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Garfield on 1st June 1988
1st June 1988

You know, Garfield, I've often wondered... - Which are smarter? Cats? Or dogs? - Speaking of dogs, where's Odie? He's fishing off the back of you rowing machine.

Garfield on 2nd June 1988
2nd June 1988

I hate playing hide-and-seek with Odie. I've been in this basket for an hour. - Maybe I shouldn't have found such a good hiding place. - Or maybe I shouldn't have made Odie count to three.

Garfield on 3rd June 1988
3rd June 1988

Hello? What's this? - clickety clickety clickey - Sensing an error in judgement, our hero slowly backs away...

Garfield on 4th June 1988
4th June 1988

- OUCH! - You wouldn't happen to know how this hole got in here would you? Rare oven mitt-eating moths, I suspect.

Garfield on 5th June 1988
5th June 1988

This is Odie-wan-Kanobe. He has the force to help us. He hides it well. - - EEEK! - HELP! HWLP! HELP! - - Garfield, you sissy. I can't believe you're afraid of a little spider. - I need your book. - FWAP - Thank you very much. - EEEK!

Garfield on 6th June 1988
6th June 1988

Goody! Here comes the mailman for his daily chomp. - Wait! He's stopping. - NO FAIR!

Garfield on 7th June 1988
7th June 1988

- ARF! ARF! arf! arf! arf! - Thank you, Mr. Stealth!

Garfield on 8th June 1988
8th June 1988

YOU ARE LAZY! - Don't you have any goals in life? Yes, to eat an ostrich. - Don't you wanna climb that mountain and yell, "I made it"? Ambition gives me a nosebleed.

Garfield on 9th June 1988
9th June 1988

You never move from that spot. Ah. But I've considered it. - You're not even a cat. - YOU'RE A SLUG WITH HAIR! Sure, kick me when I'm down!

Garfield on 10th June 1988
10th June 1988

Jon called me a slug with hair. Well, I'm not taking it lying down! - - All right, I'll take it lying down. But, I won't like it.

Garfield on 11th June 1988
11th June 1988

From now on you're earning your keep around here. Here's a list of chores. Gee, thanks! - Only moments ago I was a lazy worthless burden of society. - Now I'm a procrastinator.

Garfield on 12th June 1988
12th June 1988

Tell me, Jon, is it bad when the headlights are staring at one another?

Garfield on 13th June 1988
13th June 1988

Yawn - SHUFFLE SCRAPE SCRAPE SHUFFLE I was afraid of this. - My birthday is creeping up on me.

Garfield on 14th June 1988
14th June 1988

Garfield, I know you're depressed about your upcoming birthday... - But, remember you're only as old as you feel. - Let's see...how old are you going to be? About 12 million years old, give or take a millenium.

Garfield on 15th June 1988
15th June 1988

In a few years I'll be ten years old. Just what IS ten? - - Ten is two hands and two toes.

Garfield on 16th June 1988
16th June 1988

Why am I afraid of turning ten? - Why am I afraid to admit that I'm aging? - And why are turkey buzzards circling my bed?

Garfield on 17th June 1988
17th June 1988

Garfield, you'll soon be ten years old. - And people handlse aging differently. - Have you considered acting gracefully?

Garfield on 18th June 1988
18th June 1988

I refuse to get any older without a fight! Do you hear that?! - You'll have to drag me kicking and screaming into my next year. - After the birthday cake and presents, of course.

Garfield on 19th June 1988
19th June 1988

You've really changed in ten years, Garfield. Feed me.

Garfield on 20th June 1988
20th June 1988

Ten?! Why you don't look ten! - You look... - You look like you're trying to convince yourself that you don't look ten.

Garfield on 21st June 1988
21st June 1988

Starting today, I think younger! - CRACK SNAP POP POP POP CRACK SNAP POP - That goes for you too, bonies.

Garfield on 22nd June 1988
22nd June 1988

Guess what we're going to do today? - Here's a hintr. I start by hitting something with a club. - We're going to play golf! Thank goodness. I thought he was getting desperate for a date.

Garfield on 23rd June 1988
23rd June 1988

This is a pretty tricky putt, Garfield. - Which way do you think it will break? Hmmm - I'd say, right.

Garfield on 24th June 1988
24th June 1988

- I've heard of tough golf courses... - But quicksand traps?

Garfield on 25th June 1988
25th June 1988

GARFIELD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! SLUUUCK! - I', slucking the cheese off your lasagna. SLUUUCK! - You're slucking the cheese of my lasagna. Nothing escapes this man.

Garfield on 26th June 1988
26th June 1988

it's a real thin monster. - - The sun should be up soon.

Garfield on 27th June 1988
27th June 1988

One thing you can say about Odie... - He'll never have a mental breakdown. - No moving parts.

Garfield on 28th June 1988
28th June 1988

Aha! Girl scouts and their cookies approach! - Halt! I see broken branches and cat tracks. There's a cat ambush up ahead! - Rats! A girl scout scout.

Garfield on 29th June 1988
29th June 1988

Look, mommy. - Psst psst psst No, Johnny, it isn't! - It doesn't have a trunk. Diet time.

Garfield on 30th June 1988
30th June 1988

- What's the matter, Garfield? Lost your appetite? Sort of... - it took another look at dinner and went into hiding.

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