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Garfield on 1st October 1984
1st October 1984

Look at all those poor saps trudging to work on a Monday morning. - Ha ha ha, you poor saps, you have to go to work and I don't 'cause I'm a cat! - If I weren't me, I wouldn't like me very much.

Garfield on 2nd October 1984
2nd October 1984

It's a real rat race out there. - Everybody striving to get ahead. - I think I'll go take a nap and fall off the pace.

Garfield on 3rd October 1984
3rd October 1984

- SUCK - He's so lazy, I could just cry. Burp

Garfield on 4th October 1984
4th October 1984

I got you something special, Garfield. - It's too light for food, and you can't wrap sleep. - It can't be THAT special.

Garfield on 5th October 1984
5th October 1984

Good night, Garfield. - *CLICK* Don't let the thing in the closet get you. - Don't do that to me!

Garfield on 6th October 1984
6th October 1984

I think I'll try a two-and-a-half nap attack in the pike position with a half twist. - - I'll settle for a belly-flop. Z

Garfield on 7th October 1984
7th October 1984

- - - - HEY, HUBERT! REBA! COME HERE, QUICK! - Play cowboy and horsy, boys. Do a handstand, Garfield. Balance on Garfield, Odie. Sad. He should get out of the house more.

Garfield on 8th October 1984
8th October 1984

This feels like a great day to spend in bed. - Hop up, Garfield. We're gooing on a picnic! Give the bugs and snakes my regrets. I ain't going. - I'll get you for this, Monday!

Garfield on 9th October 1984
9th October 1984

What's this? I packed the microwave for our picnic. - Well, I'm leaving it here. - WHA...! If the television stays, I stay.

Garfield on 10th October 1984
10th October 1984

Wait 'til you taste my cherry pie, Garfield. It's the world's best. - I agree. - 22 million ants can't all be wrong.

Garfield on 11th October 1984
11th October 1984

The picnic's all set, Garfield. - Did I forget anything? - You forgot the brick for the tablecloth.

Garfield on 12th October 1984
12th October 1984

That pesky wind won't spoil our picnic now, Garfield. - Where's the mustard? - Under the third rock from the left.

Garfield on 13th October 1984
13th October 1984

Well, Garfield, the ants ate my cherry pie. The wind blew the food everywhere. DON'T SAY IT! DON'T SAY IT! - What else could possibly go wrong? - You said it!

Garfield on 14th October 1984
14th October 1984

matto ball you ate three weeks ago.

Garfield on 15th October 1984
15th October 1984

Good morning, folks! My oh my, it's a beautiful Monday morning out there. - Our weather radar shows clear skies with no rain in sight. - Except over one house in the suburbs.

Garfield on 16th October 1984
16th October 1984

Our satellite picture shows clouds over the northeast, sunny skies in the southwest... - Traffic backed up on 12th street... - And my little niece, Sally, playing in her sandbox i Texas. Kind of scary, isn't it?

Garfield on 17th October 1984
17th October 1984

Wuth. - You can always tell when Odie has been eating out of the refrigerator. - He gets his tongue stuck in the ice cube trax. Wuth.

Garfield on 18th October 1984
18th October 1984

GULP MUNCH SLURP - Why do you eat so much, Garfield? - In a former life I was a sanitary landfill.

Garfield on 19th October 1984
19th October 1984

Clouds are so interesting. I love to find shapes in them. - There's a chicken cloud, and a hamburger cloud, and a bicycle cloud. - And I do believe that one's a rain cloud.

Garfield on 20th October 1984
20th October 1984

What do you think of my new frame, Garfield? - ARRRGH! - Thank heavens! For a moment I thought it was a mirror.

Garfield on 21st October 1984
21st October 1984

- - PUCUCK! - ONE MORE STUNT LIKE THAT AND I'M GOING TO WRING YOUR RUBBER CHICKEN'S NECK! - - I'm sorry I snapped at you, Garfield? Will you forgive me? I forgive you. - SMACK! WHAP! But Stretch doesn't!

Garfield on 22nd October 1984
22nd October 1984

Here comes Arlene. She's crazy about me. - Hey, Arlene, what's my most outstanding feature? You're fat. - Did you hear that? She admires me for my body.

Garfield on 23rd October 1984
23rd October 1984

Do you love me more than you love food, Garfield? - Do chickens have lips? - No. Bingo.

Garfield on 24th October 1984
24th October 1984

Aren't you ashamed of that space between your teeth? Of course not! - It's a sign of sensitivity. - I'd be sensitive about it too. I don't know what I see in him.

Garfield on 25th October 1984
25th October 1984

Don't you just love sunrise, Garfield? The chirping of the birds...the crisp morning air. - The sound of bacon sizzling in the skillet...the smell of fresh brewed coffee. - I get the feeling we're watching two different channels.

Garfield on 26th October 1984
26th October 1984

Why do you like bachelorhood, Garfield? I can sum it up in a word... - "uncomplicated" - That sounds simple. Simple, that's me.

Garfield on 27th October 1984
27th October 1984

What is love to you, Garfield? Love is that exhilarating feeling you get when a vision of beauty comes walking to you. - In fact, I just had that experience. When you saw me? - When I saw my mirror this morning.

Garfield on 28th October 1984
28th October 1984

- - - POO! - - KONK! - The harder you work for something, the more you appreciate it.

Garfield on 29th October 1984
29th October 1984

Garfield, there's a mouse in the house, and I'm just sick about it. - It chewed the toe out of my sock. - I want you to catch it and kill it. Now I'M sick about it.

Garfield on 30th October 1984
30th October 1984

Good morning, mouse. Good morning, cat. - Make yourself at home. Gladly. - But first, some house rules.

Garfield on 31st October 1984
31st October 1984

Hey, cat, gimme a drumstick. Sure. - Enjoy.

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