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Garfield on 1st March 1988
1st March 1988

It says here, owners and their pets often look alike. - - I think I'll go shave. I think I'll go have plastic surgery done.

Garfield on 2nd March 1988
2nd March 1988

Cats evoke many emotions in people...love, pleasure, wonder... - - and guilt.

Garfield on 3rd March 1988
3rd March 1988

You know, before we start our meal, it might be nice to bow our heads and give thanks. - Good idea. - THANKS! PLOP You're missing the point, Garfield.

Garfield on 4th March 1988
4th March 1988

Garfield, you're a disgrace to your species. - Actually, I'm rather unique. - I'm one of the few mammals who can breathe under food.

Garfield on 5th March 1988
5th March 1988

Have some water, little fella. - Now, I'll let you drain for a bit. - I knoew this would happen if Jon didn't clean the garbage disposal.

Garfield on 6th March 1988
6th March 1988

YOU HORT?! Never in a million years. - ARRRRGH! You're driving me crazy! Darn...you guessed.

Garfield on 7th March 1988
7th March 1988

I hate mondays. Me, too. - Why are YOU looking depressed? YOU don't work. - Sympathy pains.

Garfield on 8th March 1988
8th March 1988

- They say, "You are what you eat". - MOOOO

Garfield on 9th March 1988
9th March 1988

Garfield, wake up. - Do you know I can't remember the last time I heard you say "Meow"? - We'll talk about this in the morning. Jon doesn't have enough to occupy his mind.

Garfield on 10th March 1988
10th March 1988

MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH - MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH - May I get you a snorkel? Are you trying to tell me something?

Garfield on 11th March 1988
11th March 1988

Welcome to "Whistling For Dollars"! - The world's most stupid and boring game show. - Looks like the "truth in advertising" people struck again.

Garfield on 12th March 1988
12th March 1988

AHA! - Let's see you get out of this one gracefully. -

Garfield on 13th March 1988
13th March 1988

one? - Thank you for your opinions, Nermal. Anytime. - Anyone-Abu Dhabi

Garfield on 14th March 1988
14th March 1988

Garfield, if a burglar broke into the house, would you risk your life to save me? - Excuse me. - HA! HA! HA! HA ha! ha! ha! Let me rephrase that.

Garfield on 15th March 1988
15th March 1988

Irma, is this tea or coffee? What does it taste like? - It tastes like turpentine. - Oh, that's our coffee. Our tea tastes like transmission fluid.

Garfield on 16th March 1988
16th March 1988

A philosopher once said, !I think; therefore I am". - - Poor Odie, he isn't aware that he doesn't even exist.

Garfield on 17th March 1988
17th March 1988

It says here, an active fantasy can improve your personality. - I HAVE an active fantasy life. - When I'm eating, I fantasize about sleep. When I sleep, I fantasize about eating.

Garfield on 18th March 1988
18th March 1988

Garfield, have you ever imagined yourself as really young again? Interesting. - Years of experience yet to be lived. Years of fun yet to be had. - Years of sleep yet to be slept.

Garfield on 19th March 1988
19th March 1988

munch munch munch - BURP - My compliments to the chief.

Garfield on 20th March 1988
20th March 1988

on me! - HIT IT, CHARLEY! - poof!

Garfield on 21st March 1988
21st March 1988

Good morning, Garfield. I fixed you eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and hot coffee. Let me at 'em! - WOAH! - Rats. Nice try, Jon, You almost got me up on a monday that time.

Garfield on 22nd March 1988
22nd March 1988

You have nothing to worry about, Mr. Arbuckle. - Licking the beaters on a cake mixer can't possibly harm your cat. - But, let's say that mixer was running at the time...

Garfield on 23rd March 1988
23rd March 1988

KICK - Why, Odie! Whatever gave you an idea like that? - THIS is a kick! POMP!

Garfield on 24th March 1988
24th March 1988

Garfield, if you're going to act like a piece of furniture, I'm going to treat you like a piece of furniture. - Idle threats can't move me. - Ha ha ha. Very funny, Jon.

Garfield on 25th March 1988
25th March 1988

Garfield, let's just stay in today and lounge around. - Okaaaay. - I feel sorta silly, but I'll give it a shot.

Garfield on 26th March 1988
26th March 1988

- - GARFIELD! Perfect timing.

Garfield on 27th March 1988
27th March 1988

"Roller Skate Hood Ornament".

Garfield on 28th March 1988
28th March 1988

You gotta take me to the vet, Jon. - I'm having trouble sleeping, It seems like I just get into bed... - And then, BOOM! Twelve or thirteen hours later I'm wide awake!

Garfield on 29th March 1988
29th March 1988

COUGH! WHEEZE! - This may be my last hour. Let me spend it in the comfort of my home! - Remembe rthe vet appointment, huh? I may never see these four walls again!

Garfield on 30th March 1988
30th March 1988

When I can't sleep, it seems like every sound in the house is magnified. - THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD - Must you?!

Garfield on 31st March 1988
31st March 1988

Maybe a good book will help me sleep. - A good, BIG book. - whap whap whap Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

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