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Garfield on 1st August 1997
1st August 1997

Here's an article about a cat who rescued people from a burning building. - I'll bet you couldn't do that. Sure I could. - Gimme some matches.

Garfield on 2nd August 1997
2nd August 1997

sniff sniff . Do I smell tuna? - They make cologne for cats now.

Garfield on 3rd August 1997
3rd August 1997

- - He's gonna say it. - I just know he's gonna say it. - It wouldn't be Jon if he didn't say it. - 4...3...2...1... - What a long train. ARRRRGH!

Garfield on 4th August 1997
4th August 1997

Two visible doughnuts for me. - And two INvisible doughnuts for you. - Give me one of those. Now, now. Don't be greedy.

Garfield on 5th August 1997
5th August 1997

- - Next time *I* get to pick what we do.

Garfield on 6th August 1997
6th August 1997

This is what's left of the couch. - - scratch scratch scratch

Garfield on 7th August 1997
7th August 1997

I hope you appreciate how hard I work preparing meals! - Ouch! - Trouble with the chip bag again? I got a paper cut.

Garfield on 8th August 1997
8th August 1997

Ellen won't let me come to her party, Garfield. - I'm so depressed. - At least I have one friend to be with me. I'd love to, but I have a party to go to.

Garfield on 9th August 1997
9th August 1997

Z BRRINNG! - Z rrrrriiinng - Z Z

Garfield on 10th August 1997
10th August 1997

Whew! - - GOOOSH - grab shake shake shake - PSSSSHHHHHT! - Aw, is the kitty warm? - Joke. That was a joke.

Garfield on 11th August 1997
11th August 1997

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. - Hold it. - This isn't about the last time you had a date, is it?

Garfield on 12th August 1997
12th August 1997

Hey, Lori, how about dinner? - Well then, how about lunch? Brunch? Breakfast? - What if I dirve by your house and throw a cheeseburger out the window? Be carefult not to grovel, Jon.

Garfield on 13th August 1997
13th August 1997

Ellen, if you don't go out with me, I'll die. - It's just a figure of speech, Ellen. - No, you can't have my computer. Can I have the TV?

Garfield on 14th August 1997
14th August 1997

I only need to do one more thing to get ready for my date! - boop boop beep boop beep beep beep boop - Hello, Sheila? Say, what are you doinf tonight? You're pathetic!

Garfield on 15th August 1997
15th August 1997

The chicks don't return my calls, Garfield. - I haven't had a date in months. - I must be very intimidating. Welcome to Jon world.

Garfield on 16th August 1997
16th August 1997

Hi, Suzy. I'm Jon, your blind date. - So where would you like to eat tonight? - You have a craving for raw meat? At last, a real woman.

Garfield on 17th August 1997
17th August 1997

- - - - ! -

Garfield on 18th August 1997
18th August 1997

I'm going to put this cake somewhere that won't tempt you. - Let me do it! - Temptation's gone!

Garfield on 19th August 1997
19th August 1997

Go away. - - And stay away.

Garfield on 20th August 1997
20th August 1997

pat pat pat - It's ninety degrees. - And we're out of powdered sugar!

Garfield on 21st August 1997
21st August 1997

I'm bored. - I've got a bat stuck in my hair! - Some people have all the fun.

Garfield on 22nd August 1997
22nd August 1997

Disgusting. - She was referring to you. She was referring to you. - Maybe she was referring to herself. Let's go with that.

Garfield on 23rd August 1997
23rd August 1997

The Cat Is Stoopi* - aHEM klak klak klak klak - The Cat

Garfield on 24th August 1997
24th August 1997

Hi, cat. Hi, tree. - Climb me. I don't know. That branch doesn't look very safe. - Try it and see. Oh, all right. - CRACK - SPLAT! - claw claw claw claw claw Ahhhhhhh - The things I'll do for a good back scratch.

Garfield on 25th August 1997
25th August 1997

I'm stuck! I can't get up! - All right!

Garfield on 26th August 1997
26th August 1997

What would happen if I were as lazy as you? - - I wouldn't have to answer your insipid questions.

Garfield on 27th August 1997
27th August 1997

- - I'll be doing my own chewing today. Don't strain anything.

Garfield on 28th August 1997
28th August 1997

I thought I told you to move around today. - - Jon has obviously not factored in the rotation of earth.

Garfield on 29th August 1997
29th August 1997

Don't you have anything to do? - I've been keeping an eye on that crack in the ceiling. - NOW I don't have anything to do.

Garfield on 30th August 1997
30th August 1997

You ought to be ashamed, you lazy, worthless, pathetic excuse for a pet! - - Ah-HA!

Garfield on 31st August 1997
31st August 1997

place at the country fair in the pork rind eating contest. Excuse me again.

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