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Garfield on 1st May 1987
1st May 1987

I love this feeling of power. Now I want to watch a cooking show! click

Garfield on 2nd May 1987
2nd May 1987

Ah, I see Jon placed a pie on his windowsill to tempt me. Well, let it be known I'm capable of resisting all temptations! I just don't choose to.

Garfield on 3rd May 1987
3rd May 1987

Garfield on 4th May 1987
4th May 1987

Aha! So Jon's trying to sneak off on vacation without me, huh? He'll have quite a surprise in store for him. Who says nothing good ever happens on a monday?

Garfield on 5th May 1987
5th May 1987

Laziness and procrastination go hand in hand. See this hair? It's cat hair I never got around to shedding last year.

Garfield on 6th May 1987
6th May 1987

Huh, the stereo's all the way up, and there's no sound. I'd better tell Jon.

Garfield on 7th May 1987
7th May 1987

You know, Garfield, they say inside every fat person there's a thin person trying to get out. I know what you mean. Mine escaped about nine years ago and I haven't seen him since.

Garfield on 8th May 1987
8th May 1987

Hey, Garfield, the gang and I wanted to give you a gift of appreciation. How sweet! Why the show of affection? We just like having you around. Besides, if you left, Jon might get a REAL cat!

Garfield on 9th May 1987
9th May 1987

How about a nice quiet breakfast for two, Garfield? Great idea! SLAM! click Sometimes Jon can be so thoughtful

Garfield on 10th May 1987
10th May 1987

Garfield on 11th May 1987
11th May 1987

I'm hungry! Patience, Garfield. It's time you learn a little patience. Patience is waiting for the pizza to thaw.

Garfield on 12th May 1987
12th May 1987

Look at that stomach, Garfield. That's disgusting! I'm putting you on a diet. Rat fink.

Garfield on 13th May 1987
13th May 1987

Hello, diet. Goodbye, food. ERRRK! Hello, sugar withdrawal.

Garfield on 14th May 1987
14th May 1987

Okay, Odie, I heard you dogs are supposed to be good at tracking things. Maybe you can help me... Here's a picture of a lasagna. Now get it, Odie! Get it! Grrrrrr!

Garfield on 15th May 1987
15th May 1987

I've only been on this diet for two days and I feel thinner already. It must be a delayed reflection.

Garfield on 16th May 1987
16th May 1987

Fat's a funny thing. You never lose it from the right places. Fat has a sick sense of humor.

Garfield on 17th May 1987
17th May 1987

Garfield on 18th May 1987
18th May 1987

Boy, I wish I had a fifty pound pan of lasagna. KRONG!!! Now wouldn't you think I'd know better than to make a wish like that on a monday.

Garfield on 19th May 1987
19th May 1987

There are many ways to make a diet more appealing. Some say it helps to dress your food up. I say it still looks like celery.

Garfield on 20th May 1987
20th May 1987

I hate diets. They're morally wrong. A stomach is a terrible thing to waste.

Garfield on 21st May 1987
21st May 1987

OH, GARFIELD! You've done so well on your diet I'm giving you a treat. OH MY GOSH! I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO EAT!

Garfield on 22nd May 1987
22nd May 1987

Let me put it this way...have you ever considered a career as a river barge? Your mother was a blender. That hurt.

Garfield on 23rd May 1987
23rd May 1987

Come on, take a chance, weigh yourself! I'll be kind! Trust me! BOY! ARE YOU FAT! Not to mention gullible, too.

Garfield on 24th May 1987
24th May 1987

Garfield on 25th May 1987
25th May 1987

Guess what I got at a garage sale today, Garfield? You got my attention. Tah-dah! Isn't it great? That diet must've been murder, huh, fella?

Garfield on 26th May 1987
26th May 1987

I can't believe Jon actually bought that thing. What good is it it? MA! COME QUICK! THE COW'S SICK!

Garfield on 27th May 1987
27th May 1987

Hey, mom, guess what I got at a garage sale? I bought one of those cow skulls like you see in the old westerns. Behind you, Jon! Hang on, mom, I think I'm about to scream or something.

Garfield on 28th May 1987
28th May 1987

Garfield, did you know everything evolves from a lower life form? I didn't know that? Why, of course! It all makes sense now! Rocks evolved from dogs!

Garfield on 29th May 1987
29th May 1987

GARFIELD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I'm unraveling your dental floss. I HATE THAT! Oh, very well, Tomorrow we'll do something you like.

Garfield on 30th May 1987
30th May 1987

Here you go, Garfield! CRUNCH! It doesn't have much of a sense of humor, does it?

Garfield on 31st May 1987
31st May 1987

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