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Garfield on 1st April 1997
1st April 1997

I can't stand the smell of this paint! Don't worry, the Bumsteads have invited us over to their house. - You mean we're moving to a different comic strip? Just until the paint dries. - Even for april fool's day this is ridiculous!

Garfield on 2nd April 1997
2nd April 1997

BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! - The volume needs adjusting. squeak squeak - bark! bark! bark! bark!

Garfield on 3rd April 1997
3rd April 1997

There's Harry Rogers. - "Most likely to succeed". - That's Patty Harrison. "Most likely to become famous". - There's me. "Most likely to date a kitchen appliance."

Garfield on 4th April 1997
4th April 1997

Garfield, go out and get the paper. - - All right, all right! I'll mow the lawn!

Garfield on 5th April 1997
5th April 1997

knock knock knock - - Opening day of flea season. Honey, we're home!

Garfield on 6th April 1997
6th April 1997

Z - Garfield! Z - Dinner! - scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot - scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot - You are incredible. First food, then compliments.

Garfield on 7th April 1997
7th April 1997

I've decided to take up jogging. - Which will go well with my other hobby... - ...lying.

Garfield on 8th April 1997
8th April 1997

Hey, Garfield, let's play "catch". - BOINK - I said, "catch". I prefer "Ricochet".

Garfield on 9th April 1997
9th April 1997

We need some action around here! - - Wiggling your ears doesn't count. Then YOU think of something.

Garfield on 10th April 1997
10th April 1997

This book is about faithful pets, Garfield. - Pets who risked their lives to protect their owners. - You wouldn't be interested. What about the time I ate that hot pizza to save you from burning the roof of your mouth?

Garfield on 11th April 1997
11th April 1997

Garfield, I'm home! - Some pets scamper to greet their owners. - But, not yoooou though. I believe the keyword is "scamper".

Garfield on 12th April 1997
12th April 1997

Here comes Jon. I'd better look busy. - - Rats! I forgot how!

Garfield on 13th April 1997
13th April 1997

- TONK - Good evening, ladies. - BONK! - And gentlemen. - DONK DONK DONK - And you kids, too.

Garfield on 14th April 1997
14th April 1997

This morning I had a bowl of cereal with strawberries. - When I turned my back, a mouse ate them. - What do you say, Garfield?! We have strawberries?

Garfield on 15th April 1997
15th April 1997

Do you know what's going to happen when I catch xou? - Not really. - Let's ask Jon. Maybe he knows.

Garfield on 16th April 1997
16th April 1997

Those mice are too much, Garfield. - Either they go, or I go! - THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! What's that noise? That's twenty mice dragging your suitcase down the stairs.

Garfield on 17th April 1997
17th April 1997

I came within an eyelash of catching that pesky mouse today. - I'm back from Hawaii! - Okay, maybe it was several eyelashes.

Garfield on 18th April 1997
18th April 1997

The mouse escaped. - I mean, the mouse escaped. - You're not fooling anybody. How about this? The mouse...

Garfield on 19th April 1997
19th April 1997

Don't come out here, mouse, or you'll regret it. - You'll really, REALLY regret it! - Why? Because it's really, REALLY boring out here.

Garfield on 20th April 1997
20th April 1997

boop * beep boop - I'd like to order a pizza... - Make it large... - With onions... - And mushrooms... - And anchovies. - And hurry. I earn every bite.

Garfield on 21st April 1997
21st April 1997

You look like you're ready for a nice climb Fat chance! - There's a bird's nest on the third branch from the top. - Liar! Sucker.

Garfield on 22nd April 1997
22nd April 1997

Do trees have feelings? Like love...hate...pain? - Oh, pain, definitely. Really? When? - Right now. You're standing on my root. Sorry.

Garfield on 23rd April 1997
23rd April 1997

Climb you? What do you think I am, a dope? Will you scratch my back then? - scratch scratch scratch Ahhh...higher...higher...higher... - Hey! What a dope.

Garfield on 24th April 1997
24th April 1997

Jon will rescue me. He worries when I'm not around. What a great guy. - Good ol' Jon. He should be here any minute now. - Where is that dork?

Garfield on 25th April 1997
25th April 1997

- - Have you hugged your tree today?

Garfield on 26th April 1997
26th April 1997

Come on, climb me. No way. - You'll be sorry. Yeah, right, What are you gonna do about it, bark breath? -

Garfield on 27th April 1997
27th April 1997

- Fetch the ball, Odie! - - Good boy! - You threw that ball in my spaghetti on purpose! - Don't be silly. - Now, fetch the garlic bread...I mean, ball again, Odie.

Garfield on 28th April 1997
28th April 1997

Garfield, we have to talk abou this thing you have for food. - It's getting out of hand. - There are lip prints on the refrigerator. I can be very affectionate.

Garfield on 29th April 1997
29th April 1997

It certainly is a... - BOOT! - Pleasant day.

Garfield on 30th April 1997
30th April 1997

- I had a combing accident this morning. - Were there any survivors?

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