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Garfield on 1st March 1996
1st March 1996

Garfield, meet Darla. Hi, I'm Darla. Finally, my intellectual equal. Hi, I'm Darla. Don't flatter yourself, Jon.

Garfield on 2nd March 1996
2nd March 1996

People ask me why I play the accordion. Know what I say? Because I was born to boogie! He was abandoned as an infant and raised by nerds.

Garfield on 3rd March 1996
3rd March 1996

click Jon! This is Harold, your rare and expensive talking parrot! The cat is stalking me! I'm making this tape to...NOOOOoooo! AIEEEE! GARFIELD! Burp!

Garfield on 4th March 1996
4th March 1996

Garfield, I just saw a mouse! It's in the kitchen! It's pushing a tiny shopping cart! Is this going to involve getting up?

Garfield on 5th March 1996
5th March 1996

How come I just saw a mouse running across this table?! Normally you wouldn't. But Fat Eddie's pretty slow.

Garfield on 6th March 1996
6th March 1996

There are mice running all over this house, and there you lie! ...and you call yourself a cat! Moo.

Garfield on 7th March 1996
7th March 1996

This mouse will die! Which stands to reason. I mean, he's not getting any younger.

Garfield on 8th March 1996
8th March 1996

Hey, mouse. The mouse doesn't live here anymore. Then who are you? I'm a saber-toothed screaming lemur. Okay, good news-bad news time...

Garfield on 9th March 1996
9th March 1996

Your owner doesn't seem to like us. Well, he's got this thing about mice... You mean the part where he stands on a chair and screams? That too.

Garfield on 10th March 1996
10th March 1996

SMACK! Garfield! Give me that comic book! YAAAAHH!

Garfield on 11th March 1996
11th March 1996

Here's my sixth-grade report card! My parents were so proud. "Jon hav not shoved any crayons up his nose this term".

Garfield on 12th March 1996
12th March 1996

Garfield, my hairline is receding. But it really isn't noticeable. HEY FOREHEAD BOY! Just a lucky guess.

Garfield on 13th March 1996
13th March 1996

The National Cat Channel presents... Ed The Wonder Cat, in the action adventure... "Hairballs From Outer Space!" Not every cat can wear tights.

Garfield on 14th March 1996
14th March 1996

This book contains many great insights into life. And when you connect the dots, it forms a picture of a bunny!

Garfield on 15th March 1996
15th March 1996

That was a terrible date. We went to the circus. A clown accuesd me of copying his suit. How low can a clown stoop?

Garfield on 16th March 1996
16th March 1996

A letter from home! Your family never foregets. "Dear Ron..." Ouch.

Garfield on 17th March 1996
17th March 1996

Odie, can we talk? You always have that one stupid smile on your face. Give me something new. Nope. Nope. Nope. And, hope. Who am I to mess with imperfection?

Garfield on 18th March 1996
18th March 1996

"Sleek and streamlined..." "The cat's lighning reflexes make him a formidable hunter". It's the off-season, okay?

Garfield on 19th March 1996
19th March 1996

It's cute the way a cat will playfully bat a ball of yarn around. BAM BAM BAM BAM Maybe "cute" isn't the right word.

Garfield on 20th March 1996
20th March 1996

"When agitated, a cat will arch its back and hiss". Yeah, right. Iusually send a stern fax.

Garfield on 21st March 1996
21st March 1996


Garfield on 22nd March 1996
22nd March 1996

Here, Garfield, for you. A catnip mouse! Hold my calls.

Garfield on 23rd March 1996
23rd March 1996

My! Aren't you a cute little kitty! Meow Yes, you are! Meow. Got his gum.

Garfield on 24th March 1996
24th March 1996

Ready. CLICK whirrrrrRRR WHIRRRRRRRR CLICK! WHIRRRrrr Someday we'll get a real motorcycle.

Garfield on 25th March 1996
25th March 1996

A cup of coffee... A jelly doughnut... And thou!

Garfield on 26th March 1996
26th March 1996

BEAN ME! WHAM! Something tells me this isn't your first cup today.

Garfield on 27th March 1996
27th March 1996

Another cup, please. Don't you think you've had enough? Not yet.

Garfield on 28th March 1996
28th March 1996

Here, Garfield, try this coffee. It's espresso. Why the dinky cup? SLURK! Well, what do you think? I'll let you know as soon as my back teeth stop wiggling.

Garfield on 29th March 1996
29th March 1996

The adventures of Ed the Wonder Cat! Ed! Ed! I'm sinking in quicksand! Get help! No, Ed! Don't go to sleep! My hero.

Garfield on 30th March 1996
30th March 1996


Garfield on 31st March 1996
31st March 1996

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