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Garfield on 1st September 1984
1st September 1984

Do you know what worries me, Garfield? - My grandfather was bald, my dad is bald and my brother is balding. Not to worry. - You are probably adopted.

Garfield on 2nd September 1984
2nd September 1984

guy could suffocate! I think I'm starting to enjoy camping. - Unlock the door, boy. Unlock the door. Breathe deeply, boy. - Something just occurred to me. Could it be...? Could it be, Odie isn't as stupid as he looks?

Garfield on 3rd September 1984
3rd September 1984

Pwoooock, pwock, pwock, pwock. - - Don't look, Stretch! It's not a pretty sight!

Garfield on 4th September 1984
4th September 1984

Pwoooock, pwock, pwock, pwock. - PUKUCK! PUKUCK! PUKUCK! - My rubber friend, Stretch, objects to your cannibalistic ways. I'd like to have just one meal in peace.

Garfield on 5th September 1984
5th September 1984

Garfield, do you know how silly you look carrying that stupid rubber chicken around all the time? - FFFFF - Uh-oh, fella. Now you did it. You made Stretch mad.

Garfield on 6th September 1984
6th September 1984

Are you in there, Garfield? - There ain't nobody here but us chickens. - I WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOUR RUBBER CHICKEN! Think of Stretch as my social secretary.

Garfield on 7th September 1984
7th September 1984

Here, Stretch, have an apple. - - STOMP! POO! DONG!

Garfield on 8th September 1984
8th September 1984

Okay, guys, get on your mark, get st, go! - - Competition is apparently not a driving force in their lives.

Garfield on 9th September 1984
9th September 1984

plates. That was one of my best heads.

Garfield on 10th September 1984
10th September 1984

I love your purr, Garfield. Purrr - I wish there were a way to get the purr without the cat. Purrr - But I guess you have to take the bad with the good. You're treading on thin ice, fella.

Garfield on 11th September 1984
11th September 1984

Ready for a gourmet meal, Garfield? - WHAM! - I hate spiders.

Garfield on 12th September 1984
12th September 1984

One nice thing about confiding in pets is that they are non-judgmental. - Garfield, I got a speeding ticket today. - SMACK! That was a stupid thing to do.

Garfield on 13th September 1984
13th September 1984

- Why, thank you, Garfield! - PSHHH

Garfield on 14th September 1984
14th September 1984

Hee, hee, there's more than one way to skin a cat. - WHIRRRRR! How prophetic.

Garfield on 15th September 1984
15th September 1984

Rats, Garfield fell asleep in the middle of the door. - Have you ever tried to pick up a sleeping cat? - It's impossible.

Garfield on 16th September 1984
16th September 1984

the man's joking, Reba.

Garfield on 17th September 1984
17th September 1984

- - It's diet time, Garfield. I was afraid of that.

Garfield on 18th September 1984
18th September 1984

In order to properly diet, you must change your eating habits, Garfield. - You must look at food differently. - Ha ha ha, Garfield.

Garfield on 19th September 1984
19th September 1984

Let's measure your tummy, Garfield. - When you take four inches of your waist, you may go off your diet. - And that doesn't count.

Garfield on 20th September 1984
20th September 1984

You may have coffee on your diet, Garfield. - Thank goodness. - This diet isn't going to be as bad as I thought.

Garfield on 21st September 1984
21st September 1984

For once in my life, a diet worked. - I'm going to treat myself to a potato chip. - poomp! Rats.

Garfield on 22nd September 1984
22nd September 1984

- Let's see how I did on my diet this week. Whimper. Oh, shut up.

Garfield on 23rd September 1984
23rd September 1984

that is a family heirloom. - And this is my bean-filled whack-bonk. What does that do? - WHACK! BONK

Garfield on 24th September 1984
24th September 1984

It's Monday morning. A cold. gray, dizzy Monday morning. - Some dude with a trumpet is wailin' some blues on the radio and my breakfast is cold. * * - It's all so perfectly depressing I can't wipe this smile off my face. *

Garfield on 25th September 1984
25th September 1984

Hold it right there. I always want to remember you like this. - As the kind, benevolent provider. - Trying to poison me with that cat food!

Garfield on 26th September 1984
26th September 1984

munch smack slurp - Uh-oh! - Quickfood.

Garfield on 27th September 1984
27th September 1984

- BARK! BLUT! - Twenty years from now I'm going to look back on this and LAAAAAAUGH. rowr fffft!!

Garfield on 28th September 1984
28th September 1984

What are you doing with your teddy bear, Garfield? - Pooky and I are having lunch. We do everything together. I swear. - You cats have the strangest habits.

Garfield on 29th September 1984
29th September 1984

Oh, come on, Garfield. The cat food isn't that bad. - Then let's see how YOU like it! - mmm good. YOU LIE!

Garfield on 30th September 1984
30th September 1984

- - - - - - I thought fat people were jolly.

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