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Garfield on 1st March 2007
1st March 2007

Only one person in this room could have murdered Mr. Thompson, and that person IS... Oh...a question. Yes, you with the pickax? Um...may I be excused? And to think I could have been watching Jon's socks tumble dry.

Garfield on 2nd March 2007
2nd March 2007

Nothing whatsoever happened in the world today. Everybody was watching television. Details at eleven. ...on the All-Irony Channel.

Garfield on 3rd March 2007
3rd March 2007

...and the cat ate, and ate, and ate... and ate, and ate... Until there was nothing left to eat. I hate sad endings.

Garfield on 4th March 2007
4th March 2007

BURP plop Kitty Treats

Garfield on 5th March 2007
5th March 2007

Happy monday. -

Garfield on 6th March 2007
6th March 2007

Vegetarian aliens from outer space! This should be interesting. Take me to your broccoli. With pleasure!

Garfield on 7th March 2007
7th March 2007

Liz thinks I'm handsome. And what does her guide dog think?

Garfield on 8th March 2007
8th March 2007

Z Z Z Hey! Five more minutes...

Garfield on 9th March 2007
9th March 2007

Why don't cats play fetch? sniff Cough. BURP We have too much dignity. scratch scratch

Garfield on 10th March 2007
10th March 2007

Fetch the tree, Odie. Not THAT tree!

Garfield on 11th March 2007
11th March 2007

Z Z Z Z Z Z Garfield, look! Odie's sleepwalking! Z Z Garfield? -

Garfield on 12th March 2007
12th March 2007

Hello. How's it going? Not bad. SMACK Yourself? I've been better.

Garfield on 13th March 2007
13th March 2007

Spiders are disgusting! We are? SMACK Yes. Well, NOW, yeah!

Garfield on 14th March 2007
14th March 2007

Don't swat me! SMACK Wait. Did you say, "don't"? THAT'S A RATHER MOOT POINT AT THIS JUNCTURE, DON'T YOU THINK?!

Garfield on 15th March 2007
15th March 2007

I wish I were thinner. WHAP! I should write a diet book! I said, "thinner," not "flatter"!

Garfield on 16th March 2007
16th March 2007

I'm cold. A nice hot cup of coffee should warm you up! WHAM Boy howdy, he wasn't kidding.

Garfield on 17th March 2007
17th March 2007

What happened to my uncle Dave? He got hit by a train. A TRAIN?! Train...train schedule, whatever. SMACK!

Garfield on 18th March 2007
18th March 2007


Garfield on 19th March 2007
19th March 2007

Here, Garfield. I brought you a cat treat. Gee, thanks. Was the store out of hams?

Garfield on 20th March 2007
20th March 2007

I could use a hug. You got it! Odie! snap Uh, thanks, Garfield. Feel the love.

Garfield on 21st March 2007
21st March 2007

I'd like a bouquet of roses. stomp! stomp! stomp! And to pay for the daisies in your window display. That was invigorating!

Garfield on 22nd March 2007
22nd March 2007

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are three SEPARATE meals. They are NOT intended to run together. Do you just make this stuff up to depress me?

Garfield on 23rd March 2007
23rd March 2007

I'm Maynard, from the temporary cat services. I'll be filling in for Garfield while he takes a little personal time. I was told there would be food. Go away.

Garfield on 24th March 2007
24th March 2007

I'm not having fun. You're not? SLAP OW! That wasn't fun! Then I'm out of ideas.

Garfield on 25th March 2007
25th March 2007

Do let me know when you've hit bottom. I could use a lantern down here!

Garfield on 26th March 2007
26th March 2007

Liz and I are going out again... And this time I've hired a pet sitter. I think they took that well.

Garfield on 27th March 2007
27th March 2007

Okay, boys, the pet sitter is here...meet Lillian! Well, hel-* LOOOOO! My, you must be one of those HAIRless kitties! She could burn ants with those lenses.

Garfield on 28th March 2007
28th March 2007

Now don't you worry about a thing, Mr. Lardmuckle. We'll be just fine. If you get worried, just give me a call. Thanks...I might. I'll have the phone beside me all night. You are so gonna pay for this.

Garfield on 29th March 2007
29th March 2007

I bet ol' Miss Lillian knows what you two darlings want...homemade cookies! They'll be done in no time! ...hot and fresh out of the dishwasher. THUD Whoopsie!

Garfield on 30th March 2007
30th March 2007

Oh, HELLO, Mr. Turnbuckle...yes, we're doing fiiiine. They're behaving just like two little ANGELS. pat pat pat Well? I must have dialed a wrong number.

Garfield on 31st March 2007
31st March 2007

I guess the pet sitter worked out fine, huh? OK, maybe not.

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