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Garfield on 1st September 2002
1st September 2002

Bob's Sushi Bar and Bait Shack. Cue the crushing rejection.

Garfield on 2nd September 2002
2nd September 2002

Catch that mouse! - Okay. Hang on. Let me go slip on my running shoes. - Seems like a reasonable request.

Garfield on 3rd September 2002
3rd September 2002

Any luck? - Some. - I got the potato chip, but the dip is just out of reach.

Garfield on 4th September 2002
4th September 2002

Ahem... - I would like to thank everyone who made my mouse-of-the-year award possible. - Oh, Garfield... Can't you see I'm busy watching the mousehole?

Garfield on 5th September 2002
5th September 2002

Garfield, why don't you catch mice? - Are you afraid of them? - What power do they have over you? Tiny little incriminating photographs.

Garfield on 6th September 2002
6th September 2002

Hello, pest control? - There's a huge rat im my trash. - I HAVE a cat! You HAD a cat.

Garfield on 7th September 2002
7th September 2002

...and then the giant mouse chased the evil cat away. - Everyone ate cheese and lived happily ever after. The End - That was an odd one. Excuse me. Who said you could borrow that?

Garfield on 8th September 2002
8th September 2002

GYM - Wait here, Garfield. I've got to work out. - HUUUUP! Juice bar. - EEEYYYAHH Sauna - EEEERRGGGHHH Vending machine. - OOO! OOO! OOO! OOO! OOO! Hot tub. - Let's go get some ice cream. Cool down.

Garfield on 9th September 2002
9th September 2002

- Shhhh - Stalking the wild pizza.

Garfield on 10th September 2002
10th September 2002

You two should stop being so competitive. - Okay, Jon, we will. - But since you brought the subject up, which one of us would you say was more competitive?

Garfield on 11th September 2002
11th September 2002

You know, Garfield... - Life is strange. - So is your shirt, but you don't hear me blaming life for it.

Garfield on 12th September 2002
12th September 2002

Garfield, would you miss me if I went away? - Hmmm... - It's a deal!

Garfield on 13th September 2002
13th September 2002

Once you think you've reached the pinncacle of boredom... 17,887...17,888...17,889... - 17,890 arm hairs! - ...the bar is raised once again. One...two...three...

Garfield on 14th September 2002
14th September 2002

Oops, my pants are on backwards. - Are you sure it isn't you who's backwards? - Because frankly, your pants look smarter than you.

Garfield on 15th September 2002
15th September 2002

- Sir, this is the 12-item express lane and you have 13. - Come on...it's just one mor eitem. Rules are rules. - GULP! - There...twelve. - GRAB SWISH *BEEP* KA-CHING! - I didn't know you had a bar code. Just keep pushing.

Garfield on 16th September 2002
16th September 2002

Stay tuned for a recitation of the complete works of Shakespeare. - Sounds good. - I lost the remote.

Garfield on 17th September 2002
17th September 2002

We're talking to hog farmer Earl Duroc... - Tell me, Earl, do they like being buried in the dirt like that? - Oh yeah, you water 'em and they grow real big. You got him hooked, Earl, now reel him in.

Garfield on 18th September 2002
18th September 2002

The Action Channel presents... - The Adventures of Mark Veneer... - Te Crime-Fighting Mime! Writers' strike.

Garfield on 19th September 2002
19th September 2002

And the winner of the ugly baby pageant is... - Little Roberta Saconski! - No pictures...PLEEEASE. I doubt if little Roberta will be asked to the prom.

Garfield on 20th September 2002
20th September 2002

We clowns laugh on the outside. - And cry on the inside. - How fascinating, Binky. Tell us more. I'm awake on the outside and asleep on the inside.

Garfield on 21st September 2002
21st September 2002

The caterpillar is emerging from the cocoon to become... - A RARE AMAZONIAN VAMPIRE MOTH! - NECK! IT'S ON MY NECK! Sometimes you can't improve upon real life.

Garfield on 22nd September 2002
22nd September 2002

leg cramp. I'm...laughing through the pain...EEEEEEE- - eeeEUPHEMIA!! HAW! HAW! HAW! HAW! HAW! snort! snort! Didn't even make it past the breadsticks.

Garfield on 23rd September 2002
23rd September 2002

Would you do me a favor? - Absolutely! - Eventually. Probably by accident. But it could happen. Never mind.

Garfield on 24th September 2002
24th September 2002

I gotta dance! - OW! - I gotta call an ambulance! My knee!

Garfield on 25th September 2002
25th September 2002

Anything happen around here today? - Well, aside from you asking me if anything happened around here today... - Nothing.

Garfield on 26th September 2002
26th September 2002

I am so bored. - I'm drawing faces on all the pillows! - And Jon is so lonely.

Garfield on 27th September 2002
27th September 2002

My date insisted that we sit at separate tables at the restaurant. - She said I look better from a distance. - Do you think I look better from a distance? No, just more gullible.

Garfield on 28th September 2002
28th September 2002

This isn't real. - How about that... - A fake head!

Garfield on 29th September 2002
29th September 2002

- GARFIELD! - Present. DID YOU DO THAT?!! - Hmm...let's see...callous disrespect for personal property... - ...utter destruction on a scale incomprehensible to the civilized mind... - And cat ahir everywhere. - Nope.

Garfield on 30th September 2002
30th September 2002

I'm going to have to get up. - No, wait. - I just got my second wind.

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