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Garfield on 1st October 1986
1st October 1986

There's all kind of neat stuff in here. Deodorant. I know what this is for. sssssss

Garfield on 2nd October 1986
2nd October 1986

BZZZZ CLICK PLaying with my electric razor, Garfield? Never mind.

Garfield on 3rd October 1986
3rd October 1986

GARFIELD! YOU'RE USING MY TOOTHBRUSH! Stick around. You can watch me floss. IS NOTHIG SACRED?! Where's that mouthwash?

Garfield on 4th October 1986
4th October 1986

Rats, what happened to the maple syrup? Now I remember...the syrup bottle sprang a leak. So I poured it in Jon's hair tonic bottle.

Garfield on 5th October 1986
5th October 1986

Garfield on 6th October 1986
6th October 1986

THUD This has possibilities.

Garfield on 7th October 1986
7th October 1986

Drive-thru restaurants are so convenient.

Garfield on 8th October 1986
8th October 1986


Garfield on 9th October 1986
9th October 1986


Garfield on 10th October 1986
10th October 1986

Gimme that! I have plans for this radio controlled tank. We'll take no prisoners.

Garfield on 11th October 1986
11th October 1986

How cute, a toy tank. BLAM! Sorry about that. But, we had reason to believe your tuna casserole was leaking troop movement information to the enemy.

Garfield on 12th October 1986
12th October 1986

Garfield on 13th October 1986
13th October 1986

Z CRASH! DONK! WHAP! The monday paper.

Garfield on 14th October 1986
14th October 1986

Why, hello, Garfield. Where have you been all day? purrr Under your car.

Garfield on 15th October 1986
15th October 1986


Garfield on 16th October 1986
16th October 1986

Garfield on 17th October 1986
17th October 1986

Today I will demonstrate "deep-knee-kricks". This is one I'm sure just about all of you can do. KRICK KRICK

Garfield on 18th October 1986
18th October 1986

sigh Anybody can exercise... But this kind of lethargy takes REAL discipline.

Garfield on 19th October 1986
19th October 1986

SLUUUCK SPLOOSH! I assume there's a reason for this. I'd like to get your assessment of the possibility of blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Garfield on 20th October 1986
20th October 1986

I'm ready this time. Come on, monday, do your worst. Garfield, we're going to see the vet today. Arrrghh!

Garfield on 21st October 1986
21st October 1986

Tell me something, doc. Why is it every time I bring a hoseplant home, Garfield eats it? Given the shape he's in, it's one of the few things in his diet that can't outrun him. She's a funny lady.

Garfield on 22nd October 1986
22nd October 1986

Give me one good reason why you won't go out with me, doc. You're obnoxious, pushy, wishy-washy, slow-witted and boring. Oh yeah? Well give me a second reason.

Garfield on 23rd October 1986
23rd October 1986

Just what would I have to do to get you to go out with me, doc? Stand on your head and scream like a chicken, for starters. BUCK-BUCK-BUC-KAW! Dignity is not in this man's vocabulary.

Garfield on 24th October 1986
24th October 1986

Look, Jon. My boyfriend wouldn't like it if he knew you were trying to ask me out. Oh, yeah? What's his name. Nick "The Mangler" Scarlotti. Oooo! I'm impressed! I AM impressed.

Garfield on 25th October 1986
25th October 1986

How old is your cat, Mr. Arbuckle? He's eight. Really? He doesn't look that old. He shouldn't. He's only been awake for about two of those years. Is it any wonder I hate him?

Garfield on 26th October 1986
26th October 1986

Garfield on 27th October 1986
27th October 1986

Sigh. I don't think I could bear to see Odie pushed off the table today. Therefore... push

Garfield on 28th October 1986
28th October 1986

And now a word from our sponsor. We guarantee in writing that, if you buy our products, we will make mor emoney than you do. Refreshingly direct.

Garfield on 29th October 1986
29th October 1986

Let's see...we have everything for the beach except a beach ball. HEY, GARFIELD! BRING SOMETHING WE CAN KICK AROUND IN THE SURF! Without even looking around, I know I should have rephrased that.

Garfield on 30th October 1986
30th October 1986

Make yourself useful, Garfield. Here's an air mattress and an instruction sheet. Unroll and lay flat. I can handle that. -

Garfield on 31st October 1986
31st October 1986

Remember, Garfield, there is no greater failing than apathy. So what?

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