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Garfield on 1st November 1984
1st November 1984

What's your name, mouse? OK, gee. I don't think I have a name. - Oh, come on, what do people say when they meet you? - My name is Eek!

Garfield on 2nd November 1984
2nd November 1984

We gotta give you a name, mouse. - How about Crusher? How about Bruiser? How about Cat killer? - How about Squeak? I like it.

Garfield on 3rd November 1984
3rd November 1984

Here, Squeak, let me strap this key to your back. What's this for? - I don't remember buying you a toy mouse, Garfield. - Got the picture? You're a genius!

Garfield on 4th November 1984
4th November 1984

call me "Major". I love men in uniform. - What say we go to Rick's Cafe Americain for a soda pop? I'm with you, big boy. - Here's lookin' at you, sweetheart. SMACK! Rats. I think I chucked her chin a little hard.

Garfield on 5th November 1984
5th November 1984

Hide! Here comes my owner! - Why are we hiding? Jon wants me to eat you and I don't want to. - You're so nice! Thanks for thinking of me. I was thinking of me.

Garfield on 6th November 1984
6th November 1984

world we live in. You gotta play by the rules.

Garfield on 7th November 1984
7th November 1984

Here's your cat food, Garfield. - A MOUSE! - That must be the surprise at the bottom of the box.

Garfield on 8th November 1984
8th November 1984

Hey, Squeak, I found a great place for you to live! - Jon will never think to look for you in this old log cabin. - Nice, huh? Is it in a good school system?

Garfield on 9th November 1984
9th November 1984

Thanks for the house, Garfield. A man needs a place to call his own. This is great! Don't mention it, kid. - -

Garfield on 10th November 1984
10th November 1984

Listen carefully, Squeak. This is a mousetrap. Never, NEVER touch the tab in the center of it. - You mean, this little tab here? - This boy does not take direction well. Hey! That hurt!

Garfield on 11th November 1984
11th November 1984

- - WAH HA HA HA! - What a great sundae! Nothing can spoil my day. - SCRATCH SCRATCH - OH NO! MONDAY IS COMING!

Garfield on 12th November 1984
12th November 1984

GARFIELD! COME HERE! - "Garfield" this, "Garfield" tah. I'm sick of my name. - HEY, FLEABAG! COME HERE! Then again: "Garfield" does have a certain ring on it.

Garfield on 13th November 1984
13th November 1984

OH NO! A FLEA! I'M GETTING YOU A FLEA COLLAR, GARFIELD. Let's not be too hasty here. - Look at those distinctive yellow and green markings there. - This flea is a member of a rare species of vegetarians.

Garfield on 14th November 1984
14th November 1984

Well, there's your new flea collar, Garfield. - Wait a minute, there's a disclaimer on this box. "Warning: while this collar will repel fleas..." - "It has been known to attract sharks."

Garfield on 15th November 1984
15th November 1984


Garfield on 16th November 1984
16th November 1984

You have a pretty grim flea problem there, Odie. - That's not a very strong flea collar. -

Garfield on 17th November 1984
17th November 1984

Did I ever tell you about my crazy uncle Berle? He thought he was a dog. - The poor guy was always exhausted. - He kept chasing himself up trees.

Garfield on 18th November 1984
18th November 1984

to coordination, they are far superior to dogs. WHAP! - BARK ! BARK!

Garfield on 19th November 1984
19th November 1984

Doc Boy! How's my favorite little brother? - Oh, things are pretty much the same here, wild parties, good times, the usual... - Uh, you say you're coming to visit? It's put up or shut up time.

Garfield on 20th November 1984
20th November 1984

negotiating movie rights to your diary.

Garfield on 21st November 1984
21st November 1984

There's my brother now. * DING DONG - Welcome to the big city, doc Boy! Let the good times roll! - Another soda pop? No, I think I'll have some more of that fun-filled popcorn. I'm going to like Doc Boy.

Garfield on 22nd November 1984
22nd November 1984

the airplanes land. Whatever you say, wild man! Jon just got off the hook.

Garfield on 23rd November 1984
23rd November 1984

Oh, by the way, Doc Boy, I've fixed us up on a double date. HEY, GREAT! - What's a double date? That's when you and I go on a date together. - Gee, it seems like it would be more fun if some girls came along. There's no hope.

Garfield on 24th November 1984
24th November 1984

DOC BOY! OUR DATES ARE HERE! - EEEEEEK! - Can we talk? Can we laugh?

Garfield on 25th November 1984
25th November 1984

Z - SNORT! BLINK BLINK BLINK - Rats! It's 4 A.M. and I'm wide awake. - Fortunately, I know what to do. - CLICK - ARRRRRGH! - If I can't sleep, neither will anyone else.

Garfield on 26th November 1984
26th November 1984

I wonder who that could be, Doc Boy. DING DONG . Dad! Mom! What are you doing here!? We missed you boys, okay? - A little paint, a few curtains, a woman's touch, this could be nice! My dad, the sentimental fool. My mom, the cliche.

Garfield on 27th November 1984
27th November 1984

NOW I believe it.

Garfield on 28th November 1984
28th November 1984

- You awake, Jon? click OF COURSE NOT, DAD! IT'S 5 A.M.! WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP? - I GOTTA MILK SOMETHING! I'm leaving.

Garfield on 29th November 1984
29th November 1984


Garfield on 30th November 1984
30th November 1984

Uh, mom...I wouldn't open that if I were you. - EEEK! - SOMETHING IN THERE MOVED! I'm sure it was just an optical illusion. GO ahead, tell her how the lunch meat has evolved into an intelligent life form.

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