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Garfield on 1st March 1984
1st March 1984

I hate having a catch in my back. I get no sleep, I get no food, I get no exercise. - - Don't tip the cat over, Odie. I get no respect.

Garfield on 2nd March 1984
2nd March 1984

Well hello there, Mr. Stuck-Up. - Having a catch in one's back does tend to give one an air of sophistication... - I could get to like this.

Garfield on 3rd March 1984
3rd March 1984

Let's take care of that catch in your back, Garfield. - CRINK! - There you go, old buddy. Thanks, I think.

Garfield on 4th March 1984
4th March 1984

fun yet? Ha ha ha, wheee.

Garfield on 5th March 1984
5th March 1984

Who's that painting at my door? - HONK HONK - Oh, good morning, Odie. HONK

Garfield on 6th March 1984
6th March 1984

YAWN - GASP! - Waking up to my own bad breath is bad enough, but someone else's is unbearable.

Garfield on 7th March 1984
7th March 1984

I am proud to be a pet. Pets lend a touch of elegance to a home. SLUP SLUP - - I am proud to be a cat. SLUP SLUP

Garfield on 8th March 1984
8th March 1984

Okay, get revved up there, Odie. - GO! - I love toys that don't need batteries.

Garfield on 9th March 1984
9th March 1984

- crinkle - May I have some of that candy bar? Here, take it.

Garfield on 10th March 1984
10th March 1984

- I declare this steak the sovereign property of Garfield, the cat! - I've never had my dinner annexed before. And you may never see it alive again.

Garfield on 11th March 1984
11th March 1984

- SMACK Let's play! - Leave me alone, Garfield. Let's play! Let's play! - Oh, okay, we'll play. - TICKLE! TICKLE! TICKLE! TICKLE! HA! HA! HEE! HO! HEE! HEE! - OUCH! - I'm through playing now.

Garfield on 12th March 1984
12th March 1984

Hey, Garfield, we're going to the farm to visit dad and mom this week. - Goodo. I need a change of surroundings. I was getting bored with this city life. - It will be nice to be bored in the country for a change.

Garfield on 13th March 1984
13th March 1984

It's great to be back on the farm, Garfield. Nothing ever changes. - The same old surroundings, the same old room... - The same old chores. The same old manure.

Garfield on 14th March 1984
14th March 1984

This pastoral scene is not exactly intellectually stimulating. - Read any good books lately? Oink. - "Oink," he says. I rest my case. "Oink" in the existential sense, of course.

Garfield on 15th March 1984
15th March 1984

hand? Give me a resume and three good references. And mom doesn't count.

Garfield on 16th March 1984
16th March 1984

Beautiful sunset, isn't it, dad? Purtyer than a little red wagon goin' up a hill. - What does that mean? - Oh, it's just something you city boys expect us farmers to say. How true.

Garfield on 17th March 1984
17th March 1984

Garfield and I must be leaving now, mom. Stay, stay! I just baked some pies. - We gotta go. Come on, Garfield. - Say what, stranger?

Garfield on 18th March 1984
18th March 1984

WHEW! - Today I am going to cure Garfield of his gluttony. - Go to it, boy! - He's either going to get sick eating all that food, or he's going to burst trying. MUNCH SMACK SLURP - Are you going to want the rest of that hamburger?

Garfield on 19th March 1984
19th March 1984

AWK! - I love chasing birds. - Except when they do that.

Garfield on 20th March 1984
20th March 1984

BONK! Rats! - Double rats! - And, of course, tripe rats.

Garfield on 21st March 1984
21st March 1984

Shoo! - Flies and I have a lot in common... - You can't keep either of us away from food.

Garfield on 22nd March 1984
22nd March 1984

I gotta beat that fly to my food! - I WIN! - You lose, fella. POO

Garfield on 23rd March 1984
23rd March 1984


Garfield on 24th March 1984
24th March 1984

* - REARRR! - It's the old "bring in the reinforcements" trick.

Garfield on 25th March 1984
25th March 1984

- - All right, you guys! Outside! - - - Where were you guys raised, in a barn? Next time use the door. - CRASH! Thank you.

Garfield on 26th March 1984
26th March 1984

GARFIELD! I CAN'T STRAIGHTEN UP! - ZIP - Ha, ha, my tie was caught in my zipper. Help me.

Garfield on 27th March 1984
27th March 1984

Gimme those cookies. - HIYA! HUT! KONK! PUNT! - I'd turn her in, but who'd admit to being mangled by a girl scout?

Garfield on 28th March 1984
28th March 1984

Rise and shine, Garfield! - Garfield? - clunk clunk Time to wash my blankey, what say?

Garfield on 29th March 1984
29th March 1984

Be a good boy and fetch the morning paper, Garfield. - Yes, master. I am your beck and call, master. - Why can't I have a normal house cat like everyone else?

Garfield on 30th March 1984
30th March 1984

I need a brain for my master. - - A brain, I need a brain for my master.

Garfield on 31st March 1984
31st March 1984

Ah, coffee. - - Being a hunchback is going to take some getting used to.

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