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Garfield on 1st July 2002
1st July 2002

Cookies - rattle rattle - A tunnel?! Kill the lights!

Garfield on 2nd July 2002
2nd July 2002

Garfield, have you EVER eaten until you were actually full? Full? - FUUULL... - No comprendo, senor. I didn't think so.

Garfield on 3rd July 2002
3rd July 2002

Garfield, you ate all the pie! - You could at least look sorry! - Oops, sometimes I get my "sorry" look mixed up with my "no-pie-for-you" look.

Garfield on 4th July 2002
4th July 2002

I'm depressed... - But wait! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! -

Garfield on 5th July 2002
5th July 2002

Garfield...GARFIELD! GULP CHOMP SNARF GULP - There's no food on that plate. - Jon, Jon, Jon. When you're at the top of your game, you have to train even harder.

Garfield on 6th July 2002
6th July 2002

Lunch - GULP - Dinner. Training an owner is hard work, but the benefits are great.

Garfield on 7th July 2002
7th July 2002

Z - Garfield! Breakfast!! Z - YAWN STRETCH - STRETCH mmmmmmmmmmmm - STREEETCH - ...one fork, extra long, please.

Garfield on 8th July 2002
8th July 2002

I wonder if it's possible for you to be more spoiled than you are. - More spoiled? - For you, I'll try!

Garfield on 9th July 2002
9th July 2002

Look at that. - Only thinking of themselves. - I have to do the relaxing for all three of us.

Garfield on 10th July 2002
10th July 2002

You sleep too much. You talk too much. - And you're a lump. You're a dork. - But I love you anyway. You're still a dork.

Garfield on 11th July 2002
11th July 2002

- - My foot's asleep.

Garfield on 12th July 2002
12th July 2002

Hello, complaint department? ...I have a complaint. - My toaster is broken... - And my life stinks! Is it under warranty?

Garfield on 13th July 2002
13th July 2002

If mom had added a hole for my head, this would be my favorite sweater. - So, let me get this straight... - This is your second-favorite sweater?

Garfield on 14th July 2002
14th July 2002

PANT Easy there, Jon! - KLUNK - Don't believe everything you read. bzzzzz sluk

Garfield on 15th July 2002
15th July 2002

It's monday, and there's nothing over there... - -and nothing over there... - Which can only mean...

Garfield on 16th July 2002
16th July 2002

What a dark and gloomy day. - Odie got his tongue stuck in the vacuum cleaner, and all he can say is "Auwl" Auwl!" - Clouds part...the sun breaks through...

Garfield on 17th July 2002
17th July 2002

Nothing could take the dull out of this day. - This isn't a tie! It's a snake! - But, what do I know?

Garfield on 18th July 2002
18th July 2002

DING-DONG DING-DONG DING-DONG - Why don't you use the pet door?! - Forgot the security code.

Garfield on 19th July 2002
19th July 2002

Cindy, I think I'm in love with you. - The thought of you makes me sweat. - We're talkin' sock-soakin' sweat, Cindy! He should write greeting cards.

Garfield on 20th July 2002
20th July 2002


Garfield on 21st July 2002
21st July 2002


Garfield on 22nd July 2002
22nd July 2002

Is the dog here? - Hang on, I'll check. - Heeey, wait a second. I'M the dog. Sorry. I mistook you for the buffoon.

Garfield on 23rd July 2002
23rd July 2002

I could bite you in half with my powerful jaws! - - If I hadn't burned my lips on a hot cappucino.

Garfield on 24th July 2002
24th July 2002

Beware Of The Dog Inc. - - I can't bark at you if you don't have the proper paperwork. It's come to this!

Garfield on 25th July 2002
25th July 2002

Grrrrrr - Sorry I'm late! Did I miss anything? - Oh, just some growling and a little teeth gnashing. Darn! Would you start over, please?

Garfield on 26th July 2002
26th July 2002

I can't stand the sight of you! - Then I'll leave. Thank you. - EEEERRRRGGGGHHHH

Garfield on 27th July 2002
27th July 2002

Grrr. Snarl. Bark. - You call that threatening? - I'm a little self-conscious about my new braces. What is HAPPEINING with this world`!

Garfield on 28th July 2002
28th July 2002

click - Tuna. Gulp. - Pork and beans. gobble gobble gobble - Potato sticks. crunch crunch crunch - Apple pie filling. slup slup - Tomato paste. SLURP! - You have been watching "Eating Stuff Out Of Cans". Cooking show themes are running thin.

Garfield on 29th July 2002
29th July 2002

Being around me must be fun. - - *I* want to get in on some of that!

Garfield on 30th July 2002
30th July 2002

This is the worst hamburger in the history of hamburgers! - ZWIP - I've filched worse.

Garfield on 31st July 2002
31st July 2002

I once dated a model, Garfield. - Cindy Krovitz. - She was a covergirl for "Barbershop Digest". Nice handlebar moustache.

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