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Garfield on 1st February 2008
1st February 2008

I've decided to change my attitude toward mornings, Garfield. - My new motto is "mornings happen!" - What do you think? How about "evil things happen to morning people"?

Garfield on 2nd February 2008
2nd February 2008

I could tell you a thing or two about what's wrong with you. - Or three or four, or five, or six, or seven, or eight... - ...or nine, or ten, or... JUST GET ON WITH IT, OKAY?!

Garfield on 3rd February 2008
3rd February 2008

- - - SMACK - - - Marry her.

Garfield on 4th February 2008
4th February 2008

- ! - digga digga digga

Garfield on 5th February 2008
5th February 2008

You're my best friend in the whole world! - SMACK! - Have you noticed how cruel thw world is? I'm picking up on that...

Garfield on 6th February 2008
6th February 2008

To be, or not to be... - SMACK! - Not.

Garfield on 7th February 2008
7th February 2008

Any last words? - I know where there's fudge! - He's good.

Garfield on 8th February 2008
8th February 2008

- - I'm touching youuu...I'm not touching youuu... You're new here, aren't you?

Garfield on 9th February 2008
9th February 2008

- FOOH -

Garfield on 10th February 2008
10th February 2008

you doing? Waving bye-bye to your manhood.

Garfield on 11th February 2008
11th February 2008

What would you like for Valentine's Day, Liz? - REally? - She'd like me. See, this is how those big nasty hairballs start.

Garfield on 12th February 2008
12th February 2008

I'm looking through a veterinary supply catalog for a Valentine's Day gift for Liz. - Hmmm... - Think she'd appreciate an electric probe warmer? I know I would.

Garfield on 13th February 2008
13th February 2008

I was going to make Liz a Valentine's Day card... - But I can't cut out a paper heart to save my life! - Maybe I could substitute another organ. "I love you with all my spleen".

Garfield on 14th February 2008
14th February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Jon. Happy Valentine's Day, Liz. - -

Garfield on 15th February 2008
15th February 2008

What did you get your wife for Valentine's Day, Hank? A bouquet of dead gnats. - Wow, that must have cost you plenty! Yeah, it did. - It cost me an arm and a leg, and a leg, and a leg, and a...

Garfield on 16th February 2008
16th February 2008

If you work hard, you can achieve success. - - And while you're doing that, I can raid your refrigerator!

Garfield on 17th February 2008
17th February 2008

To an enemy, maybe... - And would you ever choose to eat me again? - Well? - WHOOOOOO Open a window.

Garfield on 18th February 2008
18th February 2008

Penny for your thoughts. - Garfield, I was thinking...if our ears were in our armpits... - Would we have to raise our arms to hear people talk? A dollar for not thinking.

Garfield on 19th February 2008
19th February 2008

Did a lube job and oil change, and took her for a test spin. - She's all set! - We have the best-maintained can opener on the block.

Garfield on 20th February 2008
20th February 2008

What's that smell? - I have no idea. - But if you'd like, I could ask my friend, Mr. Seven-Month-Old-Head-Of-Cabbage.

Garfield on 21st February 2008
21st February 2008

Z - THUD - Z Hmmm, I prefer to lie down and THEN go to sleep.

Garfield on 22nd February 2008
22nd February 2008

Some people are lucky. - Dinner is going to be a little late. - And some people are Jon.

Garfield on 23rd February 2008
23rd February 2008

The Brave Cat ventures forth into unchartered territory! - Did you come to help me sort my socks? - Aaaand back to chartered territory.

Garfield on 24th February 2008
24th February 2008

- AAAAAGGHHH! - I don't believe it! - I spent all morning composing a passionate, tender love sonnet to Liz... - -AND THEN MY STUPID COMPUTER CRASHED!! - * - You didn't crash, did you? Even the Internet has its standards.

Garfield on 25th February 2008
25th February 2008

Eek! A cat! - And don't you forget it! - Eek! A lamp! Sigh

Garfield on 26th February 2008
26th February 2008

I * Mice - - Why are you wearing that? I was cold.

Garfield on 27th February 2008
27th February 2008

- Yee-ha! - How come WE don't have a mechanical bull?

Garfield on 28th February 2008
28th February 2008

- When I retire, I'd like to build a little cabin up here. - Garfield... Don't look at me. I suggested the beach.

Garfield on 29th February 2008
29th February 2008

- There's a train coming! - *

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