the giant cactus plant!

Garfield on 26th July 2008
26th July 2008

- SMACK! - For this, I went to college?

Garfield on 27th July 2008
27th July 2008

- I hope you're not planning a fancy surprise party for my birthday. - Fancy? - tap tap - FWEEEEEEP - NOTHING'S too fancy for our Jon.

Garfield on 28th July 2008
28th July 2008

Z - Awwww. Z - He remembered my birthday. Z

Garfield on 29th July 2008
29th July 2008

Liz took me out to a nice restaurant for my birthday. - A *really* nice restaurant. - ...*glass* catsup bottles! Fancy-schmancy.

Garfield on 30th July 2008
30th July 2008

There's nothing like a fresh vegetable. - And let's keep it that way! -

Garfield on 31st July 2008
31st July 2008

Who's that? That's my neighbor, Mrs. Feeny. - - Why is she digging a moat around her house? I have my suspicions...

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