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Garfield on 1st January 1989
1st January 1989


Garfield on 2nd January 1989
2nd January 1989

Well, Garfield, it looks like we packed on a little weight over the holidays. What do you mean "wee." fat-man? - Only humans gain weight. - Cats get more "buddhaesques". pat pat

Garfield on 3rd January 1989
3rd January 1989

Garfield, we are going on a diet. Uh...just what do you mean by "we"? - By "we", do you mean you and this blanket? - I don't think I'm getting through to him. Odie, Jon has some bad news for you.

Garfield on 4th January 1989
4th January 1989

Garfield, you shouldn't take food for Garfield. - - He's right. An artificial color died to provide me with this meal.

Garfield on 5th January 1989
5th January 1989

This salad needs something. - I think I'll garnish it. - WITH A HAM! WHAM!

Garfield on 6th January 1989
6th January 1989

As a reward for staying on your diet, I'm going to allow you to have some sugar with your coffee today. - - Let me rephrase that

Garfield on 7th January 1989
7th January 1989

Garfield, I know dieting is though fo you. - But, you've really sunk to the depths this time! - Hey! I'm sure I'm not the first Dieter to lick the pages of his candy wrapper collection.

Garfield on 8th January 1989
8th January 1989

an apple. - BONK BONK - ARRGH! GOOSH!

Garfield on 9th January 1989
9th January 1989

Maybe watching television will take my mind off this diet. - And now, back to...Bowling for the Meat Loaf. -

Garfield on 10th January 1989
10th January 1989

I'll just put some pepper on my carrot here. - Hey! Wait a minute! - That tastes like chocolate cake! Let's hear it for food processors.

Garfield on 11th January 1989
11th January 1989

Diets - Diets are like Jon's socks... - They stink.

Garfield on 12th January 1989
12th January 1989

Ah, it says here carrots are on my diet. - And this is a "carrot" cake. - A LOOPHOLE!

Garfield on 13th January 1989
13th January 1989

- - Yes, even your toe is overweight.

Garfield on 14th January 1989
14th January 1989

Here you go, Garfield. PLOP - Leftovers. Leftover from what? - SPLAT! THE SPANISH INQUISITION?

Garfield on 15th January 1989
15th January 1989

already been chewed and aluminium siding... - And some stuff you wouldn't even want to know about. - Garfield! We're out of cat food. You'll have to eat dog food today. Okay. - URP - What's with Odie? Must have been somethin he ate.

Garfield on 16th January 1989
16th January 1989

Garfield, I worry about you. - I know you hate getting up... - But, lynching the alarm clock? I had it coming.

Garfield on 17th January 1989
17th January 1989

I tried to impress my date with humor tonight. Uh-oh. - At dinner I stuck carrot sticks in my ears and smeared mashed potatoes all over my face. Then what happened? - Then she borrowed a quarter and called the police. Ouch.

Garfield on 18th January 1989
18th January 1989

Mr. Arbuckle, it's about your cat... - As a government employee I deserve respect. - And I'm not getting any. What's a matter? Can't take a joke?

Garfield on 19th January 1989
19th January 1989

You call this taking care of the mouse problem? keep a safe distance, Jon. - You are not normal. This is going to work. - Feed 'em 20 pounds of cheese and watch'em explode!

Garfield on 20th January 1989
20th January 1989

This is a great book. - "Things To Do ON A Rainy Day" - Do you feel a draft in here? - Chapter one: "Fun With The Electric Razor".

Garfield on 21st January 1989
21st January 1989

This is fun. - Garfield, how many sardines do you hav ein your mouth? One hundred nineteen. - WHY?! I'm playing fish hatchery.

Garfield on 22nd January 1989
22nd January 1989

Well, Christmas and new year's have come and gone. Nothing to do but sleep till easter. - - - - - - Oh, very well, Garfield. You may have my steak. - I know, I'm a sucker for the loving adoration of a pet.

Garfield on 23rd January 1989
23rd January 1989

I hate morning, I hate monday, I hate january. - SLAM - And I REALLY hate having the windowsill slam down on your fingers.

Garfield on 24th January 1989
24th January 1989

The bedroom is freezing this morning. - I'd better turn the heat up. - OR GET THE CAT OFF THE CRATE!

Garfield on 25th January 1989
25th January 1989

Gee, a new coffee with twice the caffeine. - It even comes with a tiny crowbar. - To pry your fingers off the cup. WHOAH!

Garfield on 26th January 1989
26th January 1989

- SPLANG - Ah yes, the ol' "seconds away from blissful slumber" body spasm.

Garfield on 27th January 1989
27th January 1989

Pop! - Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! - We'r eout of popcorn.

Garfield on 28th January 1989
28th January 1989

Garfield, would you say I have an interesting personality? - Yes, I would. - I'd be lying, but I'd say it.

Garfield on 29th January 1989
29th January 1989

UP! Garfield's gone! The hogs ate him! - Rise and shine, fella! Check my neck, bozo. I have no vital signs. - You spend too much time in bed. - That's only one man's opinion.

Garfield on 30th January 1989
30th January 1989

What a boring life I have. - How could anyone have a more boring life? This is it, Garfield! - Today's the day I tweeze my ear hairs! I guess anything is possible.

Garfield on 31st January 1989
31st January 1989

- HI, ODIE! - THUD! That was too easy.

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