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Garfield on 1st June 1984
1st June 1984

You like to scratch things, don't you, Garfield? Does a chicken like to peck? Sure I do! - Good! Scratch my back. - NO CLAWS! NO CLAWS! If I didn't use claws, I wouldn't be scratching, now would I?

Garfield on 2nd June 1984
2nd June 1984

Scratch higher, Garfield. - Higher! - Get off the curtains, Garfield. I was just following instructions.

Garfield on 3rd June 1984
3rd June 1984

grrrr - RRRRRR Jon's best shoes! - Sometimes Odie makes me so angry, I could just scream. - - - - ARRRRRGH!

Garfield on 4th June 1984
4th June 1984

Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning, uncle Roy. - I love you just the way you are. I love you too, uncle Roy. - I also love mondays. Stick it in your ear, uncle Roy.

Garfield on 5th June 1984
5th June 1984


Garfield on 6th June 1984
6th June 1984

Here we are in a real factory, boys and girls. Let's see what we can learn... - ARRRRRGH! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! - SHUT THIS **!* THING OFF. Uncle Roy is learning never to wear loose clothing around big machinery.

Garfield on 7th June 1984
7th June 1984

career as a laboratory animal. And I'm Frank Sinatra.

Garfield on 8th June 1984
8th June 1984

much you love uncle Roy. I hate to see a grown man grovel.

Garfield on 9th June 1984
9th June 1984

talking cat?

Garfield on 10th June 1984
10th June 1984

Hey, Jon, Look at this! - Hey, Jon. Watch me! - Jon doesn't pay any attention to me anymore. Watch this. - Hey, Jon! - Hey, Jon! - Hey, Garfield? What, Jon? - I don't pay any attention to me anymore.

Garfield on 11th June 1984
11th June 1984

- - Don't you dare. I don't know what you're talking about.

Garfield on 12th June 1984
12th June 1984

Every morning for nearly six years now, I fix raisin toast for Garfield. - He loves his raisin toast. - What's in the drawer? A six-year supply of raisins.

Garfield on 13th June 1984
13th June 1984

* crack - OH, YUK! - It's not often you see a yolk with a beak.

Garfield on 14th June 1984
14th June 1984

How would you like your bacon prepared, Garfield? Let's shoot for recognizable. - Jon is a terrible cook. He could ruin cereal. - Bacon flambe, yum yum.

Garfield on 15th June 1984
15th June 1984

An interesting thing about food... - One minute it may be haute cuisine. - But the instant you put it into the sink, it becomes garbage.

Garfield on 16th June 1984
16th June 1984

Here's your cereal, Garfield. - What's the matter? Aren't you hungry? Not really. - I think one of the flakes just moved.

Garfield on 17th June 1984
17th June 1984

life was a rose garden.

Garfield on 18th June 1984
18th June 1984

I can't believe I turn six years old tomorrow. Some cats say, "Life begins at six," but I don't buy that. - Old age may take its toll on some cats, but it's not going to happen to me! I'm going to do something about it! - Right after my nap.

Garfield on 19th June 1984
19th June 1984

Happy birthday, Garfield! I got you a rubber chicken. They're lots of fun! We'll see about that. - SMACK SPLUT - Chicken, you and I are going to have some good times.

Garfield on 20th June 1984
20th June 1984

You need a name, fella. Let's see...what do you name a rubber chicken? - rrrrr - "Stretch"!

Garfield on 21st June 1984
21st June 1984

peck peck peck - SMACK! - I'll have some ham and eggs, and my friend, Stretch, will have a bowl of rubber bands.

Garfield on 22nd June 1984
22nd June 1984

peck peck peck - STOP PECKING ME WITH THAT RUBBER CHICKEN! - Aw, look, you just hurt Stretch's feelings. He brings out the worst in me.

Garfield on 23rd June 1984
23rd June 1984

Pooky, I would like you to meet Stretch, my rubber chicken. - Quite frankly, Pooky and Stretch don't have a lot of personality. - But you have to trade off something when you surround yourself with good listeners.

Garfield on 24th June 1984
24th June 1984

hold them open any longer. - Sigh...so much sleeping to do and so few nights.

Garfield on 25th June 1984
25th June 1984

Garfield, I think you're too mean to Odie. - I never want to see you hit him again. Oh, very well. - KONK!

Garfield on 26th June 1984
26th June 1984

I'm going to the store, Garfield. If you lay a paw on Odie, I'll spank you. - - BOING

Garfield on 27th June 1984
27th June 1984

Garfield, I swear you've done everything to Odie a cat could do to a dog. Au contraire. - PLINK - Never underestimate me.

Garfield on 28th June 1984
28th June 1984

Hey, Odie! I found your nose! - Let me put it on for you, pal. squik squik - Very nice. I like you as a rat terrier.

Garfield on 29th June 1984
29th June 1984

Well, well, well. I see you're eating my food, Odie. Now what are going to do with you? - We are going to kick you into next week! That's what we're going to do! PUNT - Where's Odie? Somewhere over saturday.

Garfield on 30th June 1984
30th June 1984

Lunch isn't the same without Odie. He always slips up behind me, barks loudly and makes me fall into my food. - I guess I 'll just have to make do. - BLUT

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