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Garfield on 1st January 2005
1st January 2005

* HONNNK!!! You do that to me every year! But what better way to start the year. -than with a cruel laugh at your expense?

Garfield on 2nd January 2005
2nd January 2005

Garfield... ...i love you. I love you, too. pat pat pat But do you respect me? I love you, too. pat pat pat

Garfield on 3rd January 2005
3rd January 2005

Well, the holidays are officially over. Time to get back to my old routine... What are YOU doing? My old routine.

Garfield on 4th January 2005
4th January 2005

I think I'll lie here all day. I can't think of anything to do today. Bum.

Garfield on 5th January 2005
5th January 2005

Garfield, all you do is sleep. Sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep. Know what I call someone like that? Frisky?

Garfield on 6th January 2005
6th January 2005

Time for a nice nap... Th eice-cream truck is coming up the street! Looks like we've got ourselves in a real dilemma here...

Garfield on 7th January 2005
7th January 2005

You are the laziest creature on earth. YES! I'd celebrate, but that might cost me my ranking.

Garfield on 8th January 2005
8th January 2005

Imagine what your life would be like if you had wings. Grim... I'd have to sleep on my stomach.

Garfield on 9th January 2005
9th January 2005

You mice have it nice. A little cheese and you're happy. You got that right. Not so with cats. We need more out of life. More? Like naps. But that's less! With cats, less IS more.

Garfield on 10th January 2005
10th January 2005

Z Huh? What happened? You're awake. Oh, so that's what this is.

Garfield on 11th January 2005
11th January 2005

SOMEone clawed the couch. *I* have claws! Ooh! Ooh! Blame me! Blame me!

Garfield on 12th January 2005
12th January 2005

I can't figure this riddle out. And they printed the answer upside down! Oh, great! The answer's right side up, but now the eiddle's upside down! That's my exit cue.

Garfield on 13th January 2005
13th January 2005

Dogs put way too much effort into doing nothing.

Garfield on 14th January 2005
14th January 2005

Ellen, words cannot describe my feelings for you... -so let me express them with music instead. Anna-one, anna-two... Anna bye-bye, Ellen.

Garfield on 15th January 2005
15th January 2005

I thought we were going to have fun today. Hmmm... REMEMBER that nap we took? Maybe it happened again.

Garfield on 16th January 2005
16th January 2005

Ungh. Unnnggghhh. ERRRRRGGGHHHH HUP!-AAAARRRGGGHH POP! HA! It's OFF! * LALALALALALALA * The "pickle jar lid victory dance".

Garfield on 17th January 2005
17th January 2005

Jon, wake up! I have news! click I'm shedding!

Garfield on 18th January 2005
18th January 2005

Behind you is an awful lot of cat hair. Stop following me!

Garfield on 19th January 2005
19th January 2005

May I have a word with you? I believe this cat hair is yours. Not anymore.

Garfield on 20th January 2005
20th January 2005

It's like Jon always says, you can't have too much cat hair in the house. Well he doesn't ALWAYS say it.

Garfield on 21st January 2005
21st January 2005

GARFIELD! Like I can stop shedding on command!

Garfield on 22nd January 2005
22nd January 2005

I'm going to rake the living room. I was shedding in the kitchen, too!

Garfield on 23rd January 2005
23rd January 2005

You're a good friend, Odie. And do you know why? Because even after all I've done to you over the years... You must turn the other cheek and take it in stride. Kick Me

Garfield on 24th January 2005
24th January 2005

I'm bored. OW! You kicked me! And now you're not bored!

Garfield on 25th January 2005
25th January 2005

Today I got my head stuck in a wastebasket. Uh-huh. The I got the wastebasket stuck in a trash can. Okay... Then I got the trash can stuck in a dumpster. Let's skip to the landfill, shall we?

Garfield on 26th January 2005
26th January 2005

Garfield? Yes? You glued my elbows to the table again, didn't you? Yup. And my cup, too! Now, try to take your hand off your face.

Garfield on 27th January 2005
27th January 2005

SLAP Tag team begging.

Garfield on 28th January 2005
28th January 2005

I never get invited to parties. I blame you. Everyone else THANKS me.

Garfield on 29th January 2005
29th January 2005

WHIRRRRR Had a little trouble with the can opener. You're pathetic.

Garfield on 30th January 2005
30th January 2005

Garfield on 31st January 2005
31st January 2005

Let's talk coincidence. Is it any coincidence that a canary fits perfectly on a hot dog bun? I think not. Come back here!

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