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Garfield on 1st March 1998
1st March 1998

STOMP weeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeee -

Garfield on 2nd March 1998
2nd March 1998

Z SLURRRP! Are you getting up this morning, Garfield? Wake me up when dogs are extinct.

Garfield on 3rd March 1998
3rd March 1998

I'm going to commune with nature. Fine. I'll stay in and commune with the throw rug.

Garfield on 4th March 1998
4th March 1998

Ha! Ha! Look at those floppy ears! Look at those droopy jowls! And look at that reach.

Garfield on 5th March 1998
5th March 1998

Stop me if you've heard this one. An ostrich walks up to a farmhouse with a monkey under his wing... Heard it.

Garfield on 6th March 1998
6th March 1998

Big date tonight, Garfield. RIP! RIP! It must be. He's using the "good" magazine cologne samples. pat pat

Garfield on 7th March 1998
7th March 1998

Nobody understands me. You're a selfish pig. But, what do I know?

Garfield on 8th March 1998
8th March 1998

RIIINNG * Hello, Jon? It's Lisa. What time are you picking me up tonight? BUURRP * ...got a date with an angel... Not anymore.

Garfield on 9th March 1998
9th March 1998

You should learn to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. Good idea. Put the skylight there.

Garfield on 10th March 1998
10th March 1998

I'll go out and work hard, while you just lie there and do nothing. I'm being sarcastic. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea!

Garfield on 11th March 1998
11th March 1998

I'm thinking about going off to seek adventure! Or maybe adventure can come here. I hope it calls first instead of just popping in.I owe Odie an apology. PUSH CRASH! Now I owe him two.

Garfield on 12th March 1998
12th March 1998

I just thought of something for us to do. SMACK I just thought of something for me to do.

Garfield on 13th March 1998
13th March 1998

Garfield, there's a mouse in the kitchen. Tell him to bring me a sandwich. Well? Garfield, you're fired! And hold the mayo.

Garfield on 14th March 1998
14th March 1998

I ate so much I can't move. Which is the only reason I stopeed eating.

Garfield on 15th March 1998
15th March 1998

Glacier impression.

Garfield on 16th March 1998
16th March 1998

GARFIELD! What do you call this?! I call that "backscratcher avec cat hair".

Garfield on 17th March 1998
17th March 1998

Do you want to go for a walk, Odie? Do you? Yip! Yip! Do you, huh?! Yip! Well, don't be gone long.

Garfield on 18th March 1998
18th March 1998

I started without you.

Garfield on 19th March 1998
19th March 1998

Guess your weight? Sure. You're fat. Now step on and we'll see if I'm right. Hm...two insults for the price of one.

Garfield on 20th March 1998
20th March 1998

Here comes the ferocious cat! muss muss muss muss muss * DINGDONG His date is here and I hid his comb!

Garfield on 21st March 1998
21st March 1998

I know Garfield! I'll stuff my mouth full of bananas... Then you tickle me! We are the bored.

Garfield on 22nd March 1998
22nd March 1998


Garfield on 23rd March 1998
23rd March 1998

* DING DONG ? Why didn't I think of that sooner?

Garfield on 24th March 1998
24th March 1998

pant pant pant zzzzzzzz

Garfield on 25th March 1998
25th March 1998

I'll lure that fly closer by putting on this mask. Here, fly. SWAT Bad dog!

Garfield on 26th March 1998
26th March 1998

So, you want a housefly bumped off? Let's talk... I work alone and my take is fifty percent. Do it quickly and you can have the whole fly. Hey, Guido likes what Guido hears!

Garfield on 27th March 1998
27th March 1998

Whatever happened to that annoying fly? BURP Excuse me. Ask question, get answer.

Garfield on 28th March 1998
28th March 1998

SWAT! bloop

Garfield on 29th March 1998
29th March 1998

Hi, cat! Hi, tree. How about a climb up the new, improved me? How so? It's spring! I have al new bark... Uh-huh. All new branches...all new leaves... Uh-huh...uh-huh. All new baby bird nests... And the same old lies. HEY!

Garfield on 30th March 1998
30th March 1998

Here's something you never stop to think about... Do you realize that one-seventh of your life is spent on monday? Ptooey! Now the inside of my outh is all black! Newsprint will do that.

Garfield on 31st March 1998
31st March 1998

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