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Garfield on 1st November 1990
1st November 1990

- - Z

Garfield on 2nd November 1990
2nd November 1990

GULP SLURP GOBBLE GOBBLE SNORT GULP - Sorry, Garfield, I won't give you seconds. - Then give me the FIRSTS again!

Garfield on 3rd November 1990
3rd November 1990

Go away. - Great. - Now I'll never find my gum.

Garfield on 4th November 1990
4th November 1990

- Okay, Odie, this time you're going clear through the ceiling! - ...clear to the moon! - ...the heck with the moon...clear into outer space! - - AAARRRGGGHHH!

Garfield on 5th November 1990
5th November 1990

This was my great-great-grandmother, Garfield. - She was a mule skinner. - Things were tough back then. That explains her live coyote blouse.

Garfield on 6th November 1990
6th November 1990

Take A Number - 11 - Number twelve?

Garfield on 7th November 1990
7th November 1990

BOY, it's cold in here! - Better turn the heat on. CLICK -

Garfield on 8th November 1990
8th November 1990

Water balloon in the pants! - SPLOIT! - My work here is done.

Garfield on 9th November 1990
9th November 1990

Ellen, I'm Jon, your blind date tonight. - Tell you something about myself? - Well, last week I had my picture taken on a pony! I think I hear her weeping.

Garfield on 10th November 1990
10th November 1990

Well, Garfield, we have the whole day ahead of us. - We can go for a walk. I'll pass. - Or we can sit here and eat potato chips till we get sick. Oh...it's going to be a glorious day!

Garfield on 11th November 1990
11th November 1990

CLICK - That's it! I'm tired of us never agreeing on which TV show to watch. - You can watch the bedroom TV and I'll watch the living room TV. - - -

Garfield on 12th November 1990
12th November 1990

Are you ready to exercise, Garfield? Boy, am I! - - Well? Are we done yet?

Garfield on 13th November 1990
13th November 1990

Here you go, Jon. - PHOOT! - Ink balloon.

Garfield on 14th November 1990
14th November 1990

Look at these food spots on my tie, this is a gravy stain. - And I can't remember what this one is. - Apple cobbler...with vanilla ice cream...a little heavy on the cinnamon.

Garfield on 15th November 1990
15th November 1990

I'm going to clean the refrigerator. I'll help. - Let's see if I have everything...rubber gloves, trash bags, scouring pad... - Goggles, flame throwewr...

Garfield on 16th November 1990
16th November 1990

I'd like to see a menu, please. - Here's your cat food. Take it or leave it. CLOP - Well, okay, but there had better be something special on the dessert cart.

Garfield on 17th November 1990
17th November 1990

Only the cat is brave enough to venture into the dark unknown... - LAughing in the face of danger... - GARFIELD! Risking a happenstance meeting with a rabid chip.

Garfield on 18th November 1990
18th November 1990

GARFIELD, DINNER! - Garfield Odie - STOMP - GULP! -

Garfield on 19th November 1990
19th November 1990

I'm lonely, Garfield. What am I? Chopped liver? - I need to get out more. Thew mailbox could use a daisy decal. - I gotta meet some groovy chicks. You're a nineties kinda guy, Jon.

Garfield on 20th November 1990
20th November 1990

Look at this, Garfield! "Challenge your intellect! Discover the creative you! Meet vital stimulating people!" - I'm gonna do it, Garfield! - I'm gonna take a pottery class! The Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Pottery?

Garfield on 21st November 1990
21st November 1990

I don't know why you're insisting on coming to pottery class with me, Garfield. I wouldn't miss this for the world. - I want to see these "vital and stimulating peaople" the ad in the paper promised. - Are these the students or the pots?

Garfield on 22nd November 1990
22nd November 1990

Hi there, I'm Jon Arbuckle, this is my first night in pottery class, what are you making? - A MAN! It doesn't look much like a man. - Well, whatever it is, it's a darn sight better than my fourth husband, Waldo! Poor Waldo.

Garfield on 23rd November 1990
23rd November 1990


Garfield on 24th November 1990
24th November 1990

Would you go out with me, Kimmy? Don't do it, Jon! There's something strange about her. - That would be nice! GREAT! We cats have a sixth sense about these things. - We'll do dinner. plus, she's making a pile of clay eyebrows.

Garfield on 25th November 1990
25th November 1990

drop some toast.

Garfield on 26th November 1990
26th November 1990

Tell me, Jon, out of all the girls in pottery class, why did you ask ME to dinner? Because you're cute. - Cute? Me? - WHOOHA! SNORT! YOU'RE gONNA...SNORT! MAKE ME BLUSH! wham! wham! *

Garfield on 27th November 1990
27th November 1990

I'm curious, Kimmy, why are you taking the pottery class? Well, because I love nature, and clay is from the earth. - AND I LIKE DIRT! - YOU LIKE DIRT, DON'CHA, LADY?! SMACK! Where's our meal?

Garfield on 28th November 1990
28th November 1990

By the way, Jon, did I tell you I was raised by wolves? You're kidding. - scratch scratch scratch scratch - No, really! Check please.

Garfield on 29th November 1990
29th November 1990

ho-wee! These shoes are tight! So! Kimmy...tell me... - Rats! I can't get this shoe off. You say you were raised by wolves? - Reckon I'll have to gnaw this leg off at the knee. LET ME HELP WITH THE SHOE!

Garfield on 30th November 1990
30th November 1990

So you were raised by wolves? - Yup. I was discovered and brought to civlization. And when was that? - Last friday. That explains a lot.

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