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Garfield on 1st May 2003
1st May 2003

Is that how you're going to spend your day? My day, my week, my month... You're pathetic. My year, my decade, and my century.

Garfield on 2nd May 2003
2nd May 2003

Can I tell you something, Garfield? Something very personal... Something of great importance... I guess not.

Garfield on 3rd May 2003
3rd May 2003

My date had a great time tonight! I suspect. A no-show, huh?

Garfield on 4th May 2003
4th May 2003

How can you just LIE here like that?! Simple. Like this.

Garfield on 5th May 2003
5th May 2003

You don't scare me. I'm not trying to. Good, because you don't. Like I care. Oh, the bitter struggle between cat and dog.

Garfield on 6th May 2003
6th May 2003

You know what I hate? War? Pestilence? Poverty? Injustice? Humidity. Me too!

Garfield on 7th May 2003
7th May 2003

Life...this is it, Garfield. This is all there is. No dessert?

Garfield on 8th May 2003
8th May 2003

I'm finished running. Me too. Well... Finished. Didn't start. Whatever.

Garfield on 9th May 2003
9th May 2003

Wow. What a beautiful sunset. What could be more beautiful than that? I'm going to say tuna salad.

Garfield on 10th May 2003
10th May 2003

YAWN! Uh-oh. My mouth is stuck open! Help me! Or throw some food in! Preferably the latter.

Garfield on 11th May 2003
11th May 2003

Garfield on 12th May 2003
12th May 2003

We have with us this morning the inventor of decaffeinated coffee. Sir, what inspired you? Z Sir?... Sir?... Z I'll drink to that.

Garfield on 13th May 2003
13th May 2003

We have with us the inventor of the tape recorder. Good evening, sir. Good evening, sir. Now, stop that! Now, stop that! THIS is why I watch television.

Garfield on 14th May 2003
14th May 2003

Now back to "Grandma's Knitting Basket"! click-click clickety clickety click clickety cli @#M*%@!!! DROPPED A STITCH! Grandma's a colorful old gal.

Garfield on 15th May 2003
15th May 2003

We have with us tonight a man with...uh...one eye, in the middle of his forehead... Your name, sir? Cy. Cy Clops. GET HIM OUTTA HERE! Hey, I'll keep an eye out for ya! Hol don! That's a rubber eye!

Garfield on 16th May 2003
16th May 2003

The following is a rerun... And just why are we rerunning it? Because NOBODY watched it the first time! I'll watch!

Garfield on 17th May 2003
17th May 2003

Our first guest tonight is a man who can't say no... Are you married, sir? No. Oops! Dang! Our next guest... Fame is fleeting.

Garfield on 18th May 2003
18th May 2003

Throw rugs have it good.

Garfield on 19th May 2003
19th May 2003

Z You woke up with a smile! I know... Help me!

Garfield on 20th May 2003
20th May 2003

Are you gonna finish that? GARFIELD!

Garfield on 21st May 2003
21st May 2003

The stupid... You have to admire their consistency.

Garfield on 22nd May 2003
22nd May 2003

Odie is missing and the vacuum cleaner is barking. And do you know WHY? Because *I* sure don't. Whew!

Garfield on 23rd May 2003
23rd May 2003

That hamburger had better be right THERE when I get back! GARFIELD! Problem?

Garfield on 24th May 2003
24th May 2003

GULP! Ha! I FOOLEd you! That was a fake WAX hamburger! Well, stick a wick in my navel and make a wish. pick pick

Garfield on 25th May 2003
25th May 2003

Garfield on 26th May 2003
26th May 2003

What a beautiful, sunny day! We need heavier drapes.

Garfield on 27th May 2003
27th May 2003

I know that look. Feed me. You want to be brushed, right? Or perhaps not. Feeeed meeeee

Garfield on 28th May 2003
28th May 2003

I wish I could know what you're thinking... Is it "feed me"? Hel-LOOO, DR DOOLITTLE!

Garfield on 29th May 2003
29th May 2003

I know that look. It's you "Who, me?!" look. This means you've done something awful. Who, me?

Garfield on 30th May 2003
30th May 2003

I know that look...it's your "I ate your goldfish" look. Burrrrrrrrrp Wow, you're good.

Garfield on 31st May 2003
31st May 2003

I know that look. That's your argumentative look. Sez who, beetle brain?

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