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Garfield on 1st November 2007
1st November 2007

Odie is very loyal. And I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Garfield on 2nd November 2007
2nd November 2007

Well, Garfield, the laundry is done! Every article of clothing ironed, folded, and put away. Sigh... His life is over.

Garfield on 3rd November 2007
3rd November 2007

Why so gloomy, Jon? The world is full of wonderful things! Like my tuna breath! And nice comfortable floors!

Garfield on 4th November 2007
4th November 2007

Garfield on 5th November 2007
5th November 2007

Nobody tells me what to do! thump thump And I wish they wouls! I have no idea what I'm doing! That's okay, Jon. Nobody does.

Garfield on 6th November 2007
6th November 2007

Is it any wonder why there's no room in his head for a brain?

Garfield on 7th November 2007
7th November 2007

I'm cutting down on donuts. We're out of donuts. I am painfully aware of that.

Garfield on 8th November 2007
8th November 2007

Cricket in the house! Crick Z I'll give you a dollar to jump into Jon's mouth. Z

Garfield on 9th November 2007
9th November 2007

BARK! BARK! BARK! On a scale of one to ten, I give it a seven? Oh, come on! I've seen you more crazed, and you didn't do that bloodshot-eyeballs thing.

Garfield on 10th November 2007
10th November 2007

YAWN Momma would be proud to know she raised a trivet.

Garfield on 11th November 2007
11th November 2007

Garfield on 12th November 2007
12th November 2007

Beware of the Dog You're not a dog. Yes, I am. Like bow wow. You're not a dog. Okay! So the dog took a personal day. I'm a temp. You're a snake. Dude! I have a wife and 35 kids to support!

Garfield on 13th November 2007
13th November 2007

Instead of barking at you... I would like to do an interpretive dance... Demonstrating my feelings toward our relationship. That explains the pekingese with the piccolo.

Garfield on 14th November 2007
14th November 2007

Check this out... BARK Pretty cool, huh? Well, if you think loud noises are "cool".

Garfield on 15th November 2007
15th November 2007

Would you like to hear some barking? What else you got? I can woof! Let's go with that, and can you do a time step? Woof, woof, woof, woof! My kingdom for a video camera.

Garfield on 16th November 2007
16th November 2007

Will Grovel for Table Scraps I'm just doing this until I sell my screenplay. Riiight.

Garfield on 17th November 2007
17th November 2007

You poor dog. How can you stand being chained up all day? People wait on me hand and foot, I get three big meals a day, and allI do is sleep. Woof

Garfield on 18th November 2007
18th November 2007

Ready, Odie? Urf Okay...1-2-3-go! -

Garfield on 19th November 2007
19th November 2007

Everybody likes me! He must not have received the memo.

Garfield on 20th November 2007
20th November 2007

I thought you were taking Odie for a walk. I am. I have a three-mile leash.

Garfield on 21st November 2007
21st November 2007

I think I'll order a burger. How about yo GARFIELD! Get over here! You're steaming up the windoes in the pie case! My place...midnight...I'll bring the ice cream.

Garfield on 22nd November 2007
22nd November 2007

Whipped cream! PSSSSHHHHHH Make a pie!

Garfield on 23rd November 2007
23rd November 2007

Hey, Garfield, it's the fourth friday in november, and you know what that is! What? Wait right there! Candy Cane Karaoke Night! And for this I wore heels.

Garfield on 24th November 2007
24th November 2007

Here I sit. Instead of sitting there. Life holds too many choices!

Garfield on 25th November 2007
25th November 2007

NONE of there will work for our Christmas card! I know. You're not smiling in any of them.

Garfield on 26th November 2007
26th November 2007

This is my new air freshener. pssssst It smells like Christmas cookie baking. I think I'm getting the hint here. Isn't he the clever one?

Garfield on 27th November 2007
27th November 2007

It's the greatest time of year! When Jon gives me presents... Instead of me just taking his stuff.

Garfield on 28th November 2007
28th November 2007

So what do YOU want for Christmas? zwip Most people circle things in catalogs. Garfield tabs things in cookbooks.

Garfield on 29th November 2007
29th November 2007

You have to behave around Christmas. Santa might be watching. Or one of his spies.

Garfield on 30th November 2007
30th November 2007

Fa-la-la-fa-la! PLOOEY! I fa'd when I should have ls'd.

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