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Garfield on 1st December 1988
1st December 1988

Z - OUCH! Your eyebrows needed thinning.

Garfield on 2nd December 1988
2nd December 1988

Don't you just love all this snow, Garfield? - You and Odie should be romping about having the time of your lives. - Where is he anyway? - I'm standing on him.

Garfield on 3rd December 1988
3rd December 1988

HEW, GARFIELD! - YOUR MORNING BREATH IS AWFUL. You're telling me. - My teeth melted.

Garfield on 4th December 1988
4th December 1988

I've got to stop dieting. I gain too much weight. - Read yto go out, guys? Ask me again in the spring. - Have fun in the snow, boys. - SLAM! - FOOMP! - - - Odie! Are you okay? - ARRRRGH! - Wimp.

Garfield on 5th December 1988
5th December 1988

Gee, I can't decide whether to have some pie or some cake. - - Have some pie.

Garfield on 6th December 1988
6th December 1988

Jon, there's a lump in the tablecloth. Flatten it out with this french bread. - - Wait a minute! Where's Odie` Who's Odie?

Garfield on 7th December 1988
7th December 1988

Look, Garfield! I'm touching my toes! I'm happy for you, Jon. - This is great exercise. Why don't you join me? Sounds a bit strange, but, okay. -

Garfield on 8th December 1988
8th December 1988

Jon, I have something to tell you. - The refrigerator stopped running so I ate all the food before it spoiked. - Somebody unplugged the refrigerator! I know.

Garfield on 9th December 1988
9th December 1988

As a joke, I have tied Jon's shoelaces together. Z - And, as a bonus joke, I have attached this rope to an airliner about to leave for Italy. - WHA! SHOOP! Bring back pizza!

Garfield on 10th December 1988
10th December 1988

Garfield? What happened to the cookies I had in this jar? - - That was a stupid question. I'll say.

Garfield on 11th December 1988
11th December 1988

Wanna popsicle, Jon? - Ho-hum. - What a boring, dreary existence this is. - GRRRR - BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! - RRRRRRRR - - What a boring, dreary existence this is.

Garfield on 12th December 1988
12th December 1988

I have a big date tonight, Garfield. - Do you think I'll make a good impression? - Good, no. Accurate, yes.

Garfield on 13th December 1988
13th December 1988

Boy, am I sleepy. - YAWN - I think I saw the sweat sock I lost last week.

Garfield on 14th December 1988
14th December 1988

Boy, am I bored...bored, bored, bored, bored. - It's sure a quiet day. - Quiet, quiet, quiet day.

Garfield on 15th December 1988
15th December 1988

Ah, yes. There it is. That old Christmas spirit is in the air once again. - What would you like for breakfast, Garfield? A blueberry waffle, please. - AND A CAR, A PONY AND A VILLA IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE!

Garfield on 16th December 1988
16th December 1988

That's right. Stay just like that, Odie. - * Oh, Joooon * - I Get the hint, Garfield. Subtle as it is.

Garfield on 17th December 1988
17th December 1988

Look, Odie. We may have a white Christmas after all. - Wait a minute! That looks like feathers! - MY PILLOW! Scrooge.

Garfield on 18th December 1988
18th December 1988

wouldn't have anything to do with Christmas coming up, would it? I just ground this coffee with my teeth.

Garfield on 19th December 1988
19th December 1988

Well, Garfield, it's that time of year again! Time to wash your socks? - Time to get a Christmas tree! - What's wrong with the one we have?

Garfield on 20th December 1988
20th December 1988

I got our Christmas tree. Close the door, will yuh? - SLAM! - I meant AFTER I got the tree in! You should have been more specific.

Garfield on 21st December 1988
21st December 1988

Well, there it is, Garfield. - The most beautiful Christmas tree ever... - Once again, the law of gravity rears its ugly head.

Garfield on 22nd December 1988
22nd December 1988

- Z - Only three days 'til Christmas. Go back to bed, Garfield.

Garfield on 23rd December 1988
23rd December 1988

* - ** - Darn thing's defective.

Garfield on 24th December 1988
24th December 1988


Garfield on 25th December 1988
25th December 1988

Z - BARK! - Oh yeah, it's Christmas morning. - The morning I have to get up early, be nice to people, skip breakfast... - Urf! I love you, Garfield! I wish it would never end. Merry Christmas! Jim Davis 12.25

Garfield on 26th December 1988
26th December 1988

BRINNNG! - DONK - Only 364 more days till Christmas!

Garfield on 27th December 1988
27th December 1988

GARFIELD! HEY, GARFIELD! - What's your new year's resolution? - You just woke me from it!

Garfield on 28th December 1988
28th December 1988

Garfield, you should start the year out on the right foot. Which one? I have som any. - You should resolve to lose weight. I tried that last year. - I lost my resolve instead.

Garfield on 29th December 1988
29th December 1988

I'm going to make a new year's resolution! - This year, I resolve to... - Pay attention to where I point.

Garfield on 30th December 1988
30th December 1988

- This year, I resolve to be gentler with Odie! - push

Garfield on 31st December 1988
31st December 1988

A new year's resolution. - Eating will no longer be a vice of mine. - Henceforth, it will be a hobby.

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