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Garfield on 1st January 1988
1st January 1988

Z - Oh, no! What happened to my toes?! -

Garfield on 2nd January 1988
2nd January 1988

In the natural order of things, cats aren't fat, Garfield. - PURRR Oh, very well. - In the natural order of things, humans ARE gullible, though.

Garfield on 3rd January 1988
3rd January 1988

Pretty impressive, eh, Arlene. Yes, impressive that those legs can move my body. - - Unngh! - GUH! - AAAAAK! - HIYAAAHGHA! - One!

Garfield on 4th January 1988
4th January 1988

Some egg foo young, Garfield? Sure. - Hoe about some moo goo gai pan. Do you know what I like about chinese food? - It's as much fun to say as it is to eat!

Garfield on 5th January 1988
5th January 1988

Still haven't mastered those chopsticks, huh, Garfield? - Mastered? ...no. - Perfected? ...yes.

Garfield on 6th January 1988
6th January 1988

I knew you'd like chinese food, Garfield, but Im surprised you ate the octopus. Octopus? - ACK! COUGH HACK BLECK! - Actually it wasn't half bad.

Garfield on 7th January 1988
7th January 1988

Gimme that fortune cookie. - Beware of the SPLUT! - SPLUT!

Garfield on 8th January 1988
8th January 1988

Impressions! - A clock! - CUCKOO CUCKOO Tah-dah! Aren't they cute?

Garfield on 9th January 1988
9th January 1988

psssssh - This stuff is guaranteed to keep pets off the furniture. It's so easy it's almost unfair.

Garfield on 10th January 1988
10th January 1988

Hadn't Changed... How about a date, doc? No way! - And Some Things Had REALLY Changed! Set the table, mom! Here's a juicy one! - POOF! That's it! No more pizza after midnight.

Garfield on 11th January 1988
11th January 1988

I hate mondays. I need something to cheer me up. - PUNT! - Even gravity has it in for me today!

Garfield on 12th January 1988
12th January 1988

Garfield! What are you doing? Uh...push-ups? - The vet put you on a diet. I want a second opinion. - How about a nice leaf of lettuce? PLease! If I laugh I might snort an anchovy!

Garfield on 13th January 1988
13th January 1988

I'm so hungry from my diet I couldn't sleep last night. - Thereby depriving me of food AND sleep, two of three things I live for. - If the third weren't self-pity, I'd kill myself.

Garfield on 14th January 1988
14th January 1988

- - Must you play with your food? Who's playing? I'm picking out vitamins.

Garfield on 15th January 1988
15th January 1988

Garfield! You lost another pound! - I'm so proud of you! Jon's so naive. - It's the same pound I lose every week.

Garfield on 16th January 1988
16th January 1988

Where would you like to eat, Garfield? - This place? How come? - ERNIE'S Eat Till You Explode Restaurant Let's just say, I have a good feeling about it.

Garfield on 17th January 1988
17th January 1988

Hey, kid, isn't that Halley's comet? - - - - - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! IT'S A RABID MUSKRAT! - - I like the part where he made you fetch it on all fours. Oh, shut up.

Garfield on 18th January 1988
18th January 1988

Are you sleeping again? - I am NOT sleeping. - I'm checking my eyelids for light leaks.

Garfield on 19th January 1988
19th January 1988

Hey, you bought new socks! - Here, let me break 'em in for you. - Gotta Dance Gotta Dance So this is why my feet have been itching.

Garfield on 20th January 1988
20th January 1988

Excuse me, Irma, there's a hair in my soup. - How do you know it's not one of yours? - I use smaller rollers.

Garfield on 21st January 1988
21st January 1988

Hey, look, Garfield, Odie's standing on his head! So? - Isn't that amazing?! Not really. - How does he do that? I glued his head to the table.

Garfield on 22nd January 1988
22nd January 1988

They say cats can see in the dark. - CLICK Hey! It's true! I CAN see! - I see a whole lot of dark.

Garfield on 23rd January 1988
23rd January 1988

I shall now derive great pleasure from kicking Odie off this table. - CRASH! - THAT WAs DARNED INCONSIDERATE!

Garfield on 24th January 1988
24th January 1988

- There's nothing like a quiet evening at home. click - click click click click - gobble gobble gobble - DONK! - scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch - Not around here, at any rate.

Garfield on 25th January 1988
25th January 1988

Guess who this letter is from? Your parents. - They're paying us a visit! Know how I knew that? - Who else uses barnyard scented stationery?

Garfield on 26th January 1988
26th January 1988


Garfield on 27th January 1988
27th January 1988


Garfield on 28th January 1988
28th January 1988

Here it is, dad, a modern bathroom with all the conveniences. I knoe that! What kind of rube do you think I am? - CRACK! MODERN CONVENIENCES, HA! CHEAP, YOU MEAN! - Pumped the handle twice and it snapped like a twig!

Garfield on 29th January 1988
29th January 1988

I have a big day planned for us tomorrow, so don't forget to set your alarm, dad. - What time? Four A.M.? Uh...whenever. - Four o'clock, got that? Either he goes, or I go!

Garfield on 30th January 1988
30th January 1988

Rise and shine, cat! On the farm we get up with the chickens. So do we. - Except our chickens are in the freezer. - SO THE MINUTE YOU SEE ONE OF THEM UP AND AROUND GIVE ME A CALL!

Garfield on 31st January 1988
31st January 1988

you have touched my heart. That was very good. Thank you. - But, not good enough! But, I bring color to the world! - You want color? Go buy a box of crayons.

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