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Garfield on 1st January 1987
1st January 1987

It's time to clean the fridge, Garfield. I'll call a S.W.A.T. team. Grim. I haven't seen these olives in years. And it's only halfway back.

Garfield on 2nd January 1987
2nd January 1987

You're a very brave cat, Garfield, and I know you want me to be proud of you. ZOOM! He can smell a visit to the vet a mile away.

Garfield on 3rd January 1987
3rd January 1987


Garfield on 4th January 1987
4th January 1987

YAWN ALL RIGHT! SNOW! I love the first snow of the year. WHOAAA! FUMP! BLAT! SPLAT! BOP! Did you enjoy the snow, Garfield? Quite...I'm ready for summer snow.

Garfield on 5th January 1987
5th January 1987

Attention, lounge lizards! This is your week in the sun. Today we begin celebrating "National Lazy Week"! What's so great about being lazy, you say? What if war were declared and nobody showed?

Garfield on 6th January 1987
6th January 1987

Is National Lazy Week for you? Ask yourself this: Would you be willing to lead a parade in celebration of the lazy life? If the answer is yes...you're all wrong for Lazy Week.

Garfield on 7th January 1987
7th January 1987

Never confuse being lazy with being apathetic. We lazy people are not apathetic. Apathetic people don't care about anything. Lazy people care, we just don't do anything about it.

Garfield on 8th January 1987
8th January 1987

Garfield on 9th January 1987
9th January 1987

Don't forget the National Lazy Week motto, lazy people. "There must be an easier way". Many great ideas have been spawned from that noble sentiment. You can bet it wasn't an exercise freak who invented power steering.

Garfield on 10th January 1987
10th January 1987

Garfield on 11th January 1987
11th January 1987

Garfield on 12th January 1987
12th January 1987

Isn't this great, Garfield? We have a whole day of fishing ahead of us! Hotcha. HEY! WHERE's THE BAIT? Bait? GARFIELD! I thought it was sushi.

Garfield on 13th January 1987
13th January 1987

Actually, Garfield is pretty easy to care for. Cats are so clean, always primping and washing themselves. We're out of foot powder. Almost to a fault.

Garfield on 14th January 1987
14th January 1987

Ah, my dear, you're as lovely as ever, but, you look so stiff and formal in that outfit. Why don't you slip into something more comfortable? LIKE ME!

Garfield on 15th January 1987
15th January 1987


Garfield on 16th January 1987
16th January 1987

Just what is an heirloom? A heirloom is something that's been in your family for generations... That no one's had the guts to pitch out.

Garfield on 17th January 1987
17th January 1987

zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzz Just as I suspected.

Garfield on 18th January 1987
18th January 1987

Garfield on 19th January 1987
19th January 1987

GARFIELD! WAKE UP! I've made a decision that could alter the course of my entire life. I have decided to grow a mustache. I suppose I could blame this on monday.

Garfield on 20th January 1987
20th January 1987

Notice anything different about me, Garfield? You're not drinking out of your Binky The Clown mug. I think my mustache is coming in rather nicely. That's not your cocoa? Wanna touch it? It feels really weird. Hey, buddy, I have to eatwith these hands!

Garfield on 21st January 1987
21st January 1987

Look Odie! A hideous hairy monster is nesting under Jon's nose! Maybe it'sll spread and cover the rest of his face. Are you making fun of me? IT MOVED!

Garfield on 22nd January 1987
22nd January 1987

Mustaches do strange things to people. They make some guys think they're someone they're not. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a darn. I don't feel safe here anymore.

Garfield on 23rd January 1987
23rd January 1987

ARRRGH! JON! WHAt HAPPENED? I'M FINE! GO AWAY! ARE YOU OKAY? TELL ME! The shaver snagged my mustache, okay?

Garfield on 24th January 1987
24th January 1987

I shaved my mustache off, Garfield. Do tell. I decided it made me look like a walrus. I'm proud of you, Jon. It takes a big walrus to admit his mistakes.

Garfield on 25th January 1987
25th January 1987

Garfield on 26th January 1987
26th January 1987

Amused, Garfield? That's "Mr. Fig Face" to you.

Garfield on 27th January 1987
27th January 1987

* *

Garfield on 28th January 1987
28th January 1987

Here I am falling asleep face down in a bowl of food. This is it. I've reached the pinnacle of laziness and gluttony...how depressing. There's no place to go after you've reached the top.

Garfield on 29th January 1987
29th January 1987

I eat too much because I'm depressed, and I'm depressed because I eat too much. It's a vicious circle... That took years to perfect!

Garfield on 30th January 1987
30th January 1987

BANG! BANG! Hello? Anybody home? BRINNNNNG! Next time, use the door knocker. Sorry.

Garfield on 31st January 1987
31st January 1987

STOP RIGHT THERE! Sometimes that's all a cat understands.

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