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Garfield on 1st October 1991
1st October 1991

New mailman, Garfield. You might have trouble with this one. You mean the guy with "I hate cats" branded on his forehead?

Garfield on 2nd October 1991
2nd October 1991


Garfield on 3rd October 1991
3rd October 1991

Jon's really enjoying his drive * ...entirely too much. One of us has to get carsick.

Garfield on 4th October 1991
4th October 1991

I'm stuck on one channel! click click click click What could be worse? Welcome to the Lassie film festival. AARRRGHH!

Garfield on 5th October 1991
5th October 1991

Let's face it... As we age, our bodies change. My eyeballs are growing hair! Or, in some cases, mutate.

Garfield on 6th October 1991
6th October 1991

Sniff Ah Ah...AH... AH pook CHOO!

Garfield on 7th October 1991
7th October 1991

Garfield, I need some female companionship Okay, Jon. You realize I'd only do this for you.

Garfield on 8th October 1991
8th October 1991

Would you go out with me, doc? Mr. Arbuckle, I'm single, not desperate. Well, I'M more complex than that... I'm single AND desperate. You talk to him. I'm a cat, not a psychatrist.

Garfield on 9th October 1991
9th October 1991

You know, doc, you could do a lot worse than go out with me. You're right there, Jon. I could grow facial hair, or misplace my elbows... Or, get a rat in my boot. ...FOR EXAMPLE!

Garfield on 10th October 1991
10th October 1991

Doc, will you go out with me? Open wide and say "ahh". Ahh. No.

Garfield on 11th October 1991
11th October 1991

You know, doc, there's a lot of things about me you don't know. I know you have four pens and three paper clips in your shirt pocket. How do you know that? I can see right through you, Arbuckle.

Garfield on 12th October 1991
12th October 1991

Garfield on 13th October 1991
13th October 1991

I * My Food * I hate this part. So, doc, how's Garfield? Fine. And how's Odie? Fine. And how are you? Fine. Okay if i pay by check? Fine. How about a date? Fine. YEEESS!! YEEESS!! THAT'S CHEATING! If you can't attract 'em, trick'em.

Garfield on 14th October 1991
14th October 1991

bzzzzzzzzz GARFIELD! ODIE! LOOK OUT! I'M SHAVING! bzzzzz CRASH! Good evening, my dear.

Garfield on 15th October 1991
15th October 1991

Uh...Jon...your hair. My cat bumped my arm while I was shaving, okay? Don't you have a hat or something? Sure. How's that? The exits are probably covered.

Garfield on 16th October 1991
16th October 1991

DON'T GEt OUT! DON'T GE tOUT YET! See? chivalry isn't dead yet. SLAM! RIP! Which is more than can be said for your jacket.

Garfield on 17th October 1991
17th October 1991

Sniff-sniff...boy, these flaming croquettes sure smell goo YAAAHH! MY TIE'S ON FIRE!! Would you like another drink, my dear? No, Jon, if I'm in the mood for another Shirley Temple, I'll suck it out of your tie.

Garfield on 18th October 1991
18th October 1991

I don't believe I just flushed one of my contact lenses down the toilet! Somehow I do. And th eonly glasses I brought are my sunglasses. That's okay, Jon. They'll make you look continental. Kinda like a french dweeb.

Garfield on 19th October 1991
19th October 1991

I am afraid I must ask you to leave, sir. What?! Did I offend someone or something? No, sir. Then what did I do? Sinc you've been here, you've slipped beneath the dress code. May I stay?

Garfield on 20th October 1991
20th October 1991

Z rake rake rake rake rake rake rake WHEW! T O-DIE! ! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE -

Garfield on 21st October 1991
21st October 1991

Z -

Garfield on 22nd October 1991
22nd October 1991

Odie, I think I saw something move in your dish! YES! YES! LOOK AT IT MOVE!

Garfield on 23rd October 1991
23rd October 1991

FFFT GRRR Now, now! You boys be nice! FFFT GRRR

Garfield on 24th October 1991
24th October 1991

Odie, do you have any idea how annoying your cheerfulness is? I was afraid of that.

Garfield on 25th October 1991
25th October 1991


Garfield on 26th October 1991
26th October 1991

KICK! Can you believe it? I was playing nicely, and Odie just got up and left!

Garfield on 27th October 1991
27th October 1991

GARFIELD The Cat Drapes Shredded Ferns Eaten Naps Taken No Appointment Necessary!!! munch munch ZOOM! ZOOM! You can't stop what you don't see. -

Garfield on 28th October 1991
28th October 1991

A cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise! What more could you possibly need? WHOP Oh, yeah.

Garfield on 29th October 1991
29th October 1991

Sigh Life has passed ma by. Of course, I had to hide a few times.

Garfield on 30th October 1991
30th October 1991

I won't be home for lunch. I'll be working as a towel boy at the birdbath. It's times like this I'm glad he can't talk.

Garfield on 31st October 1991
31st October 1991

I think all the creatures of the earth should try to get along, don't you, Garfield? Absolutely. COUGH

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