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Garfield on 1st June 1996
1st June 1996

Garfield's tongue is burned. How did that happen? He was licking a waffle iron. I saw crumbs.

Garfield on 2nd June 1996
2nd June 1996

* BOOP Hey! * BOOP BEEP BOOP This sthing plays little notes! **BOOP BEEP BOOP BOOP BEEP BEEP BOOP BOOP * I can play a song! Garfield, what are you doing? *****

Garfield on 3rd June 1996
3rd June 1996

Are you packed for the fishing trip, Garfield? Yup. Got everything. Cornmeal, butter, eggs, tartar sauce, buns, deep fryer and 200 miles of extension cord!

Garfield on 4th June 1996
4th June 1996

Okay, Garfield, we're going to back the boat into the water. W'wan back. Let me know when to stop. That's good.

Garfield on 5th June 1996
5th June 1996

Let's see...which lure should I...ah...AH... CHOO YAAHH! How about the one in your left nostril?

Garfield on 6th June 1996
6th June 1996

Watch the distance on this cast, Garfield! It's gonna be a new world's record! FLING Hark, did I hear a trout chuckle?

Garfield on 7th June 1996
7th June 1996

nnngggghhhhhhhh...aaeeeeerrrrrrrggghhh... YAHOO! COME TO PAPA! GET THE NET, GARFIELD! GEt THE NET! For the fish, or for you?

Garfield on 8th June 1996
8th June 1996

THAT is an ugly lure! GOT ONE! THAT is an ugly fish! Ugly in, ugly out.

Garfield on 9th June 1996
9th June 1996

Garfield on 10th June 1996
10th June 1996

CLONK! I'm attracting a more sophisticated audience. That was an Italian shoe.

Garfield on 11th June 1996
11th June 1996


Garfield on 12th June 1996
12th June 1996

See that woman over there, Garfield? She's flirting with me. I know that look. She's choking on a bagel.

Garfield on 13th June 1996
13th June 1996

Here, spend some time with this rock. Maybe some of its charm and warmth will rub off on you. Heh heh.

Garfield on 14th June 1996
14th June 1996

Hell, Nancy, wanna go out tonight? Well, does your mother have plans? Uh-huh...so tell me about your grandmother, is she...hello? Shot down by three generations.

Garfield on 15th June 1996
15th June 1996

What's the matter, Garfield? Hey! Your birthday is next week! And that's a, uh, bad thing, right?

Garfield on 16th June 1996
16th June 1996

Garfield on 17th June 1996
17th June 1996

You can stop now. I told him to take it easy 18 years ago.

Garfield on 18th June 1996
18th June 1996

Have you decided what you want for your birthday, Garfield? Try again, pal. What's wrong with wanting my own can opener?

Garfield on 19th June 1996
19th June 1996

Come ON, Garfield... Make a wish! I'm thinking! I'm thinking!

Garfield on 20th June 1996
20th June 1996

Now THAT'S a big tree. -

Garfield on 21st June 1996
21st June 1996


Garfield on 22nd June 1996
22nd June 1996


Garfield on 23rd June 1996
23rd June 1996

Whoo! Humid today. Tell me about it.

Garfield on 24th June 1996
24th June 1996

Please don't swat me! Okay, promise. STOMP!

Garfield on 25th June 1996
25th June 1996

I bring you a message from the other spiders. phhhhht! -

Garfield on 26th June 1996
26th June 1996

Wait!! What? I've already seen that section.

Garfield on 27th June 1996
27th June 1996

That's odd. A brown ring... -

Garfield on 28th June 1996
28th June 1996

Swat me! Swat me flat! I don't take orders from you! I guess I showed him who's boss araound...hey! Hee hee hee

Garfield on 29th June 1996
29th June 1996


Garfield on 30th June 1996
30th June 1996

Yikes! ZING! SMACK! Whew! That was close. SPLAT

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