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Garfield on 1st September 1990
1st September 1990

YAWN UNNNGH! Oh no! I've taken root!

Garfield on 2nd September 1990
2nd September 1990

And now...inn-tro-ducing... Garfield, The Amazing!!! TAH-DAHHHH! ...nothing up my supper dish... sniff sniff TAP TAP TAP -

Garfield on 3rd September 1990
3rd September 1990

I hate monday. Oh, well, it's nearly over and I'm still here. It says here that lasagna causes warts. Shoot me.

Garfield on 4th September 1990
4th September 1990

SCHLIP! Oh, Jon.

Garfield on 5th September 1990
5th September 1990

This is twice the weight I've ever lifted. Won't this be exciting? You bet. HUP! UNNNNNGGG I've never ridden in an ambulance before.

Garfield on 6th September 1990
6th September 1990

GULP! My compliments to the can opener.

Garfield on 7th September 1990
7th September 1990

Hmm SNIP SNIP Coupon for cat food.

Garfield on 8th September 1990
8th September 1990

Guess how many ball bearings fit in your socks? RIIIP! That many.

Garfield on 9th September 1990
9th September 1990

A spider! CLOP! WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM Where did it go? YAAAHHH!

Garfield on 10th September 1990
10th September 1990

Garfield! Dinner is... ZIP! NOT SERVED! HA HA HA HA! How humoresque

Garfield on 11th September 1990
11th September 1990

Z JON! JON! WHA! HUH?! Would it disturb your sleep if I woke you up?

Garfield on 12th September 1990
12th September 1990

Hello? Yes, this is Jon Arbuckle. The police? You say vegetation is dying? Crops are ruined? People are dropping in the streets? Well, yes, I did. Yes, sir, I will...right away. I have to put my shoes back on. That explains the peelingwallpaper.

Garfield on 13th September 1990
13th September 1990

YAWN scratch scratch I am not a morning person. Good afternoon, Garfield. See?

Garfield on 14th September 1990
14th September 1990

Watch me Jon scare with this rubber spider. YAAH! A RUBBER SPIDER! Rats. I didn't fool him.

Garfield on 15th September 1990
15th September 1990

Are you boys going to help me paint? Sure! GARFIELD! Did I miss a spot?

Garfield on 16th September 1990
16th September 1990

Z KLUNK! Fall out of bed again, Garfield? This is really embarrassing. Hang on a minute...I may have a solution. There we go. My belt ought to keep you from falling out again. CRASH! Fall out of your pants again, Jon? This isreally embarrassing.

Garfield on 17th September 1990
17th September 1990

Which would you rather do, Garfield, go to the farm, or go camping? Would having something amputated be a choice?

Garfield on 18th September 1990
18th September 1990

Boy, it's cold! I can hardly wait to try out my new electric socks! Where'd they go?! Nothing like a hot sock of coffee in the morning, huh, Odie? slook

Garfield on 19th September 1990
19th September 1990

What do you think of my new tent, Garfield? O got it on sale. GOOSH! Such a deal.

Garfield on 20th September 1990
20th September 1990

shake shake shake YAAAH!

Garfield on 21st September 1990
21st September 1990

Here you goo, Pooky. Hang on tight, now. Sniff, they grow up so fast.Quite a little rainstorm we had last night, eh, boys? Gee, I hope none of the food got wet. Saltine?

Garfield on 22nd September 1990
22nd September 1990

Wanna go jogging? I'm busy. Honestly, Garfield. I have the feeling you think more of that teddy bear than you do of me! Pay no attention to ol' what's-his-name, Pookie.This rain is never going to stop. Let's pack up and go home. That's it! Let's go! SLAM!

Garfield on 23rd September 1990
23rd September 1990

Gave your bear a bath? How'd you guess?sniff Bless you. Z Z BARK! SPLAT! Z Z BARK! Z Z BARK! BOOT!

Garfield on 24th September 1990
24th September 1990

Why is that teddy bear of mine always getting lost? Why can't I ever find him? POOOOOOOO-KY! And why am I cupping my hands over my mouth? CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP! Time to eat? CLOMP! CLOMP! Time to eat. CLOMP!

Garfield on 25th September 1990
25th September 1990

Garfield, you're not supposed to drink coffee with a straw! Garfield?...Garfield? Yes?

Garfield on 26th September 1990
26th September 1990

ARR! ARR! ARR! No sweat. Dogs are too stupid to climb trees. CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP

Garfield on 27th September 1990
27th September 1990

Log date: 2254. Captain Garfield wanders through the galaxy. Searching for new and weird life forms. Good morning, Garfield. Short trip.

Garfield on 28th September 1990
28th September 1990

Stop, Vermin. Eek. You'll never escape. Help, help. One of the great chase scenes. Z zPUNT! FOOF! plplplplpl

Garfield on 29th September 1990
29th September 1990

This is the last cup of coffee in the house. Claws on a chalkboard! And you may have it. Why, thank you!

Garfield on 30th September 1990
30th September 1990

Z GARFIELD, BREAKFAST! Z boing boing boing doinga doinga doinga doinga doinga boing doinga doinga doinga doinga doinga doinga You could stand to skip a meal, Mr. Doinga Doinga. doinga doinga doinga doinga doinga Rats.

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