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Garfield on 1st April 1994
1st April 1994

Can I see you for a second, Garfield? Sure. I want to speak to you about the lack of Respect you... Second's up.

Garfield on 2nd April 1994
2nd April 1994

BEWARE Of THE DOG I think I'll walk this way.

Garfield on 3rd April 1994
3rd April 1994

GURRGLE... What's that noise? GURRRRGLE... How cute. Garfield saved part of his snowman. GARFIELD!

Garfield on 4th April 1994
4th April 1994

DINNER! Where's Garfield? Where's Jon?

Garfield on 5th April 1994
5th April 1994

I cleaned my plate! And yours! DING-DONG! ** And the neighbors'!

Garfield on 6th April 1994
6th April 1994

MY GOLDFISH! Put it back, Garfield...now! GARFIELD!

Garfield on 7th April 1994
7th April 1994

Can I trust you alone with this cake, Garfield? Sure. It's stupid, but you can do it!

Garfield on 8th April 1994
8th April 1994

A lone hamburger. It's separated from the herd. You never lose those hunting instincts.

Garfield on 9th April 1994
9th April 1994

snatch! GULP! I hope that was food.

Garfield on 10th April 1994
10th April 1994

Pencil. Change. Comb. Corn chips. Fork. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH . AH-HA! pop The remote control.

Garfield on 11th April 1994
11th April 1994

I know what it's like outside... Without leaving the house. Tonight there's a full moon. We need a sacrifice.

Garfield on 12th April 1994
12th April 1994

I wonder what the future holds. Hey! The future has a cookie jar!

Garfield on 13th April 1994
13th April 1994

munch munch munch Where did the cookies go? Uh, they went to the post office to buy some stamps. And then they're going to the beach! Wipe the crumbs off your chin.

Garfield on 14th April 1994
14th April 1994

I did it! I just ate my one millionth meal! And it's only noon.

Garfield on 15th April 1994
15th April 1994

Garfield, I know food is important for you. But there ar elimits. Like worshiping a doughnut. Don't anger the gods.

Garfield on 16th April 1994
16th April 1994

SNARF SMACK GULP CHOMP SLURP Your eating habits are disgusting! What I lack in quality, I make up in quantity.

Garfield on 17th April 1994
17th April 1994

BWA-BWA-BWA-BWAAAHH SMMAAACK! rub rub rub rub rub The pizza delivery boy must be here.

Garfield on 18th April 1994
18th April 1994

CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP Been stomping spiders? How'ja guess?

Garfield on 19th April 1994
19th April 1994

NO! NO! JON! DON't DO IT! STOMP! OH NO!! I wanted to do that.

Garfield on 20th April 1994
20th April 1994

KA-CHUNK! click

Garfield on 21st April 1994
21st April 1994

whack! -

Garfield on 22nd April 1994
22nd April 1994

THOT Spiders seem to have gotten faster as I've grown older.

Garfield on 23rd April 1994
23rd April 1994

INVISIBLE SPIDER! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! whap! What do you think you're doing?! Didn't you not see that?

Garfield on 24th April 1994
24th April 1994

YAHOO! Daisies!! Tulips! Marigolds! Pansies! YEEOOW! Roses!

Garfield on 25th April 1994
25th April 1994

Good morning, Garfield. Oh, all right, good morning to you too, Pooky. Kiss Love me, love my teddy bear.

Garfield on 26th April 1994
26th April 1994

Now don't kick Odie off the table! All right, all right. BOOT! THUD!

Garfield on 27th April 1994
27th April 1994

I've secretly hidden a brick in this cake. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH I've secretly developed a taste for bricks.

Garfield on 28th April 1994
28th April 1994

GARFIELD! FIX IT! Oh, all right. -

Garfield on 29th April 1994
29th April 1994

Jon says I'm not cheerful enough. Is this cheerful enough for you, bone brain?

Garfield on 30th April 1994
30th April 1994

Get ready for a fancy gourmet meal, Garfield. VOILA! A hot dog dressed in a little tuxedo?

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