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Garfield on 1st February 2001
1st February 2001

Here's Earl with the early-morning farm report. - Van, there's nothing but dirt as far as the eye can see. - Earl, any tractor sightings? City boys.

Garfield on 2nd February 2001
2nd February 2001

We're visiting Rex the Stunt Dog. - Rex, what do you get paid for all those dangerous stunts? - Well, they pat me on the head a lot. The dumb work cheap.

Garfield on 3rd February 2001
3rd February 2001

The remote is broken. click click - And I'm watching "The History of Norwegian Flowerpots". - Lethargy certainly expands your horizons.

Garfield on 4th February 2001
4th February 2001

Greetings. - Every animal has a special place... - We cats favor windowsills. - The luxury of lying in the warm sunlight... - The panoramic view of the world...the passing parade of humanity. - - We cats favor the floor...

Garfield on 5th February 2001
5th February 2001

Hello, mom. - Oh, thr same old thing. - Right now I'm dusting the cat. Hee hee hee

Garfield on 6th February 2001
6th February 2001

Garfield, I hear something in the basement! - It could be a HUGE rat! - Doesn't that inflame your primal instincts? Yes, I'll be in the car.

Garfield on 7th February 2001
7th February 2001

Reserved - Reserved - Is it possible that I've lost the element of surprise?

Garfield on 8th February 2001
8th February 2001

Odie dug up the flowers in the garden! - Oops - Odie dug up the flowers in the garden!

Garfield on 9th February 2001
9th February 2001

Congratulations, you have won the gran dprize! - An evening with me. - The excitement was too much. Probably a stomach virus.

Garfield on 10th February 2001
10th February 2001

Nobody can stretch like a cat. - YAWN - Hey!

Garfield on 11th February 2001
11th February 2001

- I'm pretty much sick of winter. - ENOUGH WITH tHE SNOW ALREADY! - - - - zip

Garfield on 12th February 2001
12th February 2001

I have a simple philosophy, Garfield. - Laugh and the world laughs with you. - In fact, I can hear them now. They camp on the lawn.

Garfield on 13th February 2001
13th February 2001

POOF! - I am the Genie of the Cookie Jar! - You have three wishes! Where's a cookie when you need one?

Garfield on 14th February 2001
14th February 2001

I'm not doing anything today, Garfield. Atta boy. - I'm being lazy. My hero. - I'm not even changing your litter boy. Psycho!

Garfield on 15th February 2001
15th February 2001

Jon, let's savor this moment. I have a banana in my ear. - Someday we'll remember when you tripped over me coming back from the grocery...and laugh! There are grapes in my nose. - These are the good old days! I'm going to kill you.

Garfield on 16th February 2001
16th February 2001

Enjoy your dinner, Garfield? Very tasty. - I call it "Back-of-the-fridge-bottom-shelf-behind-the-baking-soda stew". - I can only make it about once every five years. That's just a little bit more than I needed to know.

Garfield on 17th February 2001
17th February 2001

I'm bored, tired and hungry. - - Yeah, but can you shed? Huh? Huh?

Garfield on 18th February 2001
18th February 2001

- * - * - Pooky! You're WARM! You've been hugged recently, and NOT by me! - Have you been hugging around?! - I just got your bear out of the dryer. - I'm such a jealous fool!

Garfield on 19th February 2001
19th February 2001

Chicks dig the tough-guy look. - So I got this leather jacket. What think, Garfield? - It goes well with your bunny slippers.

Garfield on 20th February 2001
20th February 2001

I'm not your type?! - Well just wht is your type? - Human? Picky, picky, picky.

Garfield on 21st February 2001
21st February 2001

Cindy just called. - PLPLPLPLPLPL!! - She said I was immature. What does she know?

Garfield on 22nd February 2001
22nd February 2001

Would you repeat thet? - You WILL go out with me?! - Hello?...Hello? Jon will be right back. He's in the front yard doing his happy chicken dance. Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!

Garfield on 23rd February 2001
23rd February 2001

I have a date with Ginny tonight. - She loves to laugh. - I have three hours to get a sense of humor. I'll ge tthe fake forehead faucet.

Garfield on 24th February 2001
24th February 2001

Some kids have been ringing our doorbell and running. - This bucket of water will teach them a lesson! DING DONG - My date will be here any second. I don't think so.

Garfield on 25th February 2001
25th February 2001

- ooooooooog... - gurgle argle argle - noogle argle gargle oogle - arguley doogley rarg-a- roog- oog- oog a-choob - It has a nice melody, but you can't dance to it. - Hungry cats have no sense of humor.

Garfield on 26th February 2001
26th February 2001

There are two reasons why I hate spiders. - They're sneaky... SPLAT! - And I suspect they're stealing food. CLANK DONK

Garfield on 27th February 2001
27th February 2001

I'm the avenging spider! - kick - scratch scratch I strike again!

Garfield on 28th February 2001
28th February 2001

Go away. - Aha! Is it my violent nature and ruthless heritage that threatens you?... - Or is it my imposing, hairy body and long venomous fangs? It's your fly breath. And now go away.

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