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Garfield on 1st January 2001
1st January 2001

Here's your mail. - And here's the mailman's wallet. - Leave the poor man alone! Boy, are his kids ugly.

Garfield on 2nd January 2001
2nd January 2001

What do you want to do? - OKay. -

Garfield on 3rd January 2001
3rd January 2001

Home is where you can walk around in your underwear. - Home is where you can drink milk out of the carton. - Home is where you can scratch where it itches.

Garfield on 4th January 2001
4th January 2001

I met a reporter yesterday, Garfield. - She was looking for a human-interest story. - She took my picture! "Park Attracts Geeks"

Garfield on 5th January 2001
5th January 2001

Friday night... - And I'm home with a cat! - Could anyone be more depressed?

Garfield on 6th January 2001
6th January 2001

My life stinks, Garfield...like a wet dog. - Like old sweat socks... - Like... I GET THE POINT!

Garfield on 7th January 2001
7th January 2001

- donk! Donk? Donk? - donk donk donk donk donk Wow! Look at that! - donk donk donk donk Golf ball-sized hail! - donk donk donk donk donk -He really should seek professional help. donk thwock

Garfield on 8th January 2001
8th January 2001

I didn't buy any kitty treats, Garfield, and you know why? - Because life is not a treat, that's why. - Rmeember that as I pull out a neck hair.

Garfield on 9th January 2001
9th January 2001

I have things to do! - I have places to go! - So, that's what having a life feels like. Never hurts to practice.

Garfield on 10th January 2001
10th January 2001

Time to reflect on the day... - YAAAAAHHH!! - Why do you do that to yourself?

Garfield on 11th January 2001
11th January 2001

Odie...a water balloon... - A claw... - That didn't turn out quite how I had hoped.

Garfield on 12th January 2001
12th January 2001

"The crew of the doomed ship had lost hope." - "Provisions gone...no one had eaten in days..." - "The ship's cat appeared on the deck..." Bedtime!

Garfield on 13th January 2001
13th January 2001

We had a cat back on the farm, Garfield. - He was a great ratter. The bigger the better! - You would have liked him. I don't hang with psychos.

Garfield on 14th January 2001
14th January 2001

Yes?... - You WILL go out with me?!...if I what?... - - cluck-cluck-buck.buc-buc-buc-kaww... - Am I what? - - Yes, I'm flapping my arms. Heaven forbid he should embarrass himself in front of the cat.

Garfield on 15th January 2001
15th January 2001

Quiet on the set! - ACTION! - Nice try.

Garfield on 16th January 2001
16th January 2001

All is right in my universe. - Stringmaaaan! - Gotta get a smaller universe.

Garfield on 17th January 2001
17th January 2001

I have many hopes and dreams for the future. - I have a salami sandwich! - How about dreaming up some iced tea?

Garfield on 18th January 2001
18th January 2001

- - Been eating those fruit-shaped refrigerator magnets again? Maybe.

Garfield on 19th January 2001
19th January 2001

BAT - BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT - My parents wanted me to be a sweater, but noooooo...

Garfield on 20th January 2001
20th January 2001

Empires raise and fall. - SE?! - WHY RISE?!

Garfield on 21st January 2001
21st January 2001

on our date last night. You do have that effect on women.

Garfield on 22nd January 2001
22nd January 2001

Today wasn't a good day. - But I guess it wasn't a bad day either. - So you're saying it wasn't a day at all.

Garfield on 23rd January 2001
23rd January 2001

I'm not going to shed anymore. - I've contracted the job out. -

Garfield on 24th January 2001
24th January 2001

Out there are all of nature's wonders! - In here are corn chips and dip. - I want it all!

Garfield on 25th January 2001
25th January 2001

Crime, taxes, war, strife... - Natural disasters, economic ruin... - Sigh... There sure is a lot of shedding in this world.

Garfield on 26th January 2001
26th January 2001

- Make a note, Garfield. - Never eat a goldfish right before bedtime.

Garfield on 27th January 2001
27th January 2001

You! - Remember this! - It's not polite to point!

Garfield on 28th January 2001
28th January 2001

- - - - - - FOOMP -

Garfield on 29th January 2001
29th January 2001

Good movie on tonight, Garfield. - Herbie the Chipmunk in... - "Attack of the Tiny Herbivores". I guess all the scary animals have been used up.

Garfield on 30th January 2001
30th January 2001

"Moby Dick". - Big whale...obsessed sea captain...chase...fight...Ahab buys the farm, Moby swims into sunset. The End. - Tune in again for "Ten-Second Stories". Next week they're doing "War and Peace".

Garfield on 31st January 2001
31st January 2001

Today on "Everybody Corner," my lovely assistant and I will be demonstrating correct plucking techniques. - poink! OW! - JERK! pssst! PEPPER SPRAY! GAAHH! SECURITY! I love TV.

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