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Garfield on 1st September 1991
1st September 1991

Hey! This is my chair! rrrrr Shoo! Shoo! Get off! Grrrr Fffft Boys! Boys! That chair is big enough for both of you! Now share! He's right, Odie. Let's stop bickering. We can each use half of the cushion, okay? I'll take the tophalf.

Garfield on 2nd September 1991
2nd September 1991

You never do anything, Garfield. But, I never get a day off either.

Garfield on 3rd September 1991
3rd September 1991

Tweet? It was worth a shot.

Garfield on 4th September 1991
4th September 1991

Garfield, you should cut down on between-meal snacks. That won't be easy to do. Primarily because I don't know what "between meals" means.

Garfield on 5th September 1991
5th September 1991

There ought to be a prize for eating every scrap of food in the house. Oh well. I guess a job well done is its own reward.

Garfield on 6th September 1991
6th September 1991

I'm going to take a little nap. No, make that a long nap. Heck with it, wake me at the turn of the century.

Garfield on 7th September 1991
7th September 1991

Garfield, how could you?! My sincerest apologies. I'm very disappointed in you. I'm so ashamed. Have you no respect for decor?! You eat one doily and you're marked for life.

Garfield on 8th September 1991
8th September 1991

Wait! Wait! I'm not ready yet! Z Z Z Z tie tie tap tap YAAAHH! That's what's known as "burying the needle on the wake up meter".

Garfield on 9th September 1991
9th September 1991

Do you know what this house needs, Garfield? More baked goods? I'm guessing you don't think we need wallpaper. Picture it! Cupcakes as far as the eye can see!

Garfield on 10th September 1991
10th September 1991

My, my. There's something you don't see much these days... A mannerly young man and a well-behaved cat. -

Garfield on 11th September 1991
11th September 1991

I've had a bad day. Mee to. It's been one disaster after another. For mee to. Okay, okay, you win.

Garfield on 12th September 1991
12th September 1991

I think I'm having some sort of identity crisis. H ethinks HE'S having an identity crisis. Odir thinks he's a potato peeler.

Garfield on 13th September 1991
13th September 1991

KONK! Stupid sprinkler heads.

Garfield on 14th September 1991
14th September 1991

poke cut cut cut cut cut Sunroof.

Garfield on 15th September 1991
15th September 1991


Garfield on 16th September 1991
16th September 1991

Mornings sure are peaceful. CLANG ** SPLOT! Right up to about this time every day.

Garfield on 17th September 1991
17th September 1991

I love this show! You do? CLICK

Garfield on 18th September 1991
18th September 1991

Sigh... Where are we going, Garfield? I mean, what's the purpose? What's it all mean? To the kitchen...to eat...to get full.

Garfield on 19th September 1991
19th September 1991

Thy say one's dinnerware should reflect one's personality. For me, fine china. For you, a hog trough. Ever been bit by a pig?

Garfield on 20th September 1991
20th September 1991

Please Do NOT Beware Of The Dog Now THAT'S scary!

Garfield on 21st September 1991
21st September 1991

BURP! Feel better? I'm ready for dessert now.

Garfield on 22nd September 1991
22nd September 1991

pant pant pant pant rrrr Sigh

Garfield on 23rd September 1991
23rd September 1991

One sugar or two? Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Do I have to do everything around here?!

Garfield on 24th September 1991
24th September 1991

Garfield, I think I've lost my identity. Nonsense! I'll help you find it. Nobody listens to me. Yup, it's right here in the trash compactor. Nobody respects me. Right next to your dignity and intelligence.

Garfield on 25th September 1991
25th September 1991

Jon! Jon! The TV just said that giant mutant spiders are crushing the city!! And that five thousand foot tidal wave is headed directly our way!! And...and... Are those JELLY doughnuts?

Garfield on 26th September 1991
26th September 1991

? Mustard?

Garfield on 27th September 1991
27th September 1991

BOOT! bark bark bark bark bark bark bark Right into the ceiling fan.

Garfield on 28th September 1991
28th September 1991

I suspect Jon's taking me for granted. Yup.

Garfield on 29th September 1991
29th September 1991

Sniffff...ahhh! C'mon, Garfield! Let's go for a walk! Z What a great day to romp in the grass! Z And for climbing trees! * Z Race you home! How exhilarating! We should do this every day. Z It's off to the shower! I just dreamt Iwas Fay Wray!

Garfield on 30th September 1991
30th September 1991

Hey, Garfield, I know what we can do! Let's sit in this chair and vegetate! Okay, but only for a little while. I'm scheduled for a nap in the sunbeam this afternoon.

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