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Garfield on 1st July 2000
1st July 2000

So, Jon, what movie are we seeing? "Sludge Monster VII: The Oozing". Would you like a bucket of popcorn? No, just the bucket, please.

Garfield on 2nd July 2000
2nd July 2000

mmmmm YAWN a-HEM Sigh a-HEM

Garfield on 3rd July 2000
3rd July 2000

Isn't this great, Liz? I've been waiting for weeks to see this movie! Pardon me. Look! It's starting! Excuse me...pardon me... I * Elvis

Garfield on 4th July 2000
4th July 2000

You HAD to change seats, didn't you? I couldn't see with that fat gux in front of me. But this is the front row! My eyes are crossing. At least we won't get nosebleeds. My neck is stiff. And if those sprinklers go off, we'll drown!

Garfield on 5th July 2000
5th July 2000

Boy, that popcorn sure smells good, doesn't it? Uh, excuse me... Get your own!

Garfield on 6th July 2000
6th July 2000

Pretty scary movie,, huh Liz? If you get too frightened, feel free to throw your arms around me. RAAAHHHHRR!!! My knight in shining armor. suck suck suck suck suck suck More like your sissy in double knit.

Garfield on 7th July 2000
7th July 2000

Thank you for the movie, Jon. You're very sweet. And I'd just like to say... HONK! HONK! HONK! GARFIELD! If you don't stop honking that horn, I'm going to rip it out off the steering column and shove it up your nose! SLAM! Hello?

Garfield on 8th July 2000
8th July 2000

S'matter, hon? Unlucky at love? You can tell? Yeah, you have that look. What look is that? You look like you're having coffee in a siut with your cat in a diner on a saturday night. The woman is psychic.

Garfield on 9th July 2000
9th July 2000

Hello, cat. Hello, tree. Feel like a nice climb up me? Not a chance. Very clever, but the answer is still no. Nice try. * ding Oh, I'm weakening.

Garfield on 10th July 2000
10th July 2000

Happy monday. The mother of all oxymorons.

Garfield on 11th July 2000
11th July 2000

There's a dead bird on the lawn...must've flown into a window. Poor dumb animal. WHACK! Sliding glass door.

Garfield on 12th July 2000
12th July 2000

Psst, hey pal...c'mere. Wanny buy a watch?

Garfield on 13th July 2000
13th July 2000

** DING-DONG Do we need any truffels?

Garfield on 14th July 2000
14th July 2000

Barbara, would you like to go out with. CLICK Hello? ... Hello?! I don't believe it! We were cut off! It must be very peaceful in Jonland.

Garfield on 15th July 2000
15th July 2000

* chirp chirp chirp * chirp ch... ...irp

Garfield on 16th July 2000
16th July 2000

GA ping R zing F wing I E GULP L Seconds? D

Garfield on 17th July 2000
17th July 2000

I smell hamburgers. Do you smell hamburgers? Maybe you should move that thing outside. But I AM outside.

Garfield on 18th July 2000
18th July 2000

Well, the battery in my car is dead again. I can't understand how I keep forgetting to turn my headlights off! About your night games...

Garfield on 19th July 2000
19th July 2000

I'm declaring this house free of mice! And, if anybody asks, you're a hamster.

Garfield on 20th July 2000
20th July 2000

* NOK NOK The aluminium siding has to go. But it was such a deal!

Garfield on 21st July 2000
21st July 2000

saw saw saw Where are you going? Switzerland.

Garfield on 22nd July 2000
22nd July 2000

Yes, what's the best way to get rid of mice? Gee, what a grear idea! "Get...a......cat". I'm drowning in sarcasm here.

Garfield on 23rd July 2000
23rd July 2000

Garfield on 24th July 2000
24th July 2000

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. I'll never do that again.

Garfield on 25th July 2000
25th July 2000

All is well in my world. We were out of shampoo, so I used floor wax! Fortunately, Jon is not in my world.

Garfield on 26th July 2000
26th July 2000

They say having a pet can lower your blood pressure. They say having a pet can relax you. I need a 5/16 drill bit. ...so they say.

Garfield on 27th July 2000
27th July 2000

Did you know that dogs pant to cool themselves? pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant pant And to annoy me?

Garfield on 28th July 2000
28th July 2000

Ellen, what say we drive out to Lovers' Lane tonight? Oh, there's a place you'd rather go? No, I've neve rheard of "You make me puke" Lane. I know that place.

Garfield on 29th July 2000
29th July 2000

I think I'll lie here for a while. Then, after that... I think I'll lie here for a while.

Garfield on 30th July 2000
30th July 2000

-click tappy tappy type type tappy tappy type -click Your order has been processed, thank you. "www.dingleball.com"?

Garfield on 31st July 2000
31st July 2000

It's the crown prince of laziness! All hail his highness, Prince Fat Slob! Off with his mouth!

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