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Garfield on 1st November 1987
1st November 1987

Honestly, Garfield, I forgot that it was decaffeinated. rrrrr - - KNEAD KNEAD KNEAD - Z Z - Oh, no!! My guilt! - Oh, well,,,I suppose I shouldn't yeall at him... - He's just doing what comes naturally for a ca- - - GARFIELD!

Garfield on 2nd November 1987
2nd November 1987

Is that today's mail, Garfield? Yo. - Here are your personal letters, bills and catalogs. - And "Instant Millionaire" giveaways.

Garfield on 3rd November 1987
3rd November 1987

You're lazy, Garfield. You just don't understand, do you, Jon? - In the grand scheme of things, each of us has our little niche to fill. - Through with our rationalization, are we? It's my niche time.

Garfield on 4th November 1987
4th November 1987

Mornin' hon. The usual? You got it, Irma. - - Say, hon. What IS the usual? I was hoping you'd know. These people are in desperate trouble.

Garfield on 5th November 1987
5th November 1987

Try this new health food for cats, Garfield. It has extra fiber. - BLUT - Just as I suspected.

Garfield on 6th November 1987
6th November 1987

Wake up, Garfield. I can't move. My battery is dead. - - Sniff...hang on! I think I smell a jump start coming my way!

Garfield on 7th November 1987
7th November 1987

Hey, Garfield, I looked up the word "lazy" in the dictionary and they had your picture by it. - That's a lie. - I slept through the appointment for the photo session.

Garfield on 8th November 1987
8th November 1987

You awake yet? - The wild house cat spies his unsuspecting prey. - Potato chips! - Why do they make these bags so hard to open? - EERRRGGHH - NNGGNNFF SQUEEZE - KA-BLAM! - GARFIELD! WHAT HAPPENED? They oughta put warnings on those bags!

Garfield on 9th November 1987
9th November 1987

Cats have just surpassed dogs as the country's favorite pets! - - Somehow the victory would have been more satisfying had the competition been stiffer.

Garfield on 10th November 1987
10th November 1987

Sometimes I think I'm slowing down. - GARFIELD! DINNER! CHOOM! - But, there's still a little life left in the ol' afterburners.

Garfield on 11th November 1987
11th November 1987

Garfield, you're never going to lose weight eating between the meals. There's only one thing to do. - Do you know the meaning of "willpower"? - I don't know the meaning of "between meals".

Garfield on 12th November 1987
12th November 1987

Look, Odie, Jon's sleeping. Z - Mybe we should be quiet and let him rest. Z - Or we can shave his head. Z

Garfield on 13th November 1987
13th November 1987

Hey, Garfield, I have a new cat food for you. - Come on, give it a try. It's not that bad. I don't know, Jon. - Something tells me it isn't that good.

Garfield on 14th November 1987
14th November 1987

Life is filled with opportunities. - shake shake shake shake - PSSSSH! If you know where to look for them.

Garfield on 15th November 1987
15th November 1987

can fall asleep in an instant.... PLOP - SLURP! - BOMP! - And I have a lighning quick temper.

Garfield on 16th November 1987
16th November 1987

I've really got to stop this overeating. - - How about that? I didn't think I could do it.

Garfield on 17th November 1987
17th November 1987

DINNER IS... - WHOMP! - snerved.

Garfield on 18th November 1987
18th November 1987

What's the matter, Garfield? Don't you feel good? That's an understatement. - Do you think it was something you ate? No... - WHANG!! It was something YOU fed me!

Garfield on 19th November 1987
19th November 1987

It says this cat food is "fit for a king". - - The "king's" food taster.

Garfield on 20th November 1987
20th November 1987

I, the Caped Avenger, shall seek out injustice wherever it may lurk... - And with one swift motion of my mighty hand, I will go... - Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Garfield on 21st November 1987
21st November 1987

What's that number on your back for, Garfield? - It's mandatory attire for my new hobby. - Marathon sleeping.

Garfield on 22nd November 1987
22nd November 1987

might cheer me up. - Hey, Loretty! Aaaarrrgh.

Garfield on 23rd November 1987
23rd November 1987

YAWN ** - splash splash * - You know it's monday when you wake up and find six crickets doing a water ballet in your bowl. ***

Garfield on 24th November 1987
24th November 1987

munch munch munch - Don't you think you've eaten enough watermelon, Garfield? Why, no. - Why do you ask? ptoo!

Garfield on 25th November 1987
25th November 1987

- -

Garfield on 26th November 1987
26th November 1987

kick! - I'm sorry Garfield. I didn't see you sitting... - there.

Garfield on 27th November 1987
27th November 1987

Z - - N

Garfield on 28th November 1987
28th November 1987

Garfield, why are you so vain? - - In my case, modesty would be unseemly in a cat of such breeding. Where did I go wrong?

Garfield on 29th November 1987
29th November 1987

Odie's never around when I need a fall guy. - Hmmm. - Hey, Jon, look what I can do with this grape. - poo! - GUNK! Oh, yeah? Watch this! - I'm not impressed. - WATCH THIS! OH YEAH? WATCH THIS! - Veterinary clinic What the... Don't ask.

Garfield on 30th November 1987
30th November 1987

Garfield, you've been drinking too much coffee lately. There's no such thing as too much coffee. - I'm worried about you. Okay, okay! I'll cut down! - Just give me half a cup.

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