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Garfield on 1st February 2002
1st February 2002

Edna, I might be late picking you up tonight. - Well, my head is stuck in a wastebasket. - It's a long st...saaay...my voice sounds deeper... Don't wait up, Edna.

Garfield on 2nd February 2002
2nd February 2002

I'm staring at you, Garfield! - What do you think of that? - Heeey, who WOULDN'T want to stare at me?

Garfield on 3rd February 2002
3rd February 2002

the farm... - And then she nearly drowned. Third one this month to fall asleep in her soup.

Garfield on 4th February 2002
4th February 2002

You are MIN, and mine alone! - I maintain TOTAL control over you! - Channel UP! Channel DOWN!! UP! DOWN! UP!! DOWN!! MUTE! UNMUTE!! click click click click click click Two new "AA" batteries always go right to his head.

Garfield on 5th February 2002
5th February 2002

And now for the farm report, here's Earl... ...Earl? - Doug, a pig just bit me. A pig? Where did he bite you, Earl? - Right in the mudhole, Doug. Who says there's nothing good before sunrise?

Garfield on 6th February 2002
6th February 2002

Welcome to "I'm So Special!" - ...and what makes you "so special," sir? I can whistle the national anthem out of my left nostril. - And your right nostril? That's where I unfurl a tiny flag. Let's hear it for patriotism.

Garfield on 7th February 2002
7th February 2002

Tonight, a mad scientist puts a dog's brain into a zombie. - In the horror classic... - "Night of the Living Dumb". What a cruel thing to do to a zombie.

Garfield on 8th February 2002
8th February 2002

Tonight, on "You'd better believe it!" - ...we visit with a man who owns a hippo! - * Heeere, holly! Here, girl! Thet is the biggest pet door I have ever seen!

Garfield on 9th February 2002
9th February 2002

The fire department is here... - The fire is under control... - And I'm happy to report there were no injuries! That's the goal of every cooking show.

Garfield on 10th February 2002
10th February 2002

like they_ve been run through a paper shredder!! - - I didn't know you cared!

Garfield on 11th February 2002
11th February 2002

I'll never understand you. - I like that... - Garfield: Cat Of Mystery.

Garfield on 12th February 2002
12th February 2002

Listen to Odie hol like one of his wolf ancestors. ooooooooooo - Even after years of domestication, a dog is still in touch with primal urges a thousand years old. ooooooooooo - Lost his Internet connection. oooooooooooo

Garfield on 13th February 2002
13th February 2002

Ah AH AH - CHOO! - Thank you for sharing that. And thank you for being here.

Garfield on 14th February 2002
14th February 2002

Sometimes you're lucky. - Killer moths! - And sometimes you're Jon.

Garfield on 15th February 2002
15th February 2002

Ready to meet for our blind date, Edith? - How will I know you? - You'll be carrying a skull? Stay in well-lit areas.

Garfield on 16th February 2002
16th February 2002

I have all my tools, Garfield. Tim to tackle those household projects. - I feel like something electrical... Could you fix some food up ahead?

Garfield on 17th February 2002
17th February 2002

- Good night. - - Good night...good night...good night...good night... - -and goodbye. - GULP - BURRP Midnight snack.

Garfield on 18th February 2002
18th February 2002

- I'll be right back. bloot - Okay, who put the lemon wedge in the fishbowl?

Garfield on 19th February 2002
19th February 2002

An empty fishbowl... - Signs of a struggle, and a cat with a contended smile. - Something isn't right here. Sorry, cats, you can't have him... he's taken.

Garfield on 20th February 2002
20th February 2002

Wait! If you don't eat me, maybe I could do you a favor! - What could a goldfish ever do for me? - I know a lobster. I'm listening.

Garfield on 21st February 2002
21st February 2002

Garfield, how many fish have I owned over the years? - Three hundred twenty-one? - Three hundred twenty-three! Oh, yeah, two died of natural causes.

Garfield on 22nd February 2002
22nd February 2002

- scribble scribble scribble - Is that an I.O.U.?

Garfield on 23rd February 2002
23rd February 2002

Congratulations, Garfield. - You've eaten every single fish. - What do you have to say for yourself? Do I get to keep the bowl?

Garfield on 24th February 2002
24th February 2002

burgers with fries. Dees ees der toll boot, sir. - That attendant was wearing lederhosen. I TOLD you to stop looking at me like that.

Garfield on 25th February 2002
25th February 2002

I need some attention, Garfield. - - That'll do, thank you. Give me a cookie and I'll go away.

Garfield on 26th February 2002
26th February 2002

Odie is planning to chase his tail. - But being the good sport he is... - He's going to give it a head start.

Garfield on 27th February 2002
27th February 2002

Success isn't everything it's crackes up to be. - - ...and you would this becaaaause?...

Garfield on 28th February 2002
28th February 2002

Sammy Sock Puppet says he can whip your sock puppet. - You talkin' 'bout Billy Boot? - Not fair! And the war escalates...

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